June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (5)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Tong Su woke up early the next morning.

She decided to call both Xi father and Xi mother. 

Her parents were busy with the expansion of their business in New York, USA. The time differences between them was 13 hours. Since it was now six o’clock in the morning, it should be late evening at that part of the world. 

After several sounds of the dial tones, the phone was finally picked up by someone yet there was no sound coming from the other end. 

Tong Su knew that this was due to the cold war that the original body had with her parents. Because she insisted on having her engagement with Ji Yu, the original body ended up having a fallout with her family. 

In the original plot, Xi Tong Su had never yield. 

Until she was filmed and it was spread across the Internet, that her parents, finally in anger and worry, took a flight back to China. Yet, she was unable to see her parents ever again. 

How similar it was to her past life! 

When Tong Su thought of it, she could not control the pain in her heart as her body started to tremble.

“Dad, Mom, I am wrong, I have made you worry about me…”

On the other side of the ocean, the assistant of the Xi’s couple was stunned to see that the usual majestic chairman’s couple instantly became red-eyed. 

Xi father having a hard time to maintain his cold appearance. He, who was known as a chairman who never had any change in his face even while facing a financial turmoil that will affect the world’s economic, suddenly choked up, as he slowly said.

“Now you know how worried your parents were?” 

After he said that word, he was suddenly being pushed aside by his wife who grabbed the phone from his hand before she started to chatter. 

“Baby, you are now finally willing to call Mom and Dad! How could a close family fight with each other? You have ignored us before. Mom and Dad are so sad… Fortunately, your brother had already informed us about that matter earlier. Otherwise, with you only calling us just now, mom and dad will be too anxious to sit still, ah.”

Tong Su was shocked with the torrent of words akin to a gunshots. 

At the other end, Xi mother continued to chatter.

“How are you doing now? I heard that you ended up fainting. You should let your brother send you to the hospital to check. Be sure to completely cure it! Did you meet up with Xiao Ji?”

Tong Su who finally had a moment to interject.


Xi Father suddenly become agitated.

“-No? Hey, is he still a man?! I have never seen this kind of thing. Really don’t know how to take any responsibility at all! Quickly dump that kind of man… No, your mother and I should come back to China. We can’t let him indiscriminately bullied you. Your mother and I will help you deal with him!”

Listening to the worried chatter of her parents over the phone, Tong Su tightly clung to the phone. There was a surge in her heart. So much that she could not help but felt that her eyes started to wet 

So similar! 

Really similar!

Xi father and Xi mother and her parents, Tong father and Tong mother from her past life as a [Genius actress], were so similar to each other. They were so concerned with her life. They wholeheartedly defended her regardless of what other people’s thought of her.

“Dad, Mom, you don’t have to worry about me. I am very good. It is all good as long as you two are good. Don’t let me worry about you. There is no need to rush to come back to China. I am very good here, there is no big problem.” 

She swept the bad news under the carpet as she coaxed her parents until they laughed happily. 

At the end of the call, Tong Su did not agree with them to immediately break up with Ji Yu. 

“There is no concrete evidence in regard to his affair with Lan Shuer. If I am rushing to break up, it will inevitably provoke those netizens. The reputation of our company will surely going to be affected.”

The most important thing was that Ji Yu was a first-line star and had a large number of brain powder (T/N: Die-hard fan). Unless it was a case of life or death, they will never believe that Ji Yu had derailed. 

Therefore, if she insisted on breaking up now, it will undoubtedly become a situation for others “to hit a person who is down.” 

If those brain dead fans were to take action and let the reputation of their own group being discredited while causing the stocks to fall, won’t that be too disgusting?! 

Why should you hurt your own people because of those individuals? 

Didn’t you say that there is no evidence in regards to their infidelity? Well, she will find the evidence and let those keyboard warriors and brain powder see! 

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