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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Flower Crown.

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As I made my way towards the orphanage with the souvenir, a small girl who had been playing before looked at me before brightening up.

“Hime-sama is here!”
“Milan-chan. I brought some souvenir for everyone.”

Milan-chan was the youngest child in this orphanage and she was only five years old.

“Woah! Everyone~ Hime-Sama had brought a lot of guys who looked like a Prince here~!”

Milan-chan cries echoed throughout the place.
In a flash, the children started to gather around while some stuck their face outside from the orphanage’s building.

“A~ there he is.”

It was His Highness, who spotted Michael-san, who stood among the children.

“Oh! Kyodai!………..”

Michael-san who had been waving at us frowned.
It was rare for him to actually spot such expression.

“Is that you Michael?”
“Jufua-sama, did you already met Michael-san before?”
“A~ He is Rudo’s servant, right?”

Right now, Michael-san is our employee.

“It has been a long time, yet, for him to actually leave Rudo’s side to prove that he does not have enough discipline for it.”
“Michael-san is actually a capable person, you know.”

I speak those words under my breath as I walked towards the orphanage.

Michael-san who had a dark expression on his face stood next to me as the children picked up the souvenir from His Highness’ hand and moved around in high spirit.

“Why did that woman-hating guy follow Ojou to come all over here?”
“Probably because he was my source of revenue?”
“………. Then, make sure you squeeze him dry. After all, I hate that fellow.”

I thought so.

I have never seen such expression coming from him towards either my brother or His Highness.

“Michael-san, are you okay?”

Milan-chan was looking at Michael-san anxiously.

Milan-chan is so cute~

“Milan, teacher is cheering up right now.”

Michael-san started to pick up Milan-chan as he turned her round and round.

Milan-chan looked excited and she squealed in happiness.

“Michael-sensei! I would like to show the flower field to Hime-sama, so do we have permission to do so?”

While Michael-san was spinning Milan-chan around, three boys approached him.

“Flower field?”
“There is a flower field a bit ahead from the backyard!”
“I am going to make a crown flower dedicated to Hime-sama!”
“I will make a necklace for you.”

The boys smiled happily.

Why are these children look so cute?

I left that place with those three boys who held my hand.

While keeping it a secret from those elder brothers, the current situation unfolded as the three boys ushered me towards the flower field while being followed by Milan-chan who was carried by Michael-san on his shoulder.


The boys, as well as Milan-chan, were working hard as they dexterously spurn the flower into a crown.

Michael-san in other hand lay down next to Milan-chan, dozing off.

I was also worked on a flower wreath by myself when Milan-chan suddenly burst into tears.

Everyone was surprised by it as they ran towards her.

“What’s wrong Milan?”
“Did Michael-sensei do something to you?”
“No matter whether he was Michael-sensei not; I will beat him to death for you!”

The three boys kept pressing on as Michael-san shook his head in a hurry.

“Milan-chan, what’s wrong?’
“A~u… I … I can’t do it.”
“What is it that you can’t?”

When I probed on gently, Milan-chan face started to break down as she sobbed.

Seeing that, I smiled as I continued.

“I will give this to you, then.”
“That is not how it should be! I want to make it myself so that I can give it to Hime-sama!”
“Then, let’s make it together.”

Milan-chan nodded her head off.

I put the cute Milan-chan on my lap as both of us work together on the flower.

The finished product was by no means pretty, but it definitely could not substitute the happiness that I felt at that moment.

“Thank you Milan-chan.”
“He…he…he…~ Hime-sama look like a bride, you know!”

Milan-chan made such comment after those three boys put the flower crown on my head.

As for Milan, since her head was too small, the flower crown slipped down to her neck and become a necklace instead and with how her face buried inside the crown of flower, I could not help but think that she might instead suffer from it.

But still, Milan-chan happily smiled at me.

I also put the flower crown in my hand on Michael-san head.

“It really does not suit…. Michael-san, that is.”
“What should I do when Ojou had been behaving so cutely like this?”
“I thought that it will suit you….”

Towards me, who looked troubled about it, there was a gentle smile gracing Michael-san’s face.

A~ I wonder if this was the reason why those ladies had been squealing whenever they looked at him.

Michael-san weaved two flowers together as he wrapped in on my left ring finger before he tied it up.

It was a flower ring.

“With this, you are now completely looking like a bride.”
“Even without a partner by my side?”
“I am here. Whatever you wanted me to do, I will definitely fulfil it.”
“To actually have a masochist as the groom is a bit……”
“Too bad.”

Michael-san was grinning before he burst into laughter.

I felt that Michael-san who seemed dispirited for some reason had recovered to his usual self.


We were greeted by the scene of Captain Bahar and Jufua-sama glaring at each other once we came back.

“Hime-sama! Why did you bring that bastard here?”
“It is not like it will make any differences either way, right?”
“Of course it is!”

fter saying that, I turned towards His Highness.

“I need some help with the maintenance of the garden behind this building.”
“Don’t you think that you are being quite a slave driver?”

I closed my mouth with one of my hands as I held myself from clicking on my tongue.

“………Aren’t you going to click your tongue?”
“I already promised you not to, right?”

His Highness was silent for a while before he patted on Michael-san’s shoulder.

“Where is that place exactly?”
“You are going to do it? As expected of my sibling! I will show you around!”

I watched as Michael-san guided His Highness around before I turned smiling at Captain Bahar.

“He is truly a convenient person.”
“Yulias! I can hear you!”

Ma, I guess it could not be helped as I heard His Highness’ voice coming from the direction of the backyard.

“Either way, that person does not have any other choice but to do it, anyway.”
“Hime-sama……Aren’t you bossing him too much?”
“You should use whatever things at your disposal and that is my way of life.”
“What kind of life are you living right now?”

Captain Bahar expression looked as if he had been force-fed with poison as he hung his head down.

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