May 26, 2024

Dare ga Tame Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Part 7


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A long day finally over. After completing all the tasks for the day, it was finally time to sleep. However, despite having to wake up early tomorrow, I decided to think about my future before going to bed. With that, I took out my pen and spread out a paper in front of me as I started to layout my thought.

For a start, I think that I had managed to avoid somehow the Prince’s route which could be considered as a big headache. I won’t say that there will be no chance for him to appear in from of me again in the future, but I hope that I will not have to say those kinds of outlandish words ever again.

Even so, I wonder how he knew about me when I never have aware of Prince Elliot’s existence beforehand?

No, that person is a prince. Therefore, it was not strange if he knew about my elder sister and me. Instead, he might have been sympathizing with me because he knew of my situation.

I wonder why I did not know of this earlier on. Was it the prerequisite notion of the Otome game’s world? Or maybe because I had never been bothered to look around that I somehow missed the sign……

That’s it. Speaking of the game world, this place (or should we said this country?) is the setting for the Love Labyrinth fan disk, but what exactly did it mean by that? When we talked about fan disk, it usually contained a new story based on the main story. Sometimes it also tells the story of the character that could not be caught in the main story, but……

Therefore, the [play character] should also be the same one as the main story which was my elder sister.

……No way, this should not be a reunion flag, right? It can’t be….

This felt somehow different from the current game; thus, I cannot predict what is going to happen next. Uwaa……

I didn’t want to think deeply about this any longer. I decided to ask the only person that I could extract more information on it tomorrow before I determined my next step. It was by no means that I plan to sweep the matter under my bed. This is a strategic withdrawal on my part, okay!


Next morning. Prince Elliot and his vassals finally left this country. It seemed that he was initially on his way to study abroad; therefore, he needed to rush to his destination. Apparently, he heard the rumours that I was here, so he decided to make a pit stop en route and looked for me.

I wonder if his purpose for side-tracking was to look for me or he just wanted to look at this country……

Anyway, after having a simple breakfast prepared by me, Prince Elliot told me [Let’s meet again, Seira] with the tone of voice that seemed to be hearty as he walked away refreshingly.

He came and went off like a storm.

I don’t want to see him anymore since it will make me remember of that country and my black history. However, as a person who had expressed their goodwill, I’m reluctant to abandon him. Therefore, if he were to run away like me, I felt that it would be good for me to provide him with a place to escape. Yet, in my opinion, it best if I will never have to see him again.

That afternoon, I finally have a little break. After informing Okami-san, I made my way towards Yugu’s room.

Since I already confirmed that Yugu was in his room, I swiftly knocked and called him from outside his door.

“Yugu, this is Seira. I have something to ask you. Do you have time now?”

Some noise sounded from inside the room. As soon as the noise stopped, the door was opened from inside.

“You are Seira, huh. The person that my Master had been looking for. I wished to meet you myself.”

A beautiful woman with vermillion hair greeted me.

The atmosphere of each room depended on its occupant, though most people will not allow others to enter without permission. After being greeted by that lady, I entered Yugu’s place, which filled with drawn-out magic circles, robes, magic potion’s material, and many other strange things lined up on the floor.

When he checked in yesterday, it seemed that he had a piece of light luggage on him; therefore, I was curious to see stuff piling up inside the room. I kept thinking of it as I looked around the room.

“Etto~ we did meet for the first time yesterday, right?”
“That’s right. Ah, thank you for the delicious breakfast.”
“I am honoured with your praise.  I came right now because I do not have time to talk to you in the morning. Is right now okay with you?”
“It’s fine with me. Ah, I should introduce her beforehand. This girl is my contractual fairy, Fiama.”

Fiama was a beautiful lady with warm coloured hair like candlelight and glossy brown skin. When she first entered the inn, I could not see her appearance since she was shrouded deeply in her hood. Since earlier on, I had thought that she was indeed a beautiful person… no, that wrong, she was a beautiful fairy.

“Once again. Nice to meet you, Seira.”
“Nice to meet you too, Fiama-san… Is that okay with you?”
“Fiama is fine. There is no need for such courtesy.”
“Thank you.”

Fiama, who was laughing [ufufu], looked so sexy. No matter how long it is, I will never be able to act like her. Honestly, I felt envious of her.

“Now that we’re done with the introduction, what kind of things you wanted to talk about?”

I didn’t come here to talk about anything. I decided to jump straight to the issues at hand.

–However, before that.

“Yugu…. I wonder how much Fiama knows about this….”
“A~ that girl knows about everything there is. She also knew that you were my best friend from my previous life.”
“I see. Then I can talk about it without any hesitation. I would like to know about this fan-disc that you mentioned yesterday.”

Yugu looked at me as if he was already expecting my question. I wonder if he was already predicted that I would come to see him about this. Of course, I also wanted to ask Yugu about his previous lives as well as the journey that he had after coming here. However, if the reunion flag [my older sister] were predestined to appear soon, I would like to break it as quickly as possible.

I managed to avoid the Prince (?) route somehow, but it seemed that this was not the end of it.

Yugu started to talk with a slightly mysterious expression on his face.

“You know, that was…–”

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