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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 59

Chapter 59: The neighbouring country Princess, Lanfua

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I left Shuna-sama and Miya-san to the shop’s employee before heading to Lanfua-sama’s room with His Highness.

I knocked on the door as I waited for permission to enter the room.

After waiting for a while, the door was opened from the inside, and Lanfua-sama’s head appeared before us.

It seemed that she had taken the task to open the door.

This kind of action was impossible to be imagined before.

“Yulias, I have been waiting for you.”

Looking at Lanfua-sama, who smiled at me affectionately now, I will never be able to imagine that she was the kind of person who will plan for my abduction.

Lanfua-sama, who saw His Highness who stood behind me suddenly turned pale blue as she slammed the door closed.

“Your Highness, could you stop that intimidation aura of yours?”

“When did I ever do that?”

I glared at His Highness before I opened the door myself.

When I entered the room, the sight of Lanfua-sama crouching behind the sofa greeted me.

“Lanfua-sama, it’s okay. His Highness will never threaten you again.”

Lanfua-sama quickly stood up from the sofa’s shadow before she bowed deeply towards His Highness.

“I am truly deeply sorry for my previous behaviour.”

His Highness turned to look at me before he replied.

“Who is this person?”

“No matter how you look at it, it was Lanfua-sama, right?”

“There is no way for that Lanfua to ever apologize to anyone.”

Hearing the word uttered by His Highness, Lanfua-sama quickly interjected.

“I have made a deep reflection on my life since then.”

His Highness’ expression appeared as if he had witnessed something incredulous.

“I have read the fate of those beautiful women written in the world beauty’s picture book given to me by Yulias. Rudnick-sama, do you know how many of those people being prosecuted without any chance for reflection or mercy? After reading such things, I decided to change my outlook on life.”

As I prepared the tea with the tea-set sent in by Olga-san, I decided to ask the purpose for her visit today.

“So, Lanfua-sama. What is the purpose of your visit today?”

“I would like to express my gratitude to you.”

Lanfua-sama sat down as she started to enjoy her tea.


“That’s right, gratitude. Since I was unable to secure my marriage with Rudnick-sama, I started to feel a sense of crisis of losing my place in this country as well as my own. However, after I read that book…. I finally able to change my mindset and now I know that I should treat everyone as an individual even if they were maid or steward. Since then, all my people had been taking care of me even better than before.

“That is good, then.”

Lanfua-sama started to giggle at that.

“You also wrote in the letter [I will only do things that make me happy. Everyone should be disgusted to be forced to do something that they don’t like.] Therefore, when I started to do things that make me happy, the people around me looked so surprised that they started to be worried about me! The fact is, my heart suddenly washed out the moment Rudnick-sama decided to reject me. Therefore, I would like to apologize for all the mess that I had created before.”

Feeling sad about losing one’s place in their own country.

Therefore, she could only take extreme measures to prevent it from happening.

She was simply acting on that impetus.

“Moreover, right now, we’re discussing my engagement with the King from the southern island. Therefore, I am truly indebted to you.”

That’s right; I had been acting as a go-between by searching for a Royal family that can get along well with Lanfua-sama.

Ma, it was an easy feat for me to become a cupid, anyway.

“I need to have a consultation with you, please.”

Lanfua-sama looked very serious as she corrected her posture.

“Right now, Laofan country has two potential candidates to inherit the throne which is my brother as well as the second prince, Insuu.”

Despite being the first prince of the Laofan’s country, it seemed that the popularity of the second prince, Insuu-sama was much stronger compared to Jufua-sama

According to Lanfua-sama, Jufua-sama had been putting a lot of effort into the mining business which was the essential product to hold their country’s economy; however, it seemed that Insuu-sama had wholly opposed to it.

It was said that mining was indeed a dangerous job.

This is the kind of high-risk job that could potentially lead to injury and death.

Despite that, Jufua-sama seemed to garner a high level of trust from those miners as he had frequently conducted site inspections among others to improve the safety of the mining site, day and night.

In return, Insuu-sama had been gaining popularity by claiming that he does not want the public to ever work in that kind of high-risk place.

If I were allowed to retort, I would like to ask him how he will be able to support the citizen once their kingdom lost their income from not working.

If he ever put the citizen in his mind, he should be like Jufua-sama who always put high consideration on the safety of the workers.

“I believe that my brother will never lose. Since I was unable to secure my marriage with Rudnick-sama, I have been trying my best not to become a hindrance to my brother. Therefore, I would like to request you to give some assistance to my brother.”

Lanfua-sama truly loves her brother, Jufua-sama.

“I will be glad if I could help him in any way that I could.”

Lanfua-sama grinned upon hearing my words.

“I really would like for you to marry my brother but… Rudnick-sama! Please stop glaring at me.”

When I turned to look at His Highness, he quickly turned his face the other way.

“Now, I finally felt a little bit relieved to know that you’re willing to lend some of your power to my brother.”

Lanfua-sama said that as she drank the now cold tea.

“To tell you the truth, regardless of the appearance and the age of that Southern Island’s King, I am vowed to make him fall for me once we come face to face!”

There was a fleeting smile on Lanfua-sama’s face as she uttered that.

I decided to summon Olga-sama quickly.

“Have you investigated Southern Island’s King?”

“I already completed the given task.”

“I see; then do you have his picture or something?”

“How about I draw it for you so you can see it more easily?”

Olga-san took out a quill pen as he started to draw.

The figure that was drawn out was enough to be declared as a picture.

That person seemed to be a beautiful figure of a man with a muscular and sturdy kind of feeling.

“That person turns 30 years old this year. He is a beautiful king with blonde hair and brown skin. Even though the people in the Southern Island practice polygamous, but right now, he did not have a wife yet. However, once Lanfua Hime-sama married in, he might also marry more than one wife in the future.”

Lanfua-sama held into the drawing made by Olga-san.

“That is fine with me! My father also has lots of concubines. Yulias, thank you very much for giving me so much despite me being unable to reciprocate to you.”

I held into both Lanfua-sama’s hand as I let out a giggle.

“Lanfua-sama, there is no reason why you can’t return anything to me, right? Aren’t you going to become the bridge that will let the Count Nogger’s house able to import those various fruits, fabrics, dresses, and accessories only available at the southern Island?”

Lanfua’s sama’s eyes sputtering as it opened and closed quickly.

“No matter what I said, the most important thing is for Lanfua-sama to obtain her happiness. I will continue to support you.”

Lanfua-sama, who was encouraged by me, head out to the port in a good mood.

With the absence of Lanfua-sama, His Highness finally let out a deep sigh.

“Are you a wild-animal tamer or something?”

“Of course not. I am your fiancée, Your Highness.”

His Highness, who heard my reply, laughed as if he was troubled over something.

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