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Dare ga Tame Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Part 8

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

The hill that was shrouded with the red coloured of dusk somehow gave you a sense of loneliness. As I was staring at the setting sun, suddenly, a long shadow settled next to me.

“I don’t think a woman should wander out all alone at this place at this time of the day.”

The man who stood next to me seemed to blend with the darkened sky. This hunter was my old acquaintance, Novua Enoch. This person’s eyes which had a similar colour as the sunset accentuated even more at this time of the day.

“Why are you here?”
“There’s something.”
“I see……”

Novua decided to stop when he looked at me, being unresponsive to him.

The sun slowly set on the horizon. The usual clear blue sky slowly basked in the colour of the night, and its depth seemed to be able to suck one’s heart into it. I wonder if the darkness in my heart was also like this? I guess so.

The shadow which had stood for so long finally sat on the lawn next to me. The profile of that person basked under the sunset appeared to be like a game character.

I wonder if there was such a fierce, handsome man inside there? I sit next to me as if he was entitled to it. The silent atmosphere between us surprisingly felt comfortable as I started to calm down.

“……You have a very desolate eye.”

Like rippling water, Novua started to speak in a quiet voice. His voice seemed to assimilate with the sound of the returning sea waves.

“When I was still young, there was one time when I was invited to a noble house. My father was a famous hunter, so it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. On that day, I also tagged along with him. Since he told me that they were about to have an adult discussion, I was then unceremoniously thrown into another room.

–There was a beautiful blonde girl with peridot coloured eyes inside. The bright and cheerful kid touched me without showing any fear or dislike towards me, who was a poor talker and had a scary face.

That was the first time that I see such a fresh reaction, so I was only happy. After all, I had never been able to talk to any girls of my age until then.

After a while, I finally noticed that there was another person in the corner of that room. A girl who seemed to be staring at a distant place, far away from here, with a quiet gaze. In contrast to a child who appears to be having fun in front of me, I couldn’t forget her eyes that seemed to contain nothing, be it unhappiness or dull feeling… “

I don’t know at that time, but now I finally understood.

“—you, why do you keep hiding?”

The twilight coloured eyes were staring at me like a piercing sword.

His gaze was so intrusive that I felt that it could peek into my heart. I could not help but felt being burnt by it bit by bit.

“That was the colour of loneliness. It wasn’t the kind of eyes that a child of that age would have. I’ve always been curious about it. But when I heard the story yesterday, I finally understand it.”

I was drowning in the sea of thought as I listened to Novua’s low and clear voice.

A~ I was also there.
There is someone who properly looked at me
A person who really cares about me.

I never felt lonely since the time I recalled my previous life’s memories; however, I indeed felt lonely before that.

Even though those memories were so fleeting that it remained forgotten at the corner of my mind.

——-Even if it was only a game scenario.


“The truth is, you know… You are actually a heroine.”

As soon as the word spilt out, Yugu started to laugh.

“You-…. More like [Seira], you know, is a prevalent character, so there had been many voices that been requesting the game developer to provide an alternative storyline for her. Those huge demands were finally resulting in this fan disk. That why that young boy who had been involved with you wait… Novua, right?… Therefore, it decided that the childhood friend will be [Seira]’s partner.”

Since the fan disk itself was not something initially planned by the production side, and they also need to change the heroine in it; therefore, the developer had to think of a new character for Seira’s partner. As a result, a character that will not clash with the main story yet was not mentioned in it was finally born.

So that is the reason why I didn’t know the existence of the Third prince. Both in my previous life and also in my current life.

I am not sure if it was due to the force of the game or whether it was due to the flag properly stood up that I finally met Novua or that Elliott finally appeared in front of me.

“E~ even so, I did meet with Yugu……”
“Ma~ it might come initially due to the game’s effect, but if you ask me, it was actually [fate]. After all, no one could predict that I will be reborn as [me].”

I was amazed that Yugu could say such a thing with unconcern expression on his face. I know that he acted in such a way for me who had been looking at him in an apprehension manner, so I decided to ease the situation by saying [ If it were the real Yugu, he would be even more cooler, right? It is a pity that I could not meet him].

Fiama-san, who had been listening to me also said, [That’s a pity, right?], and I thought I could really get along with this fairy.

Yugu, who had been told as such, looked a bit pitiful, but he seemed to bounce back to normal immediately, so I guess he was okay.

“But it was only due to fate that we were able to reunite in this way.”

I nodded gravely at Yugu’s earnest words.

“That’s true. Even though the two of us had changed, however, it was a miracle that we could meet each other again.”
“I also think that I’m lucky to see this kind of miracle. I had never experienced this kind of thing in that boring fairy world.”
“As your contractor, I was happy to hear that. I felt like I have been taking advantage of your power all this time.”
“It’s a cheap exchange.”

It looked like the two of them have a friendly master-slave relationship, and I felt somewhat relaxed.

So I continued to talk with them for a while. However, since I still have various chores to complete, I left their room after bidding my goodbye.

After I left their room, I took over the work at the reception desk. Today, few people were going in and out; therefore, my mind had been drifting over the information I just received.

The situation that I had before remembering memories and the future that I planned after remembering it.

No matter where I go, my life was still affected by the game force.

Such as the memory of my previous life, or the existence of my best friend. Even though there were some irregularities, but in the end, I really couldn’t escape from the game spell as intended. Thinking of this, my heartfelt stuffy.

I wanted to follow my path, and using the scenario I was finally able to leave that country.

However, the scenario still followed me until here.

Where on earth is my freedom, I wonder?

The more I thought about it, the more unbearable I felt.

Therefore, after I finished with my work, I decided to head towards the hill at full speed.

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