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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The shop manager

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Author: Soy

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I wonder if it was okay for them to become a couple.

While I was lost in thought worrying about it, Miya-san was getting closer to Michael-san’s face.

Michael-san, who noticed her movement, quickly grabbed Miya-san’s face with his free hand. I wonder if it is okay for him to treat a girl like that.

“The female from the Beast race were said to be happy if they managed to grab a male stronger than them as their mate.”

Shuna-sama, who stood next to me, told me happily.

“On that note! Rudo-sama is stronger than me.”

“But, His Highness Rudnick did not want to become a couple with me! But for you, I am willing to become the house cat!”

Did she use a cat’s voice while saying the second half of the sentence? I could not help but wanted to ask Miya-san after hearing such a sweet sound coming from her.

“I don’t care for a house cat or whatever. I refused to accept any stray cat who tried to claw my Ojo!”

“Mo~ I can’t hold it in no more!”

Miya-san was, indeed, a beautiful person.

Should I say that she was an exotic beauty?

For such a woman to cling on you, I wonder why he needs to act so unsatisfied?

“Moreover, I also wish to tie you up with a rope. Will. You. Let. Me?”

That was a bewitching invitation.

Let’s not look at His Highness, who at this moment had averted his eyes while having a bad complexion.

“Excuse me, Koneko-chan! I’m sorry, but I do not feel like being tied-up by you, okay?”

Looking at the dissatisfied Miya-san, Michael-san turned before he smiled.

“For me, the only person that I wanted to be in charge of binding me was Ojo! If possible, I would like to request her to use the chain instead.”

This was an unthinkable business disruption.

Miya-san was surprised upon hearing Michael-san’s insistence.

“I want to be tied, kicked, and step on only if it was Ojo who did it!”

As soon as I entered the store, I spoke to one of the employees.

“Call Olga-san to the front.”

“Yes. Right on it.”

Olga-san is the best counter-measure in handling Michael-san, who had been spouting pervert-like line in front of the store.

Olga-san came as soon as the employee went to look for him.                 

“I am sorry. I will quickly fetch him in.”

With unstoppable speed, Olga-san tied Michael-san with a rope.

From where did he took out that rope from, I wonder?

Towards the stunned people around him, Olga-san gave a kick to Michael-san’s belly before he turned around and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Michael-san, you have been disrupting the business. If you want to be tied up that much, I am willing to do the job and chained you up.”

“I wanted to be tied up by Ojo, who had such a bad hobby to do it with an Ossan! Ojo-save me!” [T/N: I feel like using Ossan for a more impact. BTW Ossan = old man]

“Do you think that I will let Ojo-sama dirtying her hand doing that kind of thing?”

Olga-san heaved the pale Michael-san on his shoulder as he turned to me with a soft smile.

“I am sorry for wasting your time. Please leave the customer service to the other employees.”

“Oh, well.”

“And then, I was informed just now that Lanfua-sama from Laofan country had come to visit the store.”

When I was about to enter the store after hearing that word, someone grabbed my shoulder, which turned out to be His Highness.

“Did you forget what Lanfua had done to you? There is no need for you to meet that kind of person.”

Lanfua-sama was jealous of my close relationship with His Highness. Apart from that, she also wanted to retaliate due to my action of protecting Michael-san from her oppression.

But what did that have anything to do with this?

“Lanfua-sama had already feeling remorseful about it and made a proper apology to me.”

“When is it?”

“It happened after His Highness decided to go to the Beast’s country without informing me first.”

I could hear His Highness’ breath hitched.

“Rudo Ni-sama, you should not act like that around your fiancée, you know.”

“That was all due to your kidnapping incident!”

Shuna-sama was hiding behind me at that outburst.

“Anyway, we should not let the neighbouring country’s princess wait for a long time, so let’s go inside first, okay.”

With the reluctant His Highness, we head back inside the store with Shuna-sama.

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