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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (6)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Xi father and Xi mother started to reason with her.

“There is nothing wrong with the company, but you still need to be wronged! Mom and Dad will return to China now. See who will dare to bully you again!” 

Tong Su quickly interjected.

“It doesn’t matter, how can I be bullied by them? They can’t run anyway. Isn’t there a fashion dinner party in a few days? I will go and make my appearance there. When I see the media, I’ll use them to make a statement.” 

“Good! If you need a dress, just swipe your card. You don’t have to care if it is expensive or not.” 

When she got the green light from both of her parents, Tong Su smiled slightly as she continued to advise her parents to put their focus with the expansion of the business at America and not to return to China for the time being. 

She was not sure how much the original story will affect the current world. At least until she settled Ji Yu and Lan Shuer, she dare not letting her parents return to China on the plane.

After hesitating for a long time, her parents reluctantly agreed, but they still continued to say.

“Then, we will not go back. But your brother will have to stay, let him take care of you… otherwise, if no one is at home, we are not feeling at ease.”

The couple hesitated a bit because they knew how much their daughter hated her own brother. They were afraid that Tong Su will make a fuss about it. 

Tong Su smiled as her voice turned softer as she said.

“I’ve been tricked before and that’s why I don’t like gege. But now, I know that I was wrong. Gege is very good to me. He always helps me out so I like gege very much.” 

Xi father and Xi mother finally felt relieved. They reminded Tong Su to take care of themselves, pay attention to safety, and take a good rest before they ended the call. 

On the other side of the ocean, Xi father and Xi mother were incredibly excited. It was as if the honey pot was overturned and their whole hearts were soaked in sweetness. Their happiness seemed too impossible to be described in words. 

“Baby did not only stop making raucous but she also started to be concerned about us. This is great. She is now sensible. Really like a grown-up!” 

While Xi father and Xi mother were overjoyed, Tong Su who was still lying on the soft bed after hanging the phone, raised her head as her eyes contracted. 

She did not know since when he had been there, but at her door, that man stood there while holding a tray full of breakfast as he looked at her intently.

There was intricate scepticism in his black eyes, but people unable to see the slightest emotion in it. Tong Su awkwardly grabbed her quilt as she made a tiny sound.

 “Gege, since when you were here?”

After a long while, that man’s thin lips finally opened slightly as he gently spit out a few words. 

“…Do you like me?”

That magnetic low voice was like a feather that falls into Tong Su’s heart. It made her felