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Dare ga Tame Chapter 15 [END]

Chapter 15: Part 10 [END]

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A clear blue sky. Such a lovely day that looked good for one departure. On that day, a black eagle will be flying away, accompanied by a flame fairy.

“Take care of yourself.”

The morning sun reflected on his shining black hair. Even though the thought of parting leaving you feeling lonely, however, our way of life was just too different. It can’t be helped. Neither he nor I could change our way of life.

“I will come here again, sometimes.”
“I will always welcome you to stay here.”
“I will send a letter to you sometimes.”
“I won’t reply though. Since I am not sure where I should send it to.”
“I know.”

Novua handed me a bouquet of lily-like flowers in the gradation from white to red. The scent of the flower was as strong as Winter Daphne.

“This is….”
“This is a flower known as Diana.”

The flower of Diana was said to have been dedicated by a King of a country to his future Queen when he proposed her. The Queen was told to accept the courtship because she was attracted by the King’s desire for her and the smell of the flower. Since then, it has been widely known that this flower will be given to a person whom you favoured to become your lifelong partner.

“I could not accept this.”
“Won’t you consider my feeling?”
“I would like to leave it to you, this heart of mine.”
“…. I understand. Well, then….”

I pulled out one flower and gave it to him.

“Then, I will also leave my heart to you.”


“…. Do you think that it is okay to leave it as it is?”
“E~ I don’t mind it, though?”

Yugu was staring at my face as he asked. But I had decided. This is the place where I am going to spent my life. So I decided not to follow Novua.

“If Seira okay with it, then so be it. For me, as long as you are happy, then I am also happy.”
“…Are you okay with this?”
“Do you mean Fiama? Of course. If I were to settle here, then I will not be able to satisfy her wish. Therefore, I could only ask him to do it instead on my behalf.”
“It is not only about Fiama. If you were to settle down here just for my sake….”
“The reason I start my journey was solely to find you. Since my purpose already been fulfilled, I don’t see the need for me to continue wandering around. My purpose is always you, you know? So what left is for me to remain here.”
“Is that so?”

I felt a bit relieved, looking at Yugu’s unhesitating eyes.  The contract that Yugu had with the fairy Fiama was quite flexible, so Yugu able to manipulate it a bit and let Fiama follow Novua instead of him. It can be said that Fiama could be considered as a perfect protective spell who can shield Novua from any danger that came with his occupation. As for Fiama, since Novua was someone who will never stick to one place, it will serve her purpose better compared to Yugu, who decided to settle down instead.

“Let’s do a lot of things that we couldn’t do in the past.”
“……There is only so much that I can do.”
“That’s not true. After all, I am a wizard with a rare kind of power.”
“You’re right.”

At those times when I go to the extremes. My hapless fate had given me a chance to follow another road until I finally made it here. And so, from now on.

The bell is no longer going to rung [For whom?] but instead [For thou].

I will live for myself.


A/N Sorry for making all of you wait. The final chapter is quite short, but this is the end. Thank you very much for your interest in this story from the beginning to the end.

T/N: So this is the end… Whoops, I am terribly slow… OTL…. Anyway, finally another novel down. Hopefully, I will persist with the remaining novels in my hand. Cheer me up guys!!!!

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