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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Do you want to be born again?

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N – I started this project with the intention to increase the page views. I really like this story so much that I wish to share it with others. Plus each chapter also amounts to three pages each… But, who knows that reading and MTL-ing it was different things altogether. I felt that this story was harder than Analects. Each arc also long…. _ノ乙(、ン、)_

Oh well, this is not the main project anyway. I’ll slowly do it. I already revised my release rate.

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Boss Gege: 10 chapters per month

I am not sure if I can stick with it, but I’ll try my best!! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

After the spread of the news that the movie queen, Tong Su, was being burned to death, the whole network was celebrating. 

Tong Su’s consciousness was yet to disappear as she roamed within the data world, blankly sweeping across the network, watching people swearing at her. 

“Hahaha, it is good for that woman to die! I already told you that evil has its retribution. For this kind of heinous slut, she deserves to die!”

“Smuggling the donations, evading the taxes, suppressing new people, prostituting, hey, if it was not for her own bestie who revealed her true colour, other people might still think that she was a clear- cut goddess in the entertainment circle!”

Tong Su fast-forwarded until she reached the scene where her bestie, Lin Qingli was standing at the door of the funeral parlour with [sad and tears] expression, being interviewed by the reporters. 

Gu Zhangting, the man that Tong Su had loved with all her life, stood beside her as he attentively supports her bestie. When he heard the name [Tong Su] being mentioned, he started to show an impatient expression on his face. 

“I know everyone had a lot of criticism in regards to Tong Su’s behaviour. I will not deny her wrong conduct. However, she already passed away. People who already died was like a lamp that already been extinguished. Therefore, I hope that all of you will no longer blame her.” 

“Tong Su is my best friend. I didn’t take care of her well. Her aspiration was above the average. I advised her many times but she didn’t want to accept it. So… Even if everyone has any dissatisfaction, I would like to persuade all of you to stop scolding her from now on.

”……Yes, I am now together with Mr Gu. After the news of her derailment came out, Mr Gu was hit hard by it. I couldn’t bear seeing Mr Gu being so down, so I have been taking care of him. Later, slowly the two of us came together.” 

“Thank you for your blessing, now our baby is already three months, and after the baby born, we will help the wedding ceremony.”

It sounded as if her bestie was sad. However, if one thought of it carefully, every honey words that she said was laced with poison, suggesting that no matter what wrong behaviour Tong Su did while living, they should not blame her after she died. This will eventually keep the fire of hatred in everyone heart.

Among the flurried bullet screen comments, suddenly appeared a comment different from others.

“Ai, Tong Su is such an excellent genius who won the movie’s gold medal at the age of 18-year-old, how did she fall to this present situation?” 

How did she fall to the present?

Isn’t it because she had believed in the wrong person! 

“Lin, Qing, Li!” 

With red eyes, Tong Su stared at the face of Lin Qingli who was speaking with happiness in her voice. 

This was her good girlfriend from childhood to adult. After Li Qing Li decided to set her foot on the road of entertainment, Tong Su had been helping her all along. Even an hour before she died, she had still put her trust in this person. 

If Lin Qingli had not told her the truth in such a scornful manner, Tong Su will have never believe that her bestie will betray her. To think that the person who had put her into this position turned out to be her! 

“Clearly, I never thought that the person who hates me to the point of wanting me to die will be you – we are friends!” 

Imagining her dead burn body without being able to maintain its human appearance, how will her parents who loved her so deeply, be able to accept it….

Tong Su could not help but thought that as she was being pushed into the fire. Li Qingli’s face, on the other hand, was graced with a malicious yet carefree smile.

“Tong Su, you are so stupid for thinking of me as your best friend. In fact, I just regard you as a cash cow! Did you think that Gu Zhangting really likes you? I have climbed into his bed for a long time already! Didn’t you manage to have a smooth sailing career since young? Look, I already help to destroy it for you!”

“Impossible …… ” 

Looking at Tong Su who stared at her unbelievably, Lin Qingli’s was pleased as she viciously laugh. 

“Did you know that that donation smuggling scandal that erupted before? The news had dubbed you as a cheater but it was all because I had secretly taken away the money that you have donated before; as for the photos of your drug abuse, all of it was faked by me. I was also the one who broke the news to the media. Your black materials were all made up by me. And you did not even realise it at all, hahaha…” 

It was not like Tong Su had never been suspicious of Lin Qingli’s behaviours, but because of her trust in her bestie, she had forced herself not to think about it…..

And because of that… she had fallen to the end of the game! 

Tong Su couldn’t help but violently sighed as the remnant of her consciousness glared at that pair of man and woman who smiled towards the camera. She could not help but wish that she could rush over and dragged those two people to fall together with her into hell. 

If there is still a chance, she will never let go of these two people!

Just then, in Tong Su’s ear, suddenly there was a blunt electronic sound. 

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