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Dare ga Tame Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Part 3

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A/N: This is the 2nd part of the consecutive two chapters. Please continued from the previous chapter. This time, it was from the POV of Seira.

T/N: As usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake.

“What, what are you talking about……?”

What should I do now? I no longer know what is going around me anymore!

I wonder what kind of an evil day today? I could not help but filled with resentment as I looked over at the hateful clear blue sky as I recklessly wish to hit it. What the heck should I do with all of this!

No, I have never said such thought aloud… Yes, I see, this is karma I guess….

The benefactor who had helped me escape from the recent predicament looked as if he was enlightened by something, before his expression turned to extreme confusion once again and when he opened his mouth, it was accompanied by an eerie smile.

“Seira Kruger…… Isn’t it? She was the pitiful villainous character who had been down with misfortune in [LoveLaby]. My former best friend had been dissatisfied with the treatment that she had received, that pitiful Earl’s daughter.”
“……You, who are you actually?”
“I am just a normal traveler. I am looking for something important to me. – Mou, or should I say that I already found it?”

[                 ]

Inside my ear, with the volume that was only audible to me, I could not believe that I will be able to hear that whispered phrases so soon.
I mean, that kind of thing. Such thing should not be able to happen at all. For that girl […] to be here was something unreasonable. Even though it was unreasonable, yet still….


[How is that thing? Is it amusing?]
[People won’t recommend others to play games that they had never played before, right? In the usual case anyway?]
[Otome Game…. Oh well, I usually do not like this kind of story like game. I do not mean to say something bad, but don’t you have a lot of free time in hand? That’s why, who cares.]
[…. Even though I am a sick person, I am unexpectedly busy, you know.]

That girl was laughing unapologetically at my word; she was my best friend and also the most beloved person of mine. Even though I never asked for it, she had gone through the trouble to bring me a portable console and some software for me to play around. That girl really could not be honest to herself, instead she told me [Since you have so much free time anyway, make sure you play and tell me the story later on]; Even if she did not say it, I know that she brought me this in order to lift my mood who had been confined to this sickroom by myself.
Every time I clear something, I will talk to that girl in a fine detail. Since I wanted to talk to her about it, that girl also kept saying that she wished to hear me talking about it. We were talking and listening respectively about it until my body gradually weakened.
Finally, I managed to clear all the scenario, and after a few days since I talked to her about it, my body collapsed.

[….. I am sorry…….]
[Why are you apologizing to me……! You haven’t done anything wrong.]
[………Still……… I have left you all alone, right……?]
[…………I am fine, you know. You are the one who is going to be left alone by yourself, so, you should be worried about yourself more.]
[………I am, going to be- o-kay…….]

Still, there was a person who will cry for me like this.
That was her last conversation with me. After that, I never woke up again and was reborn into this world of [Love Labyrinth], before long, I started to remember about my own memory and after I finally freed myself from the scenario, I started living carefreely.

*End Flashback*

“You know, after I parted with you, I had been crying so much that I was involved in a high speed accident. There was a sudden heavy rainfall and I was unable to control my car that it ended up spinning around the curve- I wonder if this should be considered as a self-inflicted accident? I hit my head and immediately passed away, you know.”

This man was talking about those things lightly as if it was unrelated to him at all. That person could not be mistaken as other gender since the visage in front of my eyes was obviously a man. However, there were still parts of his mannerism and wording that similar to his former self.

“Then you know, I finally arrived at this place. By the time I got a sense of it, I have been thinking that this world seemed to be similar to those in [LoveLaby], so I had been wondering if you also had been reincarnated into this world like me. That’s why I have been aimlessly searching for it. – So I finally able to see you. It seemed that you have become Seira, huh. It fits you splendidly if I must say.”
“……………….. Why did you become a man, scratch that, why did you die anyway! I wanted you to enjoy your life a bit more, you know!”
“….. Un. I am sorry…. But still, isn’t it great that we can see each other again?”
“That is not the problem here, you know~!”

I thought that I will never see her again. When I remembered about my past life, the most painful things to me was not about the fact that I am a villainess nor was the unfair treatment I received. It was when I remember about my beloved best friend. The fact that I will never again able to meet her forever. The hardest things for me, was when I recalled about this most important person to me.
That’s why.

“………. Hey, right now, what kind of name did you go by?”
“It is [The Flame Magician], Yugu.”
“………Yugu………. Why did you become a man?”
“I wonder. I guess that I have always been wishing to protect someone, so that’s why?”
“……………. I see.”
“Isn’t that quite a cold reaction? After all, I am your best friend whom you had not seen for a long time. I even died in order to come here to see you, you know.”
“……… It is because, my feeling could not really catch up with this sudden turn of an event, you stupid fool.”

His […] body who had been embracing me just now were no longer soft like those times, yet, it was still warm and gentle like before.
There were plenty of things that I wish to hear about, however, I could not string any word to say; the only things that I could do is to rub the overflowing tears in my eyes on that person’s body.
After I was born into this world, I could remember from the corner of my mind that this was the first time that I had ever cried.

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