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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The response to the presentation

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Author: Soy

T/N: I am terribly sorry for the delay.. Real life is such a hassle and I have to catch up with my thesis… Okay… I also played Royal Chaos recently… and catching up with my reading on wattpad… and MTL-ing chinese novel… *Quickly hide behind the wall*

Please enjoy this meager chapter.

A/N: The slump was hard, but I finally made it here

For me, marriage was neither something that I dream nor hope for.

My ex-fiance was the representative of a stupid person, so the only thought I have is on how to manipulate him.

However, what about now?

I felt like that I will have an enjoyable time once I married His Highness.

His Highness was someone who tried to properly show his reliance on me.

I wonder if this is the woman’s ultimate happiness like what those people had been talking about.

“Lady Yulias, this is the dried mushroom which can only be found in my country.”

“This… Isn’t this a high class food? Can I import it directly to this country?”

“Yes, for sure.”

When I was indulging in a business’ talk with Jufua-sama at the cafeteria, His Highness suddenly came to our seat.

“Jifu, your three months’ visit are already up, why are you still loitering about?”

“……. If you ask me, isn’t it because the person that I wanted to pursue is here?”

“Didn’t she already reject you before?”

Jufua-sama held my hand tightly as he said that.

“I would like for her to change our status from business partner to private partner.”

“No, thank you.”

Jufua-sama had continually tried to woo me like this.

But I have no need for such proposal from him.

“You are the Crown Price, right? You should return and learn how to properly become a King!”

“I could learn such thing here, right? Or are you saying that because you are not confident, you do not want to honor my stay here?”

His Highness looked at me with a frustrated expression.

I truly loved watching this kind of expression on him.

“Yulias, what happened to our conversation back then?”

I made an expression as if I just recalled about it before laughing out loud.

“Even if we enter a management kind like of partnership, we still could not draw up the contract unless the term of employments is clearly stated.”

“The term of employments huh……. What would Yulias wish to ask of me?”

I looked upwards as I deeply contemplated about it.

“Freedom in management?”

“………I understand. Instead, I hope that you can make an effort in influencing those people in regard to this.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“………. That’s it.”

His Highness burst into a bitter laughter.

“Then, what are your condition for this, Your Highness?”


His Highness seemed to contemplate for a while before he continued.

“I do not want you to love any other man apart from me.”

What kind of cute condition is this?

I felt my heart kyun-ning for a bit there.

“Your Highness, do you like me?”

“I never told you that?”

Such a straight fastball confession made my heart fuzzy.

“Then? Do you agree with that condition?”

“……. I am sorry, but I am not agreeing with that.”


Jufua-sama and His Highness seemed to be in harmony.

The people around me started to look at me with disbelief expression on their face.

“Does- Does that mean that you do not have the slightest feeling for me?”

“My feeling towards you, is it?”

I laughed a bit before I continued.

“As opposed to what you might think of me; it is not like I hate you or anything.”

“Then, what…. with that declaration of cheating?”

“Because I could not have done it.”

What kind of misunderstanding did this person have on me?

Wait, no, does that mean everyone around us also misunderstood me?

“Lady Yulias, then what is it?”

I let out a sigh before I continued.

“After I married your, Your Highness, I will become the Queen, right?”


Did you really comprehend this matter or not?

“His Highness will become a King, right?”


“Then, I also need to give a birth to a Prince, right? Or are you trying to say that I should not pamper and love your son?”

His Highness stopped moving for a while before he shrink his neck and looked around cautiously like a tin toy.

“What’s wrong?”

“I felt like I could imagine my future where my neck was strangled by Roland.”

After confirming that my older brother was not around, His Highness finally let out a breath of relief.

“Yulias, that was bad for my heart.”

“Why is that?”


“Now that we are at it, don’t you think that our child will be cute and intelligent?”

“………Ah, so dangerous…. This is truly bad for my heart.”

His Highness started to sigh tiredly.

“His Highness, are you okay?”

“…………I’m o-…….”

His Highness who was about to reply, stopped, when his neck was grasped by my older brother who suddenly appeared behind him.

And his grip was tightened ever so slowly

“Explain to me why are you discussing about child-making with Yulias?”

Onii-sama, he will not be able to explain it if you kept tightening your hold on his neck, you know?

I could only let a bitter smile floated on my face.


“Do you want to die?”

“Onii-sama, he will not be able to talk if you kept grasping his neck like that.”


His Highness who suddenly got released from the tight grip was gasping for air.

Oh, poor you.

