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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 42

Chapter 42: My favourite person [Roland POV]


Author: Soy

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“I recognized you two from behind. What are you doing in this kind of place?”

Yulias blinked her eyes several times before she replied to my question.

“Manika-sama baked Madeline for the first time it seemed, so she was treating me to it.”
“Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro- Roland-sama, would you like to have o-one?”

Manika-sama quickly stood up as she handed me a Madeline which she placed on a handkerchief.
I received the Madeline as I sat on the bench

“Onii-sama, please sit next to Manika-sama!”
“Hi ehhh~!”

Manika-sama who was next to me seemed to be bracing herself for the inevitable.
The Manika-sama who was overwhelmed with nervousness looked like an adorable sight to my eyes. 

“I suddenly remember that I have something that needs to be resolved immediately, so I wonder if I can be excused for now?
“I am okay with it.”
“Then, Onii-sama, I will leave Manika-sama in your hand!”

I stuffed the Madeline made by Manika-sama in one go.
It was hard to say whether it was something that could be complimented as delicious, but, it was also not something so intolerable that it could not be eaten.

“How- How is it?”

Spontaneously, the word delicious came out from my mouth.
Manika-sama who laughed in relief manner looked so cute that I could not help but became even more fascinated with her.

“Yes. Roland-sama?”
“Do you like me?”

She instantly turned bright red upon my question.

“Y- Yes!”

Her voice came out unexpectedly high.

“I am the eldest son of my family. And no matter how I think about it, I believe that it was beyond my status as an Earl to actually welcome Manika-sama as my bride.”

With a bright red face, Manika-sama suddenly giggled before replying.

“……. Yes. But, still…… if one day, Roland-sama managed to become the Prime Minister, won’t you remember to come for me?”

Manika-sama who seemed to be on the verge of crying continued to speak.

“For me, I think that I will continue to like you forever, so….”

I was staring at Manika-sama face before I said.

“If I am not the heir of my family, I believe that regardless of my status, I will become the Prime Minister and welcome you as my bride.”

Manika-sama looked at me, her expression seemed to be as if she was quite shocked with my revelation.

“Then, I- I will give birth to Roland-sama’s child.”

I could not help but taken aback by her outrageous proclamation.

“I will educate the child properly and by the time Roland-sama’s father retired, the child could take your place as the heir…….”

Manika-sama slid down as she lost her current momentum.
When I looked down at her, her eyes were overflowing with tears as it rain down her face.

“I- I have shamelessly declared such an outrageous thing. Please forgive my blunder.”

A~ how cute.

I grabbed Manika-sama’s hand as I pulled her up.


Without saying anything, I pulled Manika-sama’s hand as I brought her to the rarely used garden shed.


At that moment I pulled Manika-sama into my embrace.

“Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro Roland-sama?”
“Will you give birth to my child?……..If you are willing to, I will become the Prime Minister even if I have to kick the old one down.”
“Will you wait for me until then?”
“……Wa. Yes, of course.”

When I slightly separated our body and looked at Manika-sama, her face who appeared to be charmed by something started to loosen up

What kind of a cute creature is this?

“I- Please let me know if there is something that I can do for you! I will do anything, no matter what it is! I will give my full support to Roland-sama.”

Manika-sama looked at me with a wide grin on her face.
Because she looked so cute, I could not help but placed my lips on her own.
And towards Manika-sama who tried to get away due to the shock, I tightened up my arm around her even more.

“You should never say such misleading word that you [will do anything] to any other man except me, okay.”

Manika-sama body suddenly turned stiff and when she looked up at me, I could not help but repeatedly kissed her again. Manika-sama got so red that she seemed to be unable to hold it in anymore as she fainted in my arm.
At that time, I was overwhelmed with the sudden emotion that I am unable to let go of the feeling of having her in my embrace that I ended up princess-carried her to the infirmary.





“Onii-sama, is Manika-sama, okay?”

I was holding Manika-sama’s hand as I waited for her to wake up. My younger sister who had been worrying about Manika-sama’s condition came inside the infirmary.

“A~ no problem at all.”

My sister looked at our entwined hands with a broad smile on her face.

“Should I address Manika-sama as my [Onee-sama] from now on?”
“Up to you.”
“Please go easy on other people, okay.”
“That is impossible. Now that we are talking about this, do you think that I should assassinate…… Michael’s father?”

Even though I was asking her so seriously, my sister ended up laughing at me.

“Don’t you think that you should wait until the next candidate was chosen before you kill the current Prime Minister?”
“I don’t feel like waiting for such a long time.”
“Even though you had never put her in your eyes so much as before?”
“Since I realised how cute she is; I feel that I could not resist it anymore.”

My sister bitterly smiles as she watched me gently tucked in the stray hair that has been stuck to Manika-sama’s face.

“Please show your affection to her moderately okay, else, you will be hated by her.”
“………I will be discreet about it.”

It can’t be helped since she was so cute, but I also did not want to be hated by her.

After all this cute person belonged to no one but me.

Besides that, it was also quite troublesome if she kept fainting every time we kiss after this.
Little by little, I should make it impossible for her to live without my presence in her life.

“Onii-sama, you are showing a terrible expression just now.”
“Is that so?”
“If Manika-sama were to see such expression, she will end up being afraid of you, you know.”
“That will be a disaster for me then.”

For some reason, my sister gently caressed my head.

“For Onii-sama to find his own happiness, I am glad.”
“It is because Yulias still able to stay at home.”
“………. Yes, of course. “

My sister kept grinning as she left the two of us.
After that, I spent a delightful time watching Manika-sama’s sleeping face while I held her hand in mine until she finally woke up.

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