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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The privilege of carrying the luggage


Author: Soy

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Captain Bahar was an orphan.
He grew up in an orphanage at a bad part of the city.
And despite the increased number of people living in that orphanage, the help received from the country remained the same.
Thus, Captain Bahar had no other choice but to go out and find some works to do yet many of those merchants were reluctant to hire people from his place.
Thinking on how absurd their reason was, Captain Bahar decided not to return for the time being.
He decided to become a pirate and took everything away from those merchants.
Those actions indeed was not good.
But, when he thought that he will not be forced to do this if it was not because of them, he decided to plough through with it.
Thus to avoid other kids from making similar sad choice all over again, I decided to take over the orphanage.
By ending the assistance received from the country, Nogger house instead managed it independently and it was turned into a training institution for future employee.
Even though these children were raised in an orphanage, by no means were they untalented; so, by the end of the training, it was possible for them to find employment in any related facilities owned by Nogger house.
It was a win-win situation either for me or for those children.
Thus, by the end, those troubled pirates finally able to secure employment near their hometown.


That day, I already made a promise to meet Captain Bahar to visit the orphanage, yet, on my way to buy some souvenir for those children, I came across the clashing scene between Captain Bahar and Jufua-sama.
I also spotted my brother and His Highness a bit farther up.

Why did they become a spectator instead of thinking ways to defuse the scene?

I decidedly moved between those two wishing to stop them from fighting.
I also asked Captain Bahar if he would like to go with me for a shopping trip, but he ended up giving me an ambiguous reply.

A~ I guess there is a woman waiting for him somewhere.

I once again prompted Captain Bahar not to start a fight and as I walked away, I could not help but remember about those distant memories.


There was an incident where I was pushed down by Captain Bahar when he no longer able to suppress his sexual desire after being without any woman’s companionship for months while on the sea.

[If Hime-sama wishes for it, I swear that I will never hold any other woman apart from you, so what will you do about it?]

I was petrified at that time hearing that bewitching whisper, but my father’s butler came in to assist me and threw Captain Bahar away.

That butler was a former assassin, thus, he was skilled at appearing in unexpected places in an unexpected moment.

[Captain Bahar, I have a fiance and I also do not have the technique to please your need. So, please seek the professional onee-sama out there to help you with it.]
[You can practice the technique with the help of the man on the scene itself, you know!”

Hearing that, the butler kicked Captain Bahar on his belly.

[Ojou-sama, would you permit to kick this bastard?]
[You already did it anyway…….]
[………Then, will you permit me to seriously kick him away?]
[You- you cannot do that, okay.]
[…….is that so?]

I still could not forget the extremely disappointed expression of that butler who usually spotted blank expression all the time.


I pulled back from my musing as I looked over into the confectionery store in from of me when I felt that my shoulder was patted by someone.

When I turned around, there was His Highness the Prince.

“Is there anything wrong?”
“That looks heavy. I will help you to carry it.”
“………I am saved…. Where is Onii-sama and Jufua-sama?”
“They were looking for you.”

Apparently the three of them had separated while searching for me.

“His Highness is the first one then.”
“Then, is there any privilege of being the first one?”
“Yes. You are awarded the right to carry my stuff.”

His Highness sighed before he put on a bitter smile when I passed all the bags in my hand to him.

“……. Do you have a date with Captain Bahar this afternoon?”
“Even if I said that it was a date, we are only planning to deliver some stuff over to the orphanage. Ma~ I might also spend some time playing with the children there.”
“Do you wish to tag along, Prince?”
“……. Even though I do not have any connection whatsoever with them, is it okay for me to join you?”
“If you are not going there with me, then, who is going to help me carry all this stuff over?”
“……. I guess that is also a reason.”
His Highness once again showed a bitter smile as he sighed even more deeply than before.

His Highness was someone who will soon become the ruler of this country, so it was actually a secret from him that I have been wishing for him to know about these children who had lost their parents.

“Had you always visited them before?”
“The one who always visited them was Michael-san.”
“He usually went there to give etiquette lessons to those children.”
“……. Etiquette……That person?………. Is that really okay?”

I could not help but laughed out loud hearing His Highness’ concern about it.

The truth was, whenever Michael-san gave a lecture he looked so solemn and cool; but I guess one will believe it only when they see it themselves

After a while, my brother and Jufua-sama also joined us as we made our way to the orphanage.

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  1. I still could not forget the extremely disappointed expression of that butler who usually spotted blank expression all the time. —> I still could not forget the extremely disappointed expression of that butler who usually sported a blank expression all the time.

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