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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Laofan Country


Author: Soy

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Upon arriving at Laofan, the Laofan’s vassal was already there to welcome us.

“Prince Rudnick, thank you for coming to visit our country.”

A slightly nervous-looking man bowed at His Highness reverently.

The people behind him also followed with the same action.

“Jifu-…… I came here to visit Prince Jufua.”

“He will be arriving soon.”

As that officer was about to finish inquiring about the length of our stay, the surrounding place started to get noisy.

“Rudo! You’re finally here.”

Appearing before us is the Prince of this country, Jufua-sama.

“Also, Lady Yulias… It seemed that you are getting even more beautiful since the last time we meet each other.”

After saying that, Jufua-sama took my hand and kissed the back of it.
The port suddenly wrapped in silence by the action of Jufua-sama.
I know why.
The fact that Jufua-sama hates woman and viewed them as an insect regardless of how beautiful they are was not a secret to anyone in the country.
Therefore, they couldn’t imagine that such Jufua-sama will do something like kissing my hand.

“Did anything change in regards to your relationship with Rudo since then?”
“We are close to each other! Jifu, you are already finished with your greeting. Let her hand go.”

With a grin on his face, His Highness slapped down Jufua-sama hands from mine.

“Such an intense jealousy. Lady Yulias, make sure that you inform me as soon as possible once you started to dislike Rudo. I want to make Lady Yulias the happiest woman all your life.”

Amidst the silent stares of the surrounding people, Jufua-sama and I started to grin and laugh.

“Thank you very much for your kind greeting, Jufua-sama. I am very pleased to see that Lanfua-sama engagement had been going well.”
“That is all thanks to Lady Yulias. I can’t even convey how thankful I am to you. How about this? Why don’t you annulled your engagement with Rudo and married me instead?”
“Why don’t you cure your disease of liking to make a pass on Yulias whenever you see her?”

Hearing His Highness word, Jufua-sama started to let out a deep breath.

“If I can get Lady Yulias, I won’t need any cure.”
“Then, heal yourself right away. Yulias is my fiancée.”

His Highness made a declaration as he held into my waist.
I was a little surprised at this sudden skinship.
I could not help but get a little bit nervous being near His Highness.

“What’s wrong Yulias?”

This closeness reminds me of the last time when he kissed my ear.
Forgive me for looking so severe so that I will appear calm on the outside.

“Rudo, she dislikes your action.”

It was not like I hate it, but it seemed that there is no way for me to keep my face from turning red.

“By the way, who are those behind you, Rudo?”

It seemed that Jufua-sama finally saw Shuna-sama who had been hiding behind His Highness since before.

“It was the people from the beast country.”
“A, I guess it is His Highness Schneider, then? Welcome to my country, Laofan.”

Apparently, Jufua-sama knew that Shuna-sama is a male.

“Yulias had misunderstood that Shuna is a woman before, but it seemed that Jifu already aware of it?”

Jufua-sama rolled his sleeves and showed us his arm.

“If he is a woman, then my hives will kick in right away. Apart from that, I also have some intel on the Royalty of the Beast country. Well, Lady Yulias also an exception in that matter.”

If Jufua-sama words are correct, then I wonder if he knew that my escorts are men in disguise?
I had casually called one of my escort, Ruchard to hand in the souvenir to Jufua-sama, but he appeared to look uncomfortable from being close to him. I wonder what precognition do the hives have in determining the gender identity?
I am curious to find out more.
Shuna-sama looked at Jufua-sama with a scared look on his face.

“Shuna-sama, Jufua-sama is a gentle person. You do not have to be afraid of him.”

Shuna-sama lightly took his hand off from His Highness’ waist before he turned to hug mine instead.

“That person looked scary.”

I could only smile bitterly at that.

“Shuna-sama, Jufua-sama is our ally, okay.”

I stroked Shuna-sama’s head before I turned to Jufua-sama.

“Jufua-sama, I have an important matter to discuss with you.”
“……, I understand. It is also not suitable for us to stand around talking. Let’s move first to my office.”

Jufua-sama sent a signal and the vassal who had been welcoming us previously immediately prepared a carriage for us.

