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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Is marriage indicators of happiness?


Author: Soy

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It had been quite some time since His Highness and I knew each other.
Even so, it was the first time I saw His Highness laughing like that.
In any normal day, he usually opted those malicious smile of his, yet, today, his smile was free from any hidden meaning and it appeared to be pure like a child.
Somehow it was like I finally managed to gain his trust and it made me felt quite pleased with it.
Any normal woman will fall for him if he were to show that kind of expression to them.

Was it his charm? Or was it an aura blessed upon a Prince from birth?

I felt like getting away from His Highness for a moment there.

“Captain Bahar.”

The boys around me stood in front of me once they realised that Captain Bahar was approaching us.

“Bahar! You can’t approach Hime-sama!”
“Why is that?!”
“We could smell that you recently had your bath!”
“You could not even use the excuse of smelling the perfume on me right now!”
“You will dirty Hime-sama with your presence! Go somewhere else!”

Captain Bahar’s forehead started to wrinkle.

“Because Hime-sama had reminded me, that I decided to take a bath, okay!”
“Hime-sama’s butler itself has asked us to keep Hime-sama away from Bahar!”
“That sweet given by that old man was truly delicious, you know!”
“That old man.”

I smiled bitterly at that.

“It seemed that our butler, Olulo, does not trust you, Captain Bahar. I’m sorry about that.”
“I don’t even wish for that psycho bastard who tried to kill me all this time, to come near you, Hime-sama.”
“Right now, he is a capable butler, you know.”
“Originally, he is a psycho guy.”

Ma~ I could not deny that.

Olulo was originally an assassin aiming to take my father’s life.
He never hesitates to take other people’s lives and sometimes he was also hired to stain others’ gentlemen reputation.
Despite that, since the day we managed to solicit him into our household, he had been a competent butler, so, I never really mind some of his flaws. However, it seemed that Captain Bahar had a deep hatred towards him due to the fact that he had been attacked by our capable butler many times before.

“You all should not get too excited over that psycho guy!”
“ “ “That old man said that this is all for the sake of Hime-sama’s safety” ” ”
“That bastard!”

Captain Bahar and the children were at a standstill when I saw my brother and Jufua-sama came from behind.

“Yes. Onii-sama.”
“His H- ………Since Rudo is here, I would like to take this opportunity to fix this place up, so you should list out all the necessary items.”

I understood from my brother’s words that His Highness wished that the people in the orphanage won’t realise of his true identity thus able to remain here incognito.

“Those children should have a more clear understanding of the places that needed fixing. As for all the necessary stuff, I already jotted it all down.”

While I was talking about it, His Highness stood beside me.

“You are such a slave driver.”
“Well, you are the one who broke the sword, right?”
“……My bad.”
“So I am going to work you like a cart-horse today.”
“I know. I will work hard like a cart-horse.”

I could not help but smile.
One thing or another, His Highness was indeed a kind person.

I wonder what can I give to His Highness?
With all the kindness that I received from him, I wonder how should I repay him?

In the past, I had the role of protecting His Highness from Banache-san.

However, what about now? A~ What should I do?

It seemed that my debt to His Highness kept increasing by the day.

“Rudo, come with me! There is a mountain of place that I need you to fix.”

Michael-san smacked His Highness on his back as he said that.

“Isn’t it better if we rebuild it all over again?”
“You are able to do that, Rudo?”
“If you can do it, then what are you waiting for!”
“It is really hard to have Rudo here today, right? So make sure you have him fix all those things!”
“………. I understand.”

The children started to come around as Micheal-san grinned with understanding.

“Yosh! Let’s get those things that need to be fixed right away!”
“ “ ” Oh~!” ” ”

With that being said, the children started to push His Highness’ back as they walked away.


Jufua-sama was with us, having a tea at the orphanage’s dining room, while I was discussing with my brother on expanding the list and obtaining those items with a much lower price.

“It is truly amazing.”
“ “ What is it? ” ”

Jufua-sama showed a bitter smile upon our question to him.

