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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (3)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

In the darkness of the night, inside the luxurious bedroom, Tong Su read the mission information as she turned to look at her system. 

“She is so similar to my life. System, are you being deliberate?” 

666 turned into a group of light that only it host could see, climbed to the side of its host’s cheek and comfortably rubbed itself to it. 

“If I finish this task, will I be able to go back and avenge my hatred?”

666 slowly whispered.

Tong Su’s breath hitched 

One hundred million points.

How difficult will that be? 

But even then, will she still give up? 

Of course not! 

She will do a good job and go back as soon as possible to find that two bastards in order to avenge her hatred! 

This discussion between 666 and Tong Su took place within the sea of ​​consciousness. At this time, the consciousness of the original had completely dissipated. Tong Su’s soul and the body gradually merged as her consciousness gradually recovered.

She just opened her eyes and looked around the room. She was so shocked that she sat up straight from the bed. 

“How come you are here?” 

There was no light inside the room. 

However, the moon from outside sprinkled its light into the house through the gap of the curtains, illuminating the man in front of her with a thin layer of light and shadow. 

He stood near the window. She did not know how long he had been there. But his long and sturdy body showed a silent power. 

The man’s long legs were wrapped in dark black trousers, and the upper body was covered with a dark silver shirt. The two upper buttons were undone, exposing the clavicle and the smooth chest lines. 

When that man heard her voice, he slowly turned his back to face her. His handsome facial features appeared to be sharp, but inside his bottomless black eyes, there was an unfathomable mood. 


It was Xi Chen Zhou

Tong Su’s heart skipped a beat. Based on Xi Chen Zhou’s tone, it seemed that he was unhappy about something.
Her body trembled a bit. It appeared that the original body’s consciousness was yet to be dispersed completely. The body still exuding the feeling of fright and insecure complex towards the person in front of her.

“You- when did you arrive in China? When are you going back?” 

Xi Chen Zhou avoided himself from answering her question as he said.

“Rest more, I am going back to the US soon, so I am not going to stay here for long.” 

Xi Tong Su seemed to hate him, therefore, Xi Chen Zhou rarely appeared in front of her. Even if he did, he will leave soon enough. 

He then continued.

“Mom and Dad got really angry when they heard the news, therefore it will be best if you can call them to explain. I also already pressed down the rumours, so I think those reporters will stop hounding you. Okay, I’ll go first.” 

As soon as Tong Su heard that, her nerves immediately tightened. 

Can’t let him go! 

If he went back to the United States, he will not be able to come back until the original video was taken. By then everything will be too late! 

Xi Chen Zhou is a business genius, his position in the circle is also extremely high. The reason why the original body was able to act wantonly and in a merry manner in the early stage was closely linked to this protection.

She cannot let him go, she also needs to maintain a good relationship with him.–

This was not included within the mission requirements. However, according to Tong Su’s plan, he was a golden thigh which can help her to retaliate against Lan Shuer and Ji Yu!

Tong Su was able to get the gold medal at the age of 18, and her acting skill was already beyond superb. She quickly adjusted her emotions as she bit her lips gently. She lowered her eyes as she spoke with a small voice.

Gege, thank you…”

She did not continue after that. Yet the tone of voice she used carried out the strong urge to cry. It was full of grievances and mixed with a little bit tinge of sadness. She looked up in a panic but it cannot conceal her feeling of helplessness and loss.

T/N: I will maintain the use of [Gege] since it sounds cuter in Chinese than brother in English.

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