On our way to Jufua-sama’s office, I could not help but declared my profound wonderment over the beauty of Laofan’s country’s castle.

“Jufua-sama, I would like to request compensation, is that okay with you?”

The people around me apart from Jufua-sama started to mumble incoherently as they could not understand the in and out of my sentence.

“Can I ask you the reason for it?”
“That’s right. To put it bluntly, this compensation is all because I got dragged into your household dispute… or something?”

Jufua-sama laughed a little as he scratched his head.

“I really can’t win over Lady Yulias. How much would you like for me to compensate?”

I grinned before I continued.

“The liberation and protection over the beast people.”

A wrinkle started to appear in between His Highness’ brow before realisation hit him as he grabbed into Jufua-sama’s collar.

“Your Highness, I’m going to use Jufua-sama to catch the criminal, so please stop your action right now.”

Jufua-sama smiled bitterly when he heard my words.

“I wonder if everything was under Lady Yulias’ eyes. Rudo, I don’t care if you hit me since it was also my fault for not being able to prevent my younger brother’s mismanagement.”
“Your younger brother?”

I slowly began to explain the situation to His Highness.

“Yes. Didn’t Lanfua-sama mention it to you previously? Jufua-sama’s younger step-brother, Insuu-sama had declared that he doesn’t want the people to do dangerous work. So then, what will happen to the mining job?”

His Highness raised his head as understanding hit him.

“Did they kidnapped the beast to force them to work at the mining site?”

Jufua-sama sighed upon hearing His Highness conjecture.

“To prove my ability as well as providing some achievement to be selected as the heir to the throne, I have been working hard on promoting and addressing the safety issues revolving around the mining work. And I also heard from Insuu’s mouth about his plan to kidnap the beast. I was against it; however, to my disappointment, my father at that time, did not seem to have any objection to that plan.”
“And since then, you have been collecting the information to free those beasts’ people, right?”

For some reason, the people around me looked at me in surprise.

“My party have indeed been collecting information in regards to that matter, but how did Lady Yulias found out about it?”
“When you first saw Shuna-sama, Jufua-sama immediately realised that he is the Prince.
“Isn’t that because he didn’t get any allergic reaction from him?”

I chuckled as I looked at His Highness who tilted his head in confusion.

“Jufua-sama did not get any allergic reaction when he met Shuna-sama because he already knew the feature of the Beast country’s prince. On the other hand, when my escort approached previously, you did indeed feel disgusted, right? The fact is, both of my guards are men.”

Jufua-sama awkwardly averted his eyes.

“For the sake of the hard-working Jufua-sama, I have brought along the letter from His Majesty the King.”

At my signal, one of my escort, Bariga, handed me the letter written by His Majesty.

“The gist of the letter is that, that there have been a lot of kidnappings cases occurred among the beast-man. This is truly an unforgivable action. Therefore, His Majesty decided that he is going to make an alliance with the neighbouring countries and to destroy the criminal. For that reason, His Majesty wanted the Lao Fan country to cooperate in this matter too. Well, the actual content is more extreme though.”
“When did you get that?”

His Highness looked at me in disbelief but I decided to ignore him for now.
I haven’t told His Highness, but it was no exaggeration to say that both His Majesty and Her Majesty are now my tea-drinking friends.
Therefore, it was easy for me to ask them for this favour.
I rarely asked His Majesty for help since he tends to make things going out of proportion. But this time I thought that it would be better to go all out, so I asked him for his assistance.

“With this letter, the Laofan’s Emperor should be able to wake up properly!”

After hearing that, Jufua-sama came forward as he pulled me into his arm.

“My goddess.”

I was quite surprised by his sudden action, but I decided to let it go since he looked satisfied to receive only that much.

“Jifu, I am going to kill you right now.”

His Highness muttered in a low voice as he pulled out his sword.
Realising that, Jufua-sama hurriedly get away from me; however, my escorts already placed their swords against his neck.
How disrespectful.

“It was only an expression of affection!”

His Highness’ eyebrows wrinkled as he pulled my body towards him.

“Yulias is my fiancée!”

Jufua-sama looked at me with a pained smile.

“Lady Yulias, I wish that you will immediately consider me once you come to hate Rudo, okay.”
“I will remember that.”

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