“Lady Yulias was so amazingly independent that she seemed so different from the ladies in my country.”
“Independent is it?”
“Yes indeed, the ladies in my country on the other hand, only thinking of how to parasitizing themselves on men in order to live easily.”

I could only sigh before replying to him.

“Isn’t that only because of your bias thinking towards them?”
“Even here, we also have ladies who always revolved themselves around the Royalties, but, for sure, there are also ladies who properly living their life without relying on man, you know.”
“Do you think so?”
“I am sure there are. Though it was unknown if a woman who has a strong sense of business as I am do exist elsewhere.

Jufua-sama was laughing with [Hahaha].

I wonder what so funny about it?

“Whenever you stay near Lady Yulias, you really able to learn something new.”
“Is that so?”
“How did you spend your day anyway?”
“Apart from attending the school, making plans on how to make more money and calculating the sales from my shop?”
“School is it……?”
“It was a pretty fun place for me.”

What’s more, it is easy to do market research there.

I started to grin while thinking that.

“Jufua-sama, I would like for you to stop expressing any interest towards my younger sister.”
“Th-that…. I only want to become her friend.”
“……….. Is that so? I wish that you will stop thinking of going beyond a friend level since we don’t intend to have her married to a foreign country one way or another.”

My brother was glaring at Jufua-sama while declaring that.

I wonder what he had been worrying about?

I could only smile bitterly over my brother [sis-con] tendency.

“Jufua-sama, would you like to become my friend?”
“You worried too much, Onii-sama. I am not interested in getting married or even engaged to anyone for the time being.”
“You can stay in our household for the rest of your life, you know.”
“Thank you very much, Onii-sama.”

I felt happy hearing my brother gentle’s word.

“Won’t you miss your chance in life like that?”

Jufua-sama looked flustered as he said that.

“Jufua-sama, marriage does not equate to happiness for a woman.”
“That was your excuse, Roland! Isn’t that right, Lady Yulias?”

I could only smile bitterly at him.
I also felt that marriage does not necessarily equate to happiness.
However, someday, I also wanted to try to be in it.
Was it useless of me, who already got her engagement annulled, to dream of eternal companionship and marriage like any other ordinary woman?

“What are you talking about?”

His Highness, who just came back, looked at us in puzzled.

“Marriage is an ultimate happiness for woman, don’t you think so, Rudo?”

His Highness looked blank upon Jufua-sama’s question, but he soon replied with something so amazing.

“Marriage is the ultimate happiness for woman, you say? …. That depends on a person, right? I will feel happy if I could love each other until death do us part, yet, if there is infidelity involved, there is no happiness in it, don’t you think so? I think that there are many women who have an enjoyable life without ever getting married, and if you able to have a fulfilled life before you died, that is also a sign of happiness to me.”

Jufua-sama looked blank after hearing His Highness’ argument.

“Ma~ I believe that Yulias will be happy no matter what situation she ended with.”
“Why is that?”

His Highness was smiling with his usual malicious grin.

“Happiness will come to people who gave happiness to others.”
“Then, I also wish for happiness to grace Rudo-sama back.”

Today, His Highness had also brought so much happiness to the people living in the orphanage.
That’s why, I decided to smile at him while wishing him that the happiness will also come back to him, however, unexpectedly, His Highness freeze up.

“Did something happen just now?”
“Nothing, it’s just that the impact is too strong.”
“…………Did I just verbally assaulted you or something? Isn’t it just [happiness will come back to\ you]?”
“That is not what I mean.”
“Ei~? What is it, then?”

I was dissatisfied with his reply, but His Highness instead was looking far into the horizon.

“Roland, do something about Yulias, will you?”
“She just called you by your nickname, so stop your heart from throbbing. Or else, I am going to beat you up for real.”

Somehow, my brother and His Highness started to whisper to each other while looking at me as if I was some kind of a troublesome child.

What’s with that? Isn’t that totally rude of them?

Their act was so inconceivable that I started to pout in dissatisfaction.

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