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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Grumbling  [Prince Rudnick POV]

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Author: Soy

T/N: As usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. Another chapter [the last one] for this month right after this.

The place that Michael had taken me to was an empty lot full of weeds that needed to be dealt with.
I saw the children milling around as they waited for our next action.

“Michael-sensei, what are you going to do here?”

A small girl came forward as she asked Michael curiously.

“My brother here is going to help us make this field clean and beautiful, okay.”
“So, we are going to weed this place out.”

Michael replied to her as he hoisted that girl up.

“Then we will be able to play ball here, right!”
“My brother here is an amazing person, you know!”
“When Michael-sensei himself was such a helpless one?!”
“What did you say?!”
“How could it be wrong, after all, you had always make Hime-sama angry with you, right?”

My burst of laughter earned me a glare from Michael.
I coughed a bit before I spread my hand towards the open field,

“My wish is for the power to move the earth.”

With a little incantation, the earth started to wave and shift.
By the time the movement was over, the field had become flat and suitable for running around.

“O~ no matter how many time I see it; those sights were truly amazing~”
“Michael-sensei! What was that! That was amazingly wonderful!”

The children in the surrounding circumference looked so surprised with wide-opened eyes.

“Is this enough for you?”
“More than enough! This was even better than its previous condition.”

Michael was smiling.

“With this, we can use this place to practice fencing.”
“Now I am feeling nostalgic about it. We often spent time sparring with each other.”
“Should we spar once?”
“Let’s do it for the old time’s sake.”

Michael and I started to laugh out loud.

Michael brought out wooden swords from inside the building and needless to say, the battle between the two of us got so heated up from the excitement fueled by the children who acted as the spectators around us.


“W~hy is it that both of you had not even considered being easy to each other?”
“My bad.”
“I am sorry, Ojou.”

Right now, Yulias had made the two of us sit in a [seiza] pose.

“Do you not even realised that the two of you are different from ordinary person?”
“Ojou, the two of us are still normal people, you know.”
“Bullshit! Anyone who is able to break such fixtures will never be considered as normal. ”

We were thoroughly scolded by her.
In the midst of the heated battle, Michael’s sword and mine ended up broken.
The children who looked excited scattered around like some shocked baby spiders once the sword broke.
I could see some stealthily moved around as they took a stance of wait and see, but apart from that, I could no longer see any sign of those children.

“I understand! I will reimburse the broken sword!”
“Isn’t that obvious?! Naturally, I will charge you the consolation fees for it.”

My mouth could not help but twitched.

“Miss! Don’t bully my brother!”
“Of course I will also charge you for the damage, Michael-san.”
“I- I am sorr~y!”

I never thought that she will get angry to this extent.

A moment later, the little girl from before approached us.

For some reason, towards me who had been sitting in a [seiza] pose, that girl placed a crown flower on my head before she clung into Yulias’ leg and grinned.

“That person, he looks like a Prince! Unlike Michael-sensei, that person suit the crown well!”

Yulias looked so surprised before she helplessly laughed as she squatted beside the small girl and looked straight into her eyes.

“Is that so?”
“Un! But it also does not suit for a Prince to kneel down.”

It seemed that the girl was trying to help me out.
I truly appreciate that.

“………………. This time, because of Milan-chan, I will forgive them as long as they promised to reimburse the damage. But there should not be any hanky panky like this next time around!”
“I understand.”

I hoisted that little girl up as I thanked her.

“Ojou-san, thank you very much. You saved me.”
“It’s oka~y.”

That girl dropped a kiss on my cheek as she grinned.

What a thing to do.

I was so surprised t that I did not realise that the small girl was already been grabbed away by Michael.

“Milan! You must never get close to Rudo! He will deceive you away!”

What does Michael think of me anyway?

“Milan-chan, kiss, or something like that, should be used as a trump card while in a pinch, okay!”
“Yulias, what kind of things are you teaching to such small children!”

While I was retorting Yulias’ word, that small girl appeared to be astonished for a moment before she continued.

“Hime-sama’s first name?”

As if not knowing what to say, that girl tilted her head before heading towards Yulias.

“Hime-sama, love-love?”

At that unexpected question, Yulias froze with her eyes wide opened that I could not help but guffawed.

“Wh- What are you laughing at?!”
“Nothing. It just that, it was so unusual to see you look so surprised.”
“You are being so rude here.”

The slightly reddish face of angry Yulias appeared to be so cute.

Please don’t show me such a cute expression.

It seemed that I once again fall in love with her.
Now that I see it, Michael also seemed to be enchanted by her.

Did she not even aware of her own charm?

A woman who loves making money, with good brain and cold countenance and yet she was also a gentle person capable of attracting other’s attention towards her.

Probably because she was not aware of it, that carefreeness made her even more attractive.
Even her embarrassed appearance looked so lovely….

Surely I am also attracted to her charm?
No, no, I could never admit that out loud.

That girl had decided to stay by my side because I am her best friend.
She will for sure come to hate me if I were to elevate her as my fiancée.
I could never have it in me to rob away her freedom.
Right now, I am by her side because she thought that it was convenient for her to do so.
As long as I was the Prince, she will never be mine.
She did not even want me.
[A man who is also a useful friend.]
That was my role, which had allowed me to be the closest one to her.
I should never lose my mind thinking about something that was not meant to be.
I could only let out a small bitter smile.
I felt that the current situation was still good due to the fact that Yulias recently had her engagement annulled, and it was unlikely for any other man to sweep her away for now.

“Stop being angry with me. Would you be satisfied if I donate 20 durable and sturdy wooden swords used by the Order of Knight to you?”
“Th- the reason I was angry with you is because you were laughing at me…. But, for that offer, I decided that I will not slap that hand away.”

While watching Yulias reluctantly acknowledged my promise, I decided to erase all those stray thoughts from my mind.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    Poor princey… that which allowed you a comfortable position ( friend) is now the very chain that binds you to keep from hoping that you two could end up together… but hehe, even if you cannot think like that, I can. So hey, amongst all guys interacting with Yulias, I think he may actually have the highest chances. It’s just sort of sad when he has to forcibly brush those thoughts away… something about that makes me feel some dull bitterness. I’m glad their friends, but at the same time, it’s sad.

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