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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 44

Chapter 44: You are going to sell some conflict to me huh? Of course, I will gladly buy it!


Author: Soy

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Shortly after that, Muran-sama quickly returned to her country.
It seemed that she wishes to find a good man in her own country.
On her way back, she left me with [I’ll leave my brother in your care], yet, [Since Jufua-sama was under the jurisdiction of my older brother, it was unlikely that it will relate to me much, right?] and that was my thought at that time.
Even if Muran-sama had returned home, even so, peace was still not in sight.
The most troublesome one was actually the other sister of Jufua-sama, Lanfua-sama.
Lanfua-sama had started to gather support, implying on her candidacy as this country’s future Queen.
It was understandable that she had quite an ability by looking the way she was able to influence a group of young lady from powerful aristocrat families to become a part of her entourage.

“………Ojou, I……. can I take some time off from school?”

Michael-san obviously looking lethargic and he also appeared to be hiding from Lanfua-sama.

What’s wrong with him?
I am getting quite concerned about his behaviour.

It was at that moment when I was about to tell Michael-san that he could take three months off when a voice interrupted us.

“You, aren’t you Michael?”

Lanfua-sama’s voice reverberated throughout the hallway.
Michael-san’s body suddenly twitched.

“You, since you’re the attendant of Rudnick-sama, why are you not saluting up to me?”

With a thud sound, Lanfua-sama walked towards Michael-san as she continued to stare down at him.
I retracted my gaze to look at Michael-san who was beside me.
Michael-san was instead looked at Lanfua-sama with a face void of any emotion.

“Can’t you hear what I am saying to you! Since I am the one who is going to become one of the highest people in this country, don’t you think that you should lower your head to me?”
“I am terribly sorry.”

My spine chilled hearing Michael-san’s emotionless voice.

“You are truly a waste.”

I saw Lanfua-sama raised her fan as she aimed at Michael-san.
I hurriedly stood in front of Michael-san to block it.
My cheek came in contact with the fan and my mouth was hit by it.


I saw that the colour started to return to Michael-san’s eyes.

“Why are you protecting me?”

Michael-san touched my cheek with an expression that was on the verge of crying.

Since it hurts, I wish that he will forgo those actions though.

“It was the fault of this young lady for suddenly came forward like that.”

Lanfua-sama looked down at me as she said that.

“What do you mean by that when it was obvious that you are the one who is hurting my lady?”

Michael-san shouted at Lanfua-sama and it seemed that he was about to grab her collar at that momentum.
Seeing that, I quickly held Michael-san’s hand.

“Ojou, don’t stop me!”
“Michael-san, you know that it will ruin you if you were to touch her, right?”

I smiled before I faced the other direction

“Lanfua-sama, what is it about him that ire you so much? Could you please tell me about it?”

Lanfua-sama was laughing elegantly before replying.

“Since Michael is the Royal attendant, isn’t it natural for me to discipline such a wayward person who had forgotten about their own duty? Still, the one who suddenly came forward is you, right? Lady Yulias from the Earl’s house.”
“Because he is the Royal Attendant, I see………. So, that’s why you wanted to hit him?”

I pushed my irritation out of my smile as I continued.

“If that is so, I would like for you to apologize to Michael-san since Michael-san is no longer the Royal Attendant.”
“Ha~a? Why should I? Why should I, a Royalty and the future Queen of this country apologize to someone like him?”

I showed her a beaming smile before I replied to her.

“Since you did something bad, obviously you need to apologize. Are you saying that the Royalties are unable to do such simple things? I understand. It seemed that you have never been taught about such things. However, this school places equality among its student, so no one is going to rebuke you even if you were to apologize to others despite being a Royalty.”

“Are you stupid? I never said such a thing.”

The smile stuck on my face as I continued.

“Then, what are you talking about?”
“Ara~ You are truly a stupid one, huh! Why should I apologize to others?”

I turned my gaze towards Michael-san.

“Michael-san, just to be sure, do you wish to be beaten by Lanfua-sama?”
“Ojou, why do you ask me such a question? I only wish for you to beat me, okay.”
“Since you are a Masochist, I would like to make a confirmation first, and if you actually wish to be beaten by others, then the story might change a little bit.”

I turned my body and continued to smile at Lanfua-sama.

“Michael-san said that he does not wish to be hit by you. So please apologize to him for your action.”

Lanfua-sama seemed to be getting irritated by now as she retorted.

“That’s what I’m saying! Why should I apologize to him?!”

Perhaps due to the commotion, I saw my older brother, His Highness and Jufua-sama hurrying towards us.

“So you do not wish to apologize to him. I see. If that is so, then, the only way left is to file a case for this.”
“Filing a case? Young lady, do you know who I am? Are you stupid?”

[The stupid one is you!] I wanted to say those words so much but if I were to do it, all my effort from before will become vain. So I continued to smile brilliantly.

“Onii-sama! That woman kept pestering me and demanding me to apologize to Michael for hitting him! What do you think Onii-sama? There is no need for a Royalty to bow down to anyone right?”

From behind, His Highness’ mouth seemed to twitch a bit.

I wonder if that person knew that the son of the Prime Minister was also the foster sibling of His Highness?

When he turned his gaze towards me, His Highness quickly made his way to me with a shock expression on his face.

“Yulias, the side of your mouth split a bit.”
“A~, I got hit instead of Michael-san.”
“It looks so ghastly.”

Looking at my furrowed eyebrows, His Highness awkwardly averted his eyes away from me.
My older brother who was all smiling looked at me and said.

“Onii-sama, calm down.”
“If you kill them, it will be over in a moment. However, we should let them regret thinking that they could touch our employee! Fuffufu….”
“………I see! Ha…ha…ha…”

My older brother and I resonantly laughed after another.

“How dreadful.”

Even hearing that, my older brother and I decided to ignore His Highness’s mutters.

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