July 22, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (1)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

“Who is that?!”

Tong Su expression changed as her eyes started to look around In vigilance. 

But in this black data world, where there were only countless green codes, there is no other existence apart from her alone. 

The green codes in front of her flashed a bit and became a line. 

As the green light condensed, it started to form a line of sentence. As if to hide the fact of it being the so-called [System] from being found out, the green line was in fluster as it wiped out the word [meng xin] in that passage before re-writing the word again. [T/N: Cute Xin]

The system rewrite, these two words [old seniority], as it pretended to calm down.
Tong Su blinked a bit.

“Stop pretending. This is actually your first time to perform the recruitment task, right? Come out.” 

The green code appeared to be dejected, as it faintly condensed itself into a huge data light and rolled out as the sound of the electronic became smaller.

[Didn’t I manage to disguise it well?] 

Tong Su mouth was pulled upward as she straightforwardly said.

“I don’t care about you running through your game. I just wanted to  know what do you mean by ‘rebirth’.” 

666 quickly made its introduction and once it finished, it could not wait to tempt the person in front of it. 

Tong Su instead quickly replied.

“I agree.”

666 squealed as it jumped into Tong Su’s shoulder, kissed and called her up fervently.

“I am already dead anyway, is there anything worse than the current situation?” 

666 appeared distressed as it rubbed itself to its’ mistress’ cheek. 

Looking at her system, Tong Su softened for a moment and said.

“Show me the task.” 


“Miss Xi, what do you think about the scandal between your fiancé and Lan Shuer? Will the two of you going to break up?” 

“Miss Xi, I heard that your fiancé’s derailed target, Lan Shuer, was your good friend. Being betrayed by your fiancé and your friend at the same time, how do you feel?”

“Miss Xi, please say a few words!” 

“Miss Xi!”

The noisy voices of the entertainment reporters slammed her face like a tidal wave. Their unscrupulous maliciousness almost engulfed her. 

Tong Su just arrived at the plane world. Her consciousness was still in disarray since the consciousness of the original body is yet to completely dissipate.  She was being pushed around as she tried to avoid countless microphones which were madly stretched out to her mouth. 

The despair and fear that rose from the bottom of her heart shook the consciousness of the original body, and the pain caused by the backlash in her mind nearly caused her to faint. 

Just one second before she was about to faint, she was caught by a powerful arm and firmly held in it.

The low voice of a man full of magnetic feeling sounded from the top of her head.

“Shut up, stay away from my sister!”

T/N I will post these two chapters first since I want to add new series at Novel Updates. The remaining 13 chapters will be posted tomorrow.

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