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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Marriage Proposal’s presentation


Author: Soy

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I succeeded in calming my older brother before I flashed a smile at Lanfua-sama.

“So Lanfua-sama refuse to apologize?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“If that is so, I will have to use some other force then.”

“Ha? Do you think that a lady like you can do anything to me?”

“Of course I am going to demand a compensation from you.”


Lanfua-sama, such response truly unfitting of a Princess, you know.

“You have not only insulted our employee, Michael-san. But you also hit me which also resulting in an injury. Therefore, I believe it was beyond reasonable for me to demand a compensation from you.”

Lanfua-sama furrowed her eyebrow.

“I am a Royalty, okay!”

“So what? Don’t you know that the reason Royalties exist is because of those commoner?”

“What are these nonsense!?”

“Don’t you know that everything that you ate and every clothes that you wore, came from the tax paid by the citizen? If there is no citizen living in a country, the Royalties will be so powerless that they have no other choice but to die a miserable death. So you are coveting for the throne without having an understanding over the citizen in this country?”

I was looking down at her with a smile before I continued.

“If you plan on marrying the Prince, I have to think about various movements to counter this situation.”


While I was smiling deeply, His Highness suddenly stood before me.

“Yulias, for me, Lanfua is like my own sister.”


“I will not marry her.”

I could hear His Highness silently muttering [I am not good at it anyway]

I felt a little bit relieved hearing that.

Besides that, I still need his assistance for this situation.

“Rudnick-sama! Don’t say such things. It was natural for me to marry over in order to deepen the friendship between our country.

His Highness mouth started to twitch.

“Friendship is it? Then why did you try to hit Michael-san?”

“That is what I wanted to say! What’s wrong with me doing that? For such useless things, isn’t it obvious that he need to face some kind of a punishment?”

“Michael-san is not a useless person.”

I widely smiled while looking at the odd expression plastered on Lanfua-sama’s face

“I wonder if you could arbitrary denounce Micheal-san who is the foster brother of His Highness and the son of the current Prime Minister as a useless person? Do you think that His Highness as someone who wish to take a bride who like to hit his own sibling?”

Lanfua-sama was so shocked that she turned pale blue before she quickly faced His Highness.

His Highness persistently kept his face blank, though.

“I- I did not know about it….”

I snorted before continued.

“For you not to know about such thing, I wonder who had thought that following such person will be good as she continue to promote herself as this country’s future Queen? If it was me, I will totally refuse to tag along with such person.”

Tears began to pour out from Lanfua-sama eyes after hearing my retort.

It appeared as if I was the bad person here, huh?

At that moment, for sure my hand was grabbed by someone.

The culprit was Jufua-sama.


“Lady Yulias, you are such a wonderful person with quick mind that capable in leading everyone under you.”

“Eh? Ha?!”

Though I replied to him indifferently, he continued to look at me in earnest as he said.

“You evidently have the disposition of an Empress! Therefore, become my Queen!”

My head could not catch up with words uttered by Jufua-sama. Just now what did he say?

“I am not good in dealing with woman. However, you are different. Towards me who hate woman, you are the only one that I could fall in love with. Therefore, become my Queen.”



What did he mean by that?

Towards me who was in dazed, Jufua-sama held my hand as he tried to place kiss on ít.

I could not help but shuddered in disgust.

At that moment, my brother quickly chopped his hand away.

His Highness also came and stood before me.

“Could you please stop touching my sister?”

My brother eyes were perfectly looking bloodthirsty.

“Roland, give Yulias to me.”

“My sister is not a thing.”

“I will treasure her properly. I am not good in dealing with other woman so I will not cheat on her definitely! I will not become like her ex-fiance! I swear that I will give her everything and devote myself to her! So to me…”

It was His Highness who suddenly interrupted.

“I will not allow Yulias to marry to another country.”


What did he mean by that?

“Losing Yulias will be a tremendous loss to this country. It is not only Jifu who thought that she will be a great Queen.”

“Rudo, Lady Julias had already been hurt from the last political engagement! Even so, you are still thinking about the loss that it could bring to the country? Have you ever thought of her pain?”

His Highness looked at me as he said.

“Yulias, just so you know, I will force you to become my fiancée if you ever decided to marry to a foreign country.”

With a troubled face, His Highness uttered such word.

I wonder if His Highness wanted to say that he needed me here?

“Rudo! How could you think of Lady Yulias like that!”

“She is the person who will be responsible for this country’s economy.”

“What did you mean by that! Have you bastard ever considered of Lady Yulias’ feeling?”

“Jifu, if you could propose Yulias, of course I also have the same right for it. I am not trying to force Yulias’s feeling.”

His Highness declared that, as he put his hand on my shoulder.

“The economic power of this country is extremely prosperous compared to the others……”




His Highness took his time to explain to me the financial condition of the country.

While I was listening to his talk, the people in the circumference looked at us in amazement.




“………That is it. Do you know how much you have involved yourself in this country’s economy based on the story just now? You are the person needed by this country.”

I am glad.

I purely thought so.

“If you become the Queen, your freedom will be cut altogether. However, if it was you, no matter what, you will be able to do whatever you want, right?”

Those words were something that I wanted to believe on.

“You are the only person whom I can honestly say that I wish to get the help from. That why…”

With a bitter smile, His Highness looked at me and said.

“Do you want to assist me in managing this country?”

It was a proposal void of any romantic word.

I could not feel any affection from it as compared to the one by Jufua-sama.

“Jufua-sama, thank you for that lovely proposal.”

“Lady Yulias.”

“However, I am not the type who seeks romance in marriage. So could we please stop talking about it after this?”

Jufua-sama obviously looked disappointed by the rejection, but it can’t be helped.

“And Your Highness.”


“What should I do about this useless and unromantic proposal? Do you get what I mean?”

His Highness lowered his head as if he was troubled by something.

“Please let me put it on hold.”

His Highness’s proposal was KIV now.

“Please wait! Why did you KIV Rudo’s proposal while refusing mine? Now that I think about it, it was obvious that Rudo declaration just now was not a proposal, right?”

“That’s right. Rather than a proposal, what His Highness did just now was a presentation.”

I let out a bitter laugh before I continued.

“His Highness knew that I am not interested in getting propose by anyone. That’s why he decided to approach me by giving me a business presentation”

His Highness turned to face Jufua-sama before he said.

“Yulias is not an ordinary woman. She is a genuine merchant. That’s why I thought that giving a business presentation will capture her interest more. Jifu, there are still lots of things that you do not know about her.”

Jufua-sama was silent for a while before he opened his mouth once again.

“Lady Yulias, it is as what Rudo had said. There are still lots of things that I do not understand about you. That’s why, will you give me a little bit of your time for me to understand you deeper?”

Clearly say, what benefit could I achieved by becoming Jufua-sama spouse anyway?

“Jufua-sama, among the merchant there is saying [Time is money].”

I told him that with a beaming smile.

“Of course if it is related to business, I will give as many times as you want. Yet, if you wish for a love affair kind of talk, then sorry, I am not interested in it.”

Jufua-sama collapsed as he knelt on the floor.

There was nothing that I can do about it apart from smiling wryly at him.

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