June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (4)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Xi Chen Zhou stared at the girl in front of him blankly.

The opposite girl was like a wounded little animal which had nowhere to go, shivering in the rain, cold and hungry. 

Even though it saw the appearance of the beast who had always frightened it, but due to it weak state, it forgot about the fear in the past as it ran and shrank into the enemy’s arm for comfort. 

“… Gege, I am sorry, I didn’t dare to treat you right before… You are so smart, but I am stupid. I thought that you didn’t want to be my brother. That you look down on me… If it is not for today that you come to save me, I……”

Xi Chen Zhou cold look softened. 

She was still a child. 

She was six years younger than him. She also had just graduated from college. In the past, she used to use a sarcastic remark to show her discontent. But Xi Chen Zhou had never cared about it. After all, it was just a child’s tantrum in his mind. So he preferred to put some distance between them.

But now that he thought about it, she was still too young. For her to suddenly encountered the betrayal from both her beloved fiancé and friend, naturally she could not accept it. 

Xi Chen Zhou walked towards the bedside. That girl suddenly threw her arm around him as she buried her little head inside his arm. Her petite and soft body shivered slightly, that Xi Chen Zhou’s heart could not help but turned soft. 

He reached out and gently patted Tong Su’s head. He touched her thick hair as if to appease her.

“How could gege ever look down at you? You are gege most beloved sister. If you have any trouble later, come to me. I will take care of all of it for you.”

That girl in his arm nodded as she half-twisted from his arm and looked up to him with her wide-eyed eyes. Her wet eyes made him think of the young and tender forest deer, pure and unaltered yet pitiful. 

Gege, don’t go, okay? I… I don’t want you to leave me anymore.” 

Xi Chen Zhou’s expression suddenly became cold. 

“Did he bullied you? Did he really cheating on you?!” 

Tong Su smiled as she wiped her tears.

“With my gege here, you won’t let people to easily bully me, right?” 

Xi Chen Zhou was silent but his handsome face obviously saying [Yes, that’s right].

Tong Su lowered her head as her voice’s dropped down.

“There were some things between me and him. I should solve this matter on my own. Gege, you must not intervene. But, if I have anything that I need your help, can I come to you?”

Xi Chen Zhou looked at her fixedly before he nodded his head.


Tong Su was a little surprise.

In the original’s memory, this brother was actually a very indifferent person who cared little about the original. 

However, after she entered this body, she found that he still cared a bit about this sister of his. 

Perhaps he was the kind of man who cold on the outside but hot on the inside.

Mensou. [T/N: Mensou – Outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside]   

She tentatively asked him a question.

“If… I said if I want to dissolve the marriage contract, will it affect our company’s stock? Will it also affect our family’s business?”

There was a hint of smile in Xi Chen Zhou’s eyes

“How come. If you want to dissolve it, just do it. Your parents and I work hard to make money, isn’t it for the sake of letting you live well? It’s just some stock. It will not count to anything.”

It was really a good brother who loves his sister. 

Tong Su stared into Xi Chen Zhou’s eyes, looking somewhat bashful and timid.

“Then, gege must never tell anyone about this in advance, not even our parents.” 

“Well, if you do not want me to tell anyone then I will not do it.” 

Tong Su mouth hooked up as she smiled slightly.

Like this, everything will be alright. 

Lan Shuer was a very vigilant person. If it was not due to that incident, she and Ji Yu will not be discovered by others- but even so, the entertainment reporters still unable to retrieve any substantial evidence. 

If you take a look at it now, and personally investigated it, Lan Shuer will immediately eliminate all evidence. 

Tong Su still could not unshed Lan Shuer’s true mask for now in order fulfil the original body’s wish [to let them get the punishment they deserved].

Therefore, first, she needs to stabilize the forces of all parties while searching for evidence on her own. Once the time is ripe, she will go for the kill, so that Lan Shuer and Ji Yu will not be able to turn it over!

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