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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Captain Bahar

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Author: Soy

A/N: It is a new character.

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On that day, accompanied by the newly produced necklace and ring, I made my way to where the neighbouring country’s ship docked.

“Captain-san! How about some souvenir to bring back home?”
“O, Yuri-chan! Today you have a downtown’s girl style huh!”

I twirled around one time as a show.

“Don’t you think that this suits me better?”
“That dress really suits you well!”
“Thank you. I am so embarrassed by your compliment.”

While I was giggling, the captain also laughed quietly in response.
When people realised that I was a noble, no one dared to approach me like before, however, seeing that some people were still smiling at me, I could not help but felt relieved.

“Lady Yulias, you have come?”
“Jufua-sama, I am sorry for disturbing you.”

When I saw Jufua-sama came from behind the ship, I quickly bowed my head.

“You do not have to be so courteous. Anyway, why did you come today?”
“I intend to show Captain-san some items that could be bought as a souvenir.”
“…………. Do you need me to do something?”
“Nothing in particular I think.”

Since Jufua-sama turned gobsmacked with my reply, I decided to direct my smile at Captain-san for the time being.

“Captain, we are having a big deal for today, you know!”
“My budget will be like usual, so I will not be able to stretch it, okay!”
“Of course! This time featured item is here!”

I took out a necklace and showed it to him.

“Yuri-chan, this……”

I tilted my head as I looked at Captain-san who have a bitter smile on his face.

“I will not be able to buy such expensive things.”
“This is cheap you know. It will fit properly with your usual budget.”
“You lied! It was a common knowledge that one will not be able to buy this kind of necklace with a jewelled pendant unless you are a Nobleman.”

I took the necklace out and put it on my palm as I said.

“Although this necklace has a jewelled pendant, however, this stone was really small, you know.”
“………Now that I see it, it does.”
“By using the silver to make a larger pedestal for the gem and the snap fastener, even the small gem will appear big due to the reflection on the shiny silver. What’s more, by replacing a part of the chain with leather straps, we managed to lower the production cost! With every purchase, Nogger’s house also attach a 1-year warranty card for the gem as guaranteed by the jewellery expert; what’s more, right now, we also have the same design for ring to pair with this piece!”
“That kind of things!”
“Of course, this is a special discount that I gave especially for Captain-san!”
“I will buy it!”

I slowly smiled.
This ship was one of the top class ships from the neighbouring country and it was also frequently used to ferry the Royalty.
Furthermore, based on the story that I heard, it seemed that the captain’s wife was a famous person among the people at their harbour.
Therefore, I decided to sell that necklace and ring set at such a lower price in order to get that charismatic person to wear it.
This will become an investment for the future.
If this thing is going to go my way, these items will sell out soon enough!

“Yuri-chan! Is it really okay like this?”
“For the sake of Captain-san wife’s happiness, I will gladly give you this tremendous discount!”
“Thank you!”

I counted the money that Captain-san took out from his bosom.

“I got the exact change, thank you for your purchase.”

With a smile on my face, I tried to excuse myself from Captain-san in order to sell some other item to another crew member.
At such a moment, I saw the ship of my family docked nearby

“A~..hmm…that seems to be my ship, so, I need to close my shop for today, I guess.”

As I quickly bid my farewell to Captain-san and Jufua-sama, I heard some noise erupting and from the edge of my sight, I could see someone stood on the handrail of the ship.

“Hime-sama, I am really not feeling impressed that you could be so carefree in riding some other country’s ship.”
“Captain Bahar. I am getting down as of now, you know.”
“It is not [I am getting down now]! You should not even ride these ship at all.”
“Don’t be such a worrywart. But, even if I were to carelessly sweep away by some other country’s ship, I believe that Captain Bahar will surely come and pick me up, right?!”

Captain Bahar scratched his bright tawny, dishevelled hair as he sighed before continuing.

“I doubt that you will let such an accident happened.”

I tilted my head I in puzzle when I heard the small muttering of his.
I really could not hear that well.

“For now, let’s head home, Hime-sama. I have something that I want you to hear.”
“Something that you want me to hear?”

When I echoed his word, Captain Bahar replied to me while emitting bloodlust.

“I am not sure what they did to Hime-sama, but I plan to put that bastard Marquis and that damn brat in their place.”
“………. I will remove them from your sight by killing them first.”
“Please wait a moment, Captain Bahar.”
“Hime-sama, could you really let them get away just like that? I will kill that damn brat and took you away with me. You can then become my bride.”

Captain Bahar, who was currently a 37 years old guy, was a good-looking man who somehow looked like a big bear.
He was originally the captain of a pirate ship, and by a chance meeting ten years ago, I decided to employ him and his ship’s crew member.
Even though he was a captain of a pirate’s ship previously, he was the kind of pirate who never shed a single blood and right now, he played major roles in importing and exporting stuff for us.

“Captain Bahar. Thank you. But……”

I was grinning before continuing.

“I will be troubled if you were to kill him, you know. I have yet to finish receiving the consolation money from them after all.”
“C-Consolation money?”
“Do you think that I will simply have my engagement annulled by them so easily?”

Captain Bahar seemed to be staring at the faraway horizon before he muttered.

“That will be scarier than dying. To be haunt by Nogger’s House for repayment.”

Captain Bahar grinned as he continued.

“Would you like for me to lend you some of the young blood?”
“That will do for the time being.”
“What the heck. I had been wondering if Hime-sama finally gets it……. It seemed that it was a bogus information that you are actually in a loving relationship with His Highness the Prince.”

I sighed at the exact moment.

“It is because it will be bad for His Highness.”
“It was Hime-sama who do not understand about it~”
“His Highness is my best friend.”
“You do not know if the Prince had the same feeling as you or not, right~??”

I could not help but smile bitterly.

“Though I never felt any kind of indication that he likes me so?”
“I really could not understand you.”
“………. For the sake of annulling my engagement, he had helped me out a lot…. And even when that happened, I still clicked my tongue at him, so he got to be pretty offended by me, right?”
“…. That…… Un. Hime-sama, you have truly brought so much trouble to His Highness. His Highness was truly a pitiful person.”
“…….. I am sorry.”
“You should tell that to the Prince and not to me.”
“I guess so~”

Captain Bahar was like a good older brother to me.
Of course, it was a different kind of brother from my own [Onii-sama].

Captain Bahar was grinning as he slowly made his way to me and raised me into his arm.

“Let’s go home, Hime-sama.”
“Lies, what with this rough change of pace!”

Captain Bahar laughed out loud as he once again stood on the ship’s railing.


“Lady Yulias!”
“A~ Jufua-sama, I will be returning home since my pickup is already here.”
“Jufua? The neighbouring country’s Prince?”

Captain Bahar stared at Jufua-sama with his eyebrows all scrunched up.

“It is because our Hime-sama is truly the treasure to our country! So don’t you dare to freely deceive her to ride on your ship! Farewell.”

Captain Bahar held me in his arm as he jumped from the railing as it is.

“Lady Yulias!”

I could hear Jufua-sama’s scream as Captain Bahar and I jumped from the ship with the help of Captain Bahar’s wind magic.
At that moment, without having any opportunity to assure my safety to Jufua-sama, I was carried by Captain Bahar as we flew away from that place.

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