June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (2)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

The voice of the entertainment’s reporters paused and the previous noise suddenly died down as if the previous situation was a dream. 

“Oh, oh…” 

“My sister’s things was just a story made up by the entertainment magazine on hearsay evidence. There is yet any evidence that had proven that the man had derailed. If you have any questions, ask that man himself.  Stop bothering my sister! If you dare to find her again,  I will sue you directly for these harassments!” 

Tong Su’s mind was a bit groggy. 

What sister, what derailed, what do you mean by soft mode? 

Is this the so-called [Go die, you slag] mission? Whose body did she occupy now? Who is this brother…? 

Just thinking about it, countless pictures were quickly transmitted into Tong Su’s brain.

The life of the original body was very similar to her own.

The original name of the body was Xi Tong Su. And the one who has just protected her from the paparazzi was her foster brother, Xi Chen Zhou.

The original body’s family was a famous rich family in Haicheng. The husband and the wife were in love with each other. Apart from the adopted eldest son, Xi Chen Zhou, they only have one biological daughter, Xi Tong Su. 

The Zsun Group’s industry covered the four major industries, finance, real estate, culture and technology. Their assets are abundant and prosperous. The original body was indeed an authentic [Ms Perfect]. 

However, this Ms Perfect who had a smooth life from birth, finally encountered the major catastrophe in her life when she was in college until there is no point of return. 

The original body met a handsome senior in the university, named Ji Yu. 

This senior not only looked handsome but he was also ambitious. After knowing of the woman’s real identity from a private channel, he started to pursue and woo the original body and finally succeeded in getting together with her when he graduated. 

After graduation, Ji Yu entered the entertainment circle, and the film resources brought to him by the original body became a hit. Now he is already a first-line male star. 

When the original body was in high school, she had a friend called Lan Shuer. 

Lan Shuer’s family was poor, and she only managed to complete her high school by relying on the funding given by the original’s body.

She was beautiful and tall. After graduation, she wanted to become a model and asked the original for help. Due to this, the original made a decision to ask her fiancé who was already working in the entertainment circle to take care of her friend. 

As a result of taking care of her, soon her friend Lan Shuer and her fiancé Ji Yu took it to the bed. 

This was her good friend which was known as “Delicate model” in those reporters mouth and her own fiancé, Ji Yu. 

The original had always regarded Lan Shuer as her good friend, and all the good things that she has, she will definitely share it with her.

Lan Shuer felt that the original was only giving her charities, and she had long hated her for it. Therefore, she had always wanted to take everything that the original has and completely ruined her. 

Lan Shuer and Ji Yu secretly continued to hook up with each other, and gradually rumours started to spread in the circle. The entertainment reporters even started to show up at the door of her house for an interview. 

Xi Tong Su was really angry, so she decided to ask Lan Shuer. However seeing Lan Shuer cried, she got soft and felt that someone was deliberately provoking their three people’s feelings. 

But at this time, Lan Shuer has begun to figure out how to destroy Xi Tong Su. 

At this time, Ji Yu was already bored with Xi Tong Su who did not want to have any sexual relationship out of wedlock. Therefore he had been venting his feeling by doing it with Lan Shuer. 

After all, he only decided to use the original as a stepping stone in order to obtain resources to further his career.

At this time,  the original body who had insisted on being engaged to Ji Yu had already fallen out with her family. Lan Shuer also kept provoking her so that she would have a fight with her family for the family business, day and night. Due to this Xi Tong Su also become more resentful of her family who seemed to put more importance on her foster brothers and thus her relationship with the family was getting frosty by days. 

The family wanted to expand their business to the US, therefore Father Xi and Mother Xi had gone to the States, leaving the original body back at the country all by herself.

Lan Shuer saw this opportunity and decided to invite Xu Ting Su to go out to party and trick her into drinking red wine which had been laced with drugs. 

After getting the original body’s drunk, Lan Shuer let a group of men that she had hired in advance to insult her, as she filmed a video of [Xi family’s eldest miss, Xi Tong Su, unrestrained promiscuity and drug abuse.]

The video was sent to the Internet, and Xi Tong Su was condemned by the netizens. This affected Zsun Group’s shares as it plummeted down.  

Father Xi and Mother Xi who was abroad for business at that time,  quickly rushed home, however, their plane accidentally crashed, leaving no bone for others to pick up.

When Xi Tong Su woke up, she finally realised that she had been forced by others. What’s more, she was also infected with drug addiction. In the midst of suffering, she finally learned that her parents and brother were already dead, the group had gone bankrupt. Due to the desperate resentment, the original body ended up choosing to commit suicide.

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