July 22, 2024

Dare ga Tame Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Part 9

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A/N: The next two chapters will be posted continuously.

The scenario, for example, the loneliness that I felt was due to this world’s rule.

The fan disk was meant to provide relief or an alternative route.

Everything was not on your own will but rather a half-force suggestion coming from the storyline.

But then again. I wonder what this is all about.

After waking up as [me], I’ve chosen and decided to go on my way. I couldn’t make a complete divergence from the game, but if I think about it, I couldn’t also create an absolute deviation from the world itself. Thus, after several contemplations, this is the best result that I could come up with.

I need Seira, and Seira also needs me.

However, even if I was not here. There is still someone who will look over Seira.

Thus, rather than Seira, there is also someone who will be looking at me.

That was something that I understood. It was unfortunate to live a life obscure from the eyes of others.

“………. I guess that it is, I am really a loner.”

The sunset disappeared on the horizon in a blink of an eye. Once the sun went, this place will soon be surrounded by darkness, and the feast of stars will begin.

It’s better to go home early or else Novua and I will get lost in the darkness.

“At that time, if I were a bit mature…”

Novua, who was staring at the distance, suddenly uttered such words.

“…Will you take me away?”
“I will surely do that.”

There is no meaning to that. However, if there was such a future, I thought that it should be fantastic. Like the bandit route that was included within the main game. Looking at it, their everyday life was not filled with boredom but instead full of exciting moments.

“That will be totally awesome, ne.”

I could not help but laughed as I imagined it. Novua also laughed along with me before he turned serious once again.

“…. I don’t think that it was already too late.”
“Would you like to travel around the world with me?”

I was speechless as I could not gauge the significance of his proposal.

“For everything that I have been through with my father up until now, from now on, I would like to go through it with you. You might face painful things.  And surely, there will also be a lot of difficult times. But I want to show you the wonderful and beautiful things that this world could offer to us.”

I am not sure when, but somehow, my hand that was held within Novua palm and all his thought seemed to be transmitted from its heat and painful force.

The light in his eyes seemed to sway like a hot flame. I could not move my face away from his gaze.

“You might think it’s my atonement for the time that I could not rescue you from your desolate experience, and there are certainly some things that can’t be denied.”

–It just that. What I wish for is to see you always laughing.

A faint voice resonated inside my head. I could not get rid of it, nor could I fabricate it.

Deeply and intensely.

Slowly drowning me.

“You don’t have to give me your decision right away.”

So let’s go home for today. Novua, who said that, stood up. As I was about to release his hand, he reached out to me without hesitation. Under his urging, I placed my hand on his, and he pulled me up softly and gently on my feet. I was so surprised at that moment, and soon the two of us is on our way home.


I slumped on my bed once I was alone in my room. The bed creaked softly as it embraced my body gently.

Before I realised it, I was staring at my hand, which was held by Novua just now. His hand was big and rough, yet it was also warm and gentle.

I wonder to what extent does his word and action influenced by the game scenario. After all, I know nothing about the fan-disk actual content.

That facial expression, voice, and passion should be fake. And yet, why did my heart shake from all of it?

I had never experienced this kind of feeling since I was reborn.  Considering that my previous life was short, currently, I was stumped on which correct answer should I have been looking for.

I wonder if this a girl’s lovesickness or the deep affection one has towards the opposite gender, or simply because such a beautiful man was persuading me.

But no matter which one it was, I certainly remembered the joy that I had from experiencing it.

I don’t know if it was a sham or the feeling of atonement, or from where Novua’s thoughts came from, but I was delighted with the fact that he thought about me.

“After all…. This and that are two different things.”

Novua will never settle in one place. He will always travel around the world, accepting tasks from people who need him, without any regard for the danger he will face. Since his job didn’t restrict him to one country, therefore there will be no fixed residence for him.

In other words, following Novua was equivalent to leaving this place.

This beloved country of mine. The place that recognized me for who I am. The land which had accepted me as its own.

……How could I possibly leave?

That’s all there to it.

Even if you are worried about it, but the time will surely advance, and the sun will inevitably arise. As there is no unstoppable rain, there is also no sun that will not rise.

I’ll start working today with an eye-bag that doesn’t suit such a fresh morning. Inhale and exhale. For my proof of existence to remain here.

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