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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Taking Measurement

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Immediately after Lanfua-sama left the store, I quickly made my way to see Shuna-sama and everyone. When I arrived there, for some reason, Shuna-sama had been wearing a dress full of pink frills as he excitedly twirled around to see how his skirt fluttered due to the movement.


“A, Rudo Onii-sama! Look! This is so cute, right?”

“Is it okay for it to be cute?”

His Highness tiredly held into his head.

“Shuna-sama like this kind of dress?”

“I didn’t particularly hate it! I was often dressed as a girl that people did not even know that I am a prince. I was told that if people knew that I am a prince, I might end up being assassinated! However, I still ended up being kidnapped because they thought that I was a girl! But I do like this kind of cute things, so I am glad to be able to wear this dress.”

I could not help but hugged Shuna-sama.

I also slowly stroked his head.

Somehow, I felt healed as I touched his fluffy hair.

“Get away from her.”

I felt a little bit lonely when His Highness deprived me of Shuna-sama.

“Don’t pamper Shuna too much! Didn’t you declare it yourself just now? Whose fiancée are you?”
“…. I am His Highness’ fiancée.”

“That’s right! You are my fiancée! So you are not allowed to hug any other man!”

After a moment of silence, I looked at him with a grin on my face.

“Then, I will hug and stroke His Highness’ head instead!”

His Highness froze as soon as those words came out from my mouth. Using that opportunity, I took Shuna-sama away from His Highness and picked out a dark blue fabric from the shelf.

“Let’s make a suit with a piece of pink fabric. The collar will be rounded and adorable-like looking so that it will coordinate beautifully with the cute Shuna-sama.”

I took out the measuring tape to measure Shuna-sama from head to toe.

Since I could not take a proper measurement with his current attire on, I could only let him take off his dress for now.

“As expected of my beloved Yulias Ane-sama.”

Shuna-sama, who had been grinning at me, was genuinely adorable.

I wanted to stroke his head.

I could only endure it and continued with the task.

“But, she is still my fiancée!”

“Rudo Onii-sama! It was unsightly for man to act jealously.”

“Shut up.”

Please forgive me for giggling at these two people.

“But, why did Shuna’s sama kidnapper decided to act on it?”

It was His Highness who responded to my question.

“Those people are trying to use the sensitive nose of the beast people to detect the gun powder. They were also trying to use their sensitive ears to respond to their special whistle.”

“It was hard for the Beast-man.”

“I have been treated like a slave many times in the past because I have better physical abilities than those humans.”

“What about your salary and the binding time?”

“Isn’t it more like a slave? It was all about food, clothing, and shelter.”

I forcibly squeezed my fist.

“That is…. unforgivable! I am the kind of person who cannot forgive those unfair managers who used their workers while paying them with inadequate wages! Of course, Your Highness caught those people, right?”

At that moment, His Highness averted his face from facing me.

“Your Highness?”

“If you could catch them so easily, we won’t have that kind of trouble in our hand.”

I could only let out a deep sigh.

“Isn’t that criminal’s identity was simpler than that?”

The people around me looked surprised upon my words.

“Do you know who the culprit is?”

“Don’t you know that person, Your Highness?”

His Highness had a complicated expression on his face.

“Then, let’s go and see Jufua-sama.”


“Lanfua-sama requests me to help him after all.”

I replied to him with a giggle.

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