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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 43

Chapter 43: I wish that they will act moderately while flirting in front of other people


Author: Soy

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After my older brother confessed his feeling to Manika-sama,  Manika-sama seemed to be flustered over the sudden change in my older brother’s behaviour towards her.
Even though they were not particularly lovey-dovey in front of others, yet. However,  whenever they were alone, the atmosphere was downright saccharine sweet it seemed.
Manika-sama who looked blissful while telling me about her concern was definitely cute.
Even though she seemed to be complaining about it, the happy aura exuding from her body definitely did not make her concern looked convincing enough to me.

What a little sister out there should do when she was bombarded with her older brother’s love story?

But still, for Manika-sama, there was no one that she could call to consult about this matter apart from me.

I guess it can’t be helped then.

While I was listening to Manika-sama speaking fondly of my older brother with grin on her face, my shoulder was suddenly grabbed by someone.
When I turned my back, there was Muran-sama.

“Gokigen’yo Yulias.”

I could only smile bitterly while I contemplating at her forceful and over-familiar attitude.

“Gokigen’yo, Muran-sama.”
“Didn’t I tell you already? It is Onee-sama, right?”

What a bother.

“Muran-sama, you will only troubling Yulias-san at this rate.”
“Manika is truly annoying. Are you trying to drive a wedge between me and Yulias?”
“If it is not for the reason that you have been disturbing Yulias-san all this time, I do not even wish to be in your way. ”

Muran-sama started to get furious at Manika-sama due to her effort in defending me.

“What are you have been talking about?”

At that moment, His Highness appeared with Jufua-sama.

“Prince Jufua, could you please tell Princess Muran to stop forcing herself on Yulias?”
“I did not mean to become a bother. I just wanted to have a close relationship with Yulias, like a sister.”

Jufua-sama looked shocked before he gently stroked Muran-sama’s head.

“I approve of her intention in getting close to Lady Yulias.”

With a slight twitch between her eyebrows, Manika-sama turned to His Highness with a pointed glare.

“Pr- Princess Muran, don’t you think that we should learn how to mind suitable distance lest it will become counterproductive thus making it more impossible for you to get close to other people?”

His Highness looked flustered as he threw out those dull advice.

“But, I only left with so much time! What is wrong with giving my all for it? Ne~ what do you think, Rudnick-sama?”

His Highness suddenly froze.

Poor you.

“Anyway, would everyone agree for a lunch now?”

I slowly led everyone to take a seat.

“Now that I think about it, where is your older brother?”
“Roland is going to bring everyone’s lunch here.”
“Why did you let Onii-sama do that kind of things?”
“That was his punishment for losing in the sword fight.”

His Highness was laughing as if he was  troubled with something.
Since it was a punishment game, I guess it can’t be helped then.


“Sorry for the wait.”

My older brother brought over four trays of food with two of them placed on his arms and another two in both of his hands

It seems that, even if our house went bankrupted in the future, he could make a profession out of being a waiter!
I am truly convince by it.

“I am sorry for the trouble.”
“It’s my lost anyway.”

His Highness and my brother truly get along well.
He then placed one of the tray in front of His Highness and Jufua-sama.

“Roland, please take a seat next to me.”

Muran-sama invited my brother over with a sweet voice.
No matter who seen it, it was obvious that Muran-sama was aiming for my older brother.

“I am terribly sorry Muran-sama. My seat is already decided upon.”

My older brother’s seat.
Usually it was between me and His Highness.
Right now, we are sitting at a round table with Manika on my side and there was one seat empty between me and His Highness, followed up by Jufua-sama and Muran-sama.
There were another two vacant seats next to Muran-sama.

“Yes, Onii-sama.”
“Can you shift to the next seat?”

When I tilted my head upon his request, my older brother gently laughed.

“Let me sit next to Manika-sama.”
“A~ Yes.”

As I shifted my seat and sat next to His Highness, I saw his expression was full of bewilderment as he stared at my older brother.
Of course, Muran-sama was also mumbling out her confusion.

“Ro-Roland? Why did you sit next to Manika……”
“Princess Muran, is there something wrong?”
“Wh- I mean, why did you sit next to Manika?!!”

My older brother smiled charmingly at Manika-sama before he turned his head and replied.

