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Dare ga Tame Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Part 6

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: It has been a while.

By adding something like a synopsis to the main story, I wonder if it will make it easy for the reader who had not read this for a long time to catch up with it….

For your patience, right now, I offered you my apology. I am deeply sorry.

“I am sorry for taking a long time.”
“It’s okay, no problem. Welcome home.”
“I am back.”

As soon as I arrived at the inn, I passed the basket containing the ingredient to the head chef and returned to my daily task leaving the two people who had been tagging along with me.

I picked up the laundry hung under the sun at the backyard while mulling over the event that had happened in the last few hours.

At first, when I was out on an errand, a self-proclaimed prince suddenly came out of nowhere and proposed marriage to me. When I thought that he was too persistent about it despite my refusal, I was saved by a red-haired man. Before I could immerse myself in the feeling of being relieved, that man suddenly told me that this world was an otome game and he knew my real identity. While I was listening to his story, I found out that this person was my best friend from my previous life and it seemed that she reincarnated into a different gender.

Should I feel happy that I was able to see her again, or should I feel aggrieve from knowing that my best friend from previous life had died? I don’t know what to think of it……However, with all said and done, in the end, I was still delighted that we were able to meet each other again.

While the two of us continued with the shopping trip, the people in the town seemed to have mistaken that my best friend from the previous life, now known as Yugu, as my boyfriend. While I was feeling embarrassed that those people had mistaken my relationship with my long lost best friend, Yugu, who had been observing the situation happening to me, suddenly told me that this world was the world that existed within the [Love Labyrinth]’s fan-disc.

I could not help but scream inwardly. To think that the game curse continued to follow me for so long. Right here at this place. That kind of feeling.

“Ha… I wonder how I should proceed from now on.”

I could not help but gripped the sheet that I just took down from the cloth’s line as I exhaled. My future looked dark, and looking at the exaggerated twist, I did not even know from which angle should I approach to solve this problem. In the first place, my heart itself could not also keep up with the situation yet.

“That’s easy. You should follow me back to our country.”

I was so shocked. Suddenly a sweet voice rang beside my ear. I was so deep in my thought that I did not realise that someone stood behind me.

“Could you please stop appearing from behind my back, Prince Elliot?”
“You already remember my name? I am happy, Seira.”
“……Ano, please move to the side.”
“Aa, even your cold attitude looked cute.”

I really can’t have any conversation with this person.

“Your highness, what are you planning to do with all of these things? Well, no matter what your plan is, I am not going to return to that country, absolutely not.”
“You can go home. Even if you did not have your last name, but once you become my fiancée, you can continue being a Seira, a girl that I met, and fell in love while on a journey. Therefore, there will be no problem at all.”

No, there will be a problem, for sure. As a prince, for sure, he needs to attend various social occasions. This will require him to bring a partner, which means that I need to appear in public with him. Of course, at those events, the crown prince will also attend it with his wife who was also my elder sister. The relationship between my elder sister and I was one between a victim and its perpetrator. Because of that, I ended up being banished from that country. Thus, we will inevitably end up bumping heads with each other.

Putting this big problem aside, is there anyone who will be convinced that the prince will choose his fiancée from among the commoner?

How could he even consider that it will not cause any problem when the suggestion is a problem in itself? This prince, I wonder if his brain is a garden full of flowers?

“Fufufu, even though there seemed to be a lot of hurdles, but in fact, there is nothing much need to be considered of.”
“…………. I will ask you once. Why did you insisting that it will be alright?”

A mysterious smile suddenly graced that red lips, which looked like a freshly picked rose. Looking at it, I could feel myself trembled. I suddenly felt that I was drowning in deep darkness.

“I will confine you so that no one will be able to see you.”

That. Was. Not. A. Good. Reason. At. Al!!!

So stupid! This prince is an idiot! It was so important that it needed to be mentioned twice. (Abbr.)

“For me, I never care about being a prince. Nobody ever cares about me. After all, I am the third prince…. I could not even become a spare. Therefore, regardless of whom I married, no one will ever care about it. If that is so, isn’t it better for me to marry someone that I like? Is it to extravagance for me to wish that?”

Wow. When I heard, he talked about it…. I could feel a tug. Those words resounded so much to me. Because I know that feeling, I could not help but felt a little bit sympathy with him. I was also unneeded and unwanted in the past.

–Fortunately, I was able to jump past that barrier. However, unlike an aristocrat lady, a [prince] might not be able to act like that. Even if you were unneeded, as a prince, he might not be able to run away from his title.

Thus, I understood the feeling of wanting to obtain your happiness and connect with the people that you like.

But why me? More than me, there should be some other people…. No, maybe because I am also like him, thus….

Really, this prince was an idiot.

“…… Your highness.”
“What is it, Seira?”
“I cannot give a positive answer to your feeling.”
“……. Why?”
“That was because we are too similar to each other. Our darkness is.”

Maybe, for now, it was enough. The Prince and I can help each other by licking our wound together. After all, I am sure that I have the best understanding of the Prince’s emotions. But if we continued down the road, neither of us will be able to escape from the darkness. I could easily imagine the future the two of us will have.

For that kind of lukewarm future, I am sorry for declining it, but I also believed that this was also not a good thing for the prince.

In addition to that. Because I already went through it, there was also something that I am aware of.

“You are not as lonely as you think.”
“After all, don’t you have a vassal who continues to follow you up to this point?”
“That is because I am the prince….”
“Is there a useless prince who got this many people under him?”
“But still.”
“……. Such a thing as. I could not persuade you since we barely knew each other. But I don’t think that my impression was wrong. There should be a lot of people who still need your presence. It is just that you are not trying to look at it.”

Though it was not my place to say it. Still. If I had someone who will say those words to me in the past, maybe my future will change from the current one. Because of this, I could not help but advised the prince as such.

I am not sure if the Prince could accept my advice of not, but he was in silence as he contemplated it. His eyes no longer looked as gloomy as before. I wonder if he found the answer that he needs?

“Additionally, it might be wrong for me to say as such…. However, at that time, if you still could not find it, you can come here to see me again. This is my home, and this is where I will live my life. That country was no longer my place to stay. That’s why I could never return there with you.”

The Prince’s gold hair burned red under the setting sun. It was the nostalgic colour of my home country. A colour that I could not return to. That colour was my hope. I do not regret being banished; after all, I don’t think there was another way for all of us to continue.

I can’t do much as of now. But I think that this was the best result of my situation. Yet.

The prince was still in a crossroads where he can choose another option. For that reason, I should never gamble on this matter.

“…. I understand. If Seira said so, then I will put more thought on it. If I still could not find it, then I will come to see you again.”
“Ara~ even then I will still refuse to form an intimate relationship with you.”
“Ha…Ha… Seira is truly a cold person.”

I don’t know how this prince lived his early life or his upbringing. I don’t know anything of it; however, I knew a little about the darkness that enveloping him. I am sure that his life experience was close to mine. I think that’s why he saw the light in me.

I want someone to understand me. I want you to pay attention to me. I want you to put your gaze on me. Such thought will continue to pile up and eventually overflow and ended up distorting from its original form.

“Ne~ Prince Elliot.”
“What is it, Seira?”
“You will surely find your happiness.”

It will be okay. Since I am also fine right now. For you who are like me, I am sure that you will be able to find your happiness as it should be.

T/N Continuing little by little

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