“Onii-sama, I am thinking of becoming the Queen of this country.”

My older brother’s face turned pale blue when he heard my announcement.

“Wh- why……”

Yes, my brother’s expression looked like someone who was frustrated over something.

“Because it seemed uncomplicated.”

I smiled as I faced my older brother.

“Unexpectedly, I felt that it was quite amusing to stay with His Highness.”

“Yu- Yulias! Ar- are you going to say that you choose him just because he seemed amusing?”

My older brother interjected with a face that was on the verge of crying.

“Onii-sama, it is also important for the partner to be someone amusing, right? For me, until now, I only regarded the marriage as a mean to elevate our house. But now, I regard it as something interesting. Don’t you think that it was quite a big progress?”

I could not help but beamed

“It’s okay. His Highness will surely make me happy.”

My older brother was glowering at His Highness while speaking in a trembling voice.

“Will you make Yulias happy? Or are you going to put your own happiness over her?”

“Roland, you misunderstood me. Compared to others, I am the one who are going to ensure Yulias’ happiness the most.”

“A~. I can’t make a proper judgement right now. Prince, can I hit you all over just once.”

“I understand that you can’t make your own judgement calmly and you do not wish to hear anything from me for now! Keep your cool! For now, please calm down a bit!”

I felt like that I could not help but laugh as I watched my brother who was staring at His Highness as he slowly walked to him and His Highness who was ready to bolt away from this place.

“Lady Yulias, aren’t you going to consider it once again? I do not feel like giving up on you.”

In that kind of noisy situation, Jufua-sama held into my hand tightly as he said that.

“Somehow, please choose me. I swear that I will never let you face any inconvenience! That’s why……”

“Jufua-sama, let me tell you something.”

I shook off Jufua-sama’s hand as I said.

“I think it is better for you stop thinking about woman as a living thing who are useless and need to be provide for. If you could improve your thought on this, for sure, the person Jufua-sama need will be automatically drawn to your mind.”

“I do not have any need for such prophecy. What I want is you.”


Speaking of prophecy, recently I have not read anything related to that.

I wonder what was stated in that prophecy that could have made Jufua-Sama turned into something like this.


“What is it?”

I smiled at Jufua-sama.

“Does Jufua-sama willing to show your own weaknesses to me?”

“Weaknesses? No, I will never show you my weak self.”

“That will be uninteresting then.”


I could only sigh.

“Please become an interesting guy before you start it again.”

While I was talking to Jufua-sama, His Highness suddenly ran to me as he held into my shoulder and turned me around to become his shield while he hid behind my back.

“Yulias, save me!”

“You surely have a gut to use Yulias as your shield. I am going to split your head now.”

“Roland, a normal person will die due to that! Yulias, please do something about that.”

I was chuckling before I turned to my older brother.

“Onii-sama, please listen to me carefully. His Highness is the childhood friend of Manika-sama, right? Don’t you think that you might be able to quickly marry Manika-sama if you have him as a friend rather than as an enemy?”

Hearing that, my older brother stopped moving.

And after he thought of it for a while, a grin started to appear on his face.

“Your Highness, I am terribly sorry for losing my composure just now.”

“Uwaa~ it was a smile that you should never believe in~~”

“For Manika-sama sake, even towards a person that I wish to kill immediately, I could still grace him with a smile or two.”

I turned towards my older brother and smiled which he mirrored perfectly.

“For the sake of your marriage with Manika-sama, His Highness is someone important. Apart from that, His Highness could also put a recommendation for Onii-sama as the next Prime Minister, right?”

“As long as he swear that he will not betray me, I will recommend him for that post.”

“Then, let’s make a contract for that.”

“Yulias really love making contract, huh.”

Without looking back, I replied to him.

“Eh, but marriage is also a form of contract, isn’t it? I am looking forward to it, then.”

His Highness then put his head onto my shoulder before he murmured to me in a small voice.

“This is really bad for my heart…… Right now, no matter what kind of contract it is, I will surely have signed it off without any hesitation.”

“I heard something good just now.”

I somehow could feel some kind of blood lust lingered in the air while I was having that conversation with His Highness.

When I looked over, there were my smiling older brother who had a dark face and Jufua-sama who stood beside him.

Possibly, that blood lust might have come from my older brother.

“This is dangerous. I felt like I might get assassinated soon……”

“Well then, why don’t you let me give birth to a Prince as soon as possible?”

Needless to say, it felt that the blood lust seemed to increase a bit after I finished that sentence, but I guess it was just my imagination.

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