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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Ship’s trip

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Author: Soy

A/N [Kon’yaku kaihi no tame,-goe o dasanai to kimemashita‼] book finally released today!

When I decided to travel to the neighbouring country, my father and older brother were much opposed to it.

“Yulias! Why did you have to go there, personally?”

My father looked at me with tears in his eyes.

“Is it because of His Highness? Okay. Let me kill him!”

My older brother looked very dangerous right now.

“It was enough to let Vargas and Olga investigate that matter by themselves!”

“Our butler and my store manager are not that kind of a free person.”

Furthermore, I also wanted to take this opportunity to buy the jewellery myself.

“Those ships were full of rough men. You also have to stay in the sea for several days! Some of the crew might be harbouring bad intention to you.”

“Father, can’t you change those ship’s crew to woman instead?”

“It was impossible for a woman to do that kind of work.”

I smiled as I looked at these two people who kept worrying over me.

“It will be okay since His Highness will be there with me.”

I said those words to reassure them, but those two in front of me ended up letting out a deep sigh.

“Yulias. Do you consider His Highness as a harmless person?”

When I tilted my head involuntarily to my father’s words, my brother pushed his glasses up and said.

“If His Highness were to spend all his time on the same boat with our cute Yulias, he might end up losing control and push you down, okay.”

Their complexion turned terrible as they continued to look at me worryingly.

“I am by no mean are cute. Everything will be fine. There is also Shuna-sama and Miya-san with us. If you still feel apprehensive about it, how about I brought along my escorts, Ruchard and Bariga? I could let them crossdress. Are you still worried because there were only a few women on-board? Then, how about changing the key to my room with a custom made one?”

I finally succeeded in persuading them with my proposal.

The ship for this trip was, of course, the one that belonged to Captain Bahar.

Captain Bahar’s ship was so amazing that he could shorten the usual one week trip to only four days.

Captain Bahar was someone who could use the rare wind magic.

The wind magic in itself was not unusual. The rare things were the ability to possess the magic itself.

By the way, His Highness can use all types of magic.

Indeed a useful person to have.

……And that kind of helpful person is my fiancé.

Before the ship set sail, I asked His Highness.

“Will you use the wind magic to move the ship’s sails?

“I understand your feeling of wanting to arrive faster. However, if this ship broke down, we will not be profited from it, you know.”

I am sorry for thinking that we could arrive faster if we were to use wind magic.

While thinking about that, Captain Bahar came to me with a grin on his face.

“Since Hime-sama wishes for it, then I’m just going to put all my heart into it.”
“I will be observing your performance then.”

Captain Bahar came closer with a grin.

“If Hime-sama were to bestow me one kiss, then maybe I will be able to run the ship even faster than the usual?”

Those words brought forward my two escorts as they stood in front of me.

Looking at the sword held by those two, Captain Bahar laughed brilliantly before he stopped and smiled at me.

“Hime-sama also seemed to find success in life for being able to get these kinds of cute knights to escort you.”

My escort, Ruchard, and Bariga were currently cross-dressing.

Ruchard adorned an orange one-piece dress filled with frills with long blonde hair wig and bright make-up that give him a young girl impression.

Bariga wore a white shirt with a long, subdued tight skirt in purple colour [There is a slit that will make movement easier.]. Since his hair initially had been long, we did not tamper it with anything else. He also had a bewitching makeup on his face. For your information, their makeup was done by sincerely yours.

It was so much fun to mess around that I wish to do it again.

“No matter which, both of them are so cute! How about a drink once we get off the ship?”

The two of them looked at Captain Bahar with disgust on their faces.

“I am pretty popular, you know. You should be confident about yourself.”

Since their voices were obviously like a man, they could only keep quiet.

I felt a little bit remorseful that my selfishness had led the trouble to these two people.

“Captain Bahar, please stop provoking my escort.”

“How could that be. Of course, it is impolite not to woo these kinds of beauties, isn’t that right, Prince?”

His Highness, who was suddenly called upon, looked into the distance as he muttered.

“No matter what, it is a discourtesy act.”

Since both of them were the escorts appointed by His Highness, therefore he knew that the two of them were men.

It seemed that he felt awkward, looking at them since he decided to let them dressed in these kinds of outfits.

As expected, their glance towards His Highness looked harsh.

“Anyway, we are ready to depart! Your Highness, you can use magic, right? Then please send the wind magic to the sails.”

Captain Bahar urged His Highness to use his magic without any incident.

“No, if I were to break the ship….”

“My ship was by no mean that delicate, okay~. The reason this ship was able to sail fast all due to the fact that I had been using wind magic all along. If you don’t settle your matter in haste and quickly return Hime-sama home, you might end up being assassinated by our young master. So? Will you do it? Or are you unwi~ling to do so?”

His Highness looked bitterly at Captain Bahar before he quickly rolled his sleeves.

“I will not be responsible if it broke down.”

Thanks to Captain Bahar and His Highness for supplying the magic continuously that all of us able to reach the neighbouring country in just two days.

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