“I can’t?”
“Of course you can’t! Roland was something of mine.”

My older brother looked bewildered as he tilted his head.

“Princess Muran viewed me as some kind of a property, right? However, I am just a normal human being. Will you be able to understand this simple principle?”

My older brother glanced at Manika-sama as he grinned.

“Manika-sama understand that and she willing to recognize and support me for it.”

Manika-sama looked at my older brother and her bright red face made her looked even more lovely.

“For Manika-sama, I am planning to become the Prime Minister. So I have no intention of leaving this country at all.”

Hearing that, Muran-sama suddenly stood.

“I suddenly feel under the weather.”

We all watched as she gave her excuse and left the table.

“Jifu, aren’t you going to chase after her?”
“Even if I did, I do not know how to comfort her.”

Jufua-sama, that is not true.

“Jifu, I think it will be enough just by having you stay next to her.”
“…………. No, it’s okay. It will be a good experience for her to be broken-hearted. Let’s continue with our lunch.”

Jufua-sama continued to eat after saying that.

Is that really a good move?

For the time being, I started to eat amidst the awkward atmosphere.
It seemed that, His Highness, Jufua-sama and my older brother were a fast eater.
For my older brother who had already finished eating, he was instead watching Manika-sama ate with a grin plastered on his face.

Was this what one meant by………feeling like running away?

“Yulias, Roland is acting strange. Please be careful around him.”
“It is already a hopeless case.”

Manika-sama somehow managed to eat her lunch.
Her face was bright red as she nibbled on her food like a hamster.

“Ro-Roland-sama, it is difficult for me to eat like this.”
“Then, let me help you with it.”

A~ Onii-sama.

“A~ Roland act like a fool once he fell in love, it seems……”

His Highness said that while he held his head with his hand.

How pitiful you are…….

“Your Highness, Onii-sama seems to be unable to maintain his cool whenever he is in front of Manika-sama, so I believe that you might have to brace yourself from now on……”
“Yulias……. Apart from Roland, Manika is also my childhood friend…. Could you understand the mortification of witnessing both of your childhood friends, flirting with each other?”

My condolences….

For the time being I should leave His Highness alone.

“At any rate, are you okay with this Jufua-sama? Don’t you need to chase after Muran-sama?”
“Right about this time, she must have been thinking about her quest for another man.”
“Is it difficult for you to imagine how broken-hearted she might be in the current moment?”

Normally one would not think about such things after seeing them experiencing such event.

“In our country, it is a a normal things for a woman to be unable to live without a man in their life. The happiness of woman depends on the quality of the man that they managed to catch. My sister is no different from those women in my country…… That’s why Rudo, fighting.”
“………What do you mean by that [fighting] just now?”

Jufua-sama smiled bitterly.

A~ it was decided that the next best man in this country will be His Highness.
Even though the person himself was so pitiable as he was forced to adorn such title.

“Your Highness.”
“What is it?”

His Highness’ voice sounded so weak.

“I will protect you, your Highness.”
“………Let me hear first what you want as an exchange.”

Even though I expressed my feeling purely without any improper thought.
Apparently, His Highness viewed me as someone who will not move without a proper exchange…. Is it as expected?

“I will tell you once I think about it, are you okay with that?”
“I will make a concession as long as it is not another event.”

I pouted silently.

“Aren’t you going to click your tongue?”
“Please forgive me for forgetting to do such a thing.”
“…………. Is that so?”

His Highness laughed while looking at me who smiled at him bitterly.

“I will rely on you then.”
“Please leave it to me.”

My older brother suddenly pushed me aside when I was about to shake my hand with His Highness.

“Don’t randomly touch my sister.”
“Roland was flirting with Manika just now, right?”
“Manika is my utmost important person, but my sister is also someone important to me.”

Onii-sama…… how wonderful of you, but I believe it was alright for you to just concerned yourself with Manika-sama.
I guess it can’t be helped.

It goes without saying that His Highness had buried his head in his hand once again.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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    Good luck with protecting his highness, Yulias! (There was the heroine, and now there’s princess Muran. Perhaps it’s just that the prince is so pursuable?) Hm, hm, heheh, looks like prince’s position in Yulias’ heart has risen up; she decided to protect him without thinking of anything in exchange (yet).

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