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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The one who likes me [Roland POV]

RAW: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2665dw/41/

Author: Soy

T/N: This translator of yours have been working hard these past three days translating these 6 chapters. So praise me!!!!! ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

Anyway, I will be releasing one chapter for today since I could not stare at my screen anymore and edit the next 5 chapters which were nearly 7K words. 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

I checked with the RAW site and it seemed that the author is going to continue this story. There are about 9 new chapters available. She also already deleted the supposedly last chapter but I do have it in my drive… I am not sure if the author will have the same ending later on but anyone interested to read the supposedly last chapter??? Truthfully speaking I went on a translating spree [Despite not finishing my paper] because I read the last chapter… It was so darn cute!!!! (/▽\*)。o○♡

Sorry for the ramble, as usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake.

The Prince and the Princesses from the neighbouring country were invited to the Queen’s tea party a week later.
Somehow, they kept telling me that they wanted to attend the academy for the next three months.
Rather than dealing with them, I wished to return early instead.
Jufua-sama, the neighbouring country’s Crown Prince, clearly showed some interest in my younger sister, Yulias.
It was as expected since Yulias was a lovely woman with excellent style. With a good head on her shoulder and a beautiful heart, she could turn people’s head in a beat.
A sister that one could not help but be proud of.

Since I have such a sister, I used to agonise over her future partner rather than worrying about my own.
As for my future spouse, it was enough to find someone with a similar status as our Earl’s house or anyone beneath it.
That was my original thought.
Yet, fate was not something easily comprehended.
I was actually quite popular among the aristocrat ladies. So much that I could understand about those who had fallen for me by looking at their gaze and expression.
That’s why, I already realised that the Prince’s childhood friend, Manika-sama who was also from a Duke house like me. The same goes to the neighbouring country’s princess, Muran-sama.
Manika-sama was someone who was discreet over her affection. But it was so obvious with the way she stumbled while talking to me and those bright red blush on her face.
Muran-sama on the other hand, looked mature, yet, since she was so forceful, she was not good at eliciting favour from the opposite gender.
Either way, I never considered them. With my current status, I don’t think that having an intimate relationship with any of them was accepted by others.

One day, I saw my sister and Manika-sama sat on the bench at the backyard’s garden. Seeing them, I decided to approach them but was stopped when the view of Muran-sama, who stood in front of them, came to my sight.
As if hiding something in her thought, she smiled upon facing Yulias.

“Lady Yulias, we meet again, huh?”
“Ah, yes. Muran-sama.”

Why didn’t you greet Manika-sama as well?

That appeared immediately in my mind.

“Lady Yulias, that is not good.”
“What is it, I wonder?”
“I am okay if you address me as Onee-sama, you know.”
“No, I’m afraid that it was beyond me to address you as such.”

Muran-sama continued to insist Yulias in calling her [Onee-sama].
Manika-sama who had been sitting there started to reproach her softly.

“Muran-sama, please stop asking Yulias for something impossible.”
“Ma~ even Manika-sama wish to pursue Roland, aren’t you?”
“Even if you change the way one addressed the others, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to move their heart.”
“Who are you to say that one feeling cannot be moved by changing the way they addressed themselves. As for me, I wanted to bring Roland back to our country. And for that, I am willing to do everything that I can to achieve it.”

For her to say that it seemed that Muran-sama did not understand anything about me.

“There is Lady Yulias here for Roland after all. After all, Roland is only someone with the status of an Earl. So it will not be a problem even if he were to leave this country.”

I was amazed that I could continue sitting here while hearing those irritating remarks about me.

“Even for me, I think that it was impossible for Roland, who was an Earl, to marry the Duke’s daughter after all.”

In the end, there was no reason for me to marry either one of them anyway.

While I bitterly smiled at such thought, Manika-sama started to chuckle.

“In my opinion, Roland-sama will eventually become the Prime Minister of this country.”

I was so surprised upon hearing Manika-sama’s declaration.

“Prime Minister? Isn’t it rumoured that the current Prime Minister has a son of his own?”
“The position of the Prime Minister in this country was not something that was passed to one’s relative.”
“Then, it is still questionable whether Roland will be able to land such a position.”
“Please don’t insult Roland-sama.”
“In the end, he is still someone with the status of an Earl, isn’t he?”
“Roland-sama is someone who has the capabilities that should not be determined by his peerage.”
“Well, I could not talk you out of it anyway. Gokigen’ yo.”

I saw Muran-sama left that place with an irritated expression on her face.
Since a moment before, I could feel my heart started to heat up.

What is this? What kind of feeling is this?

“I only said everything that I wish to say!”
“It was so wonderful of you!”

A~ Yulias, I also agree with that.

“It will be good if I can say such things to Roland-sama personally, but…….”
“You will be able to do it someday for sure.”
“Thank you, Yulias-san.”

Eh? Was Manika-sama such a cute person?
I feel that she started to look cute since a moment ago.

I stopped hiding as I made my way to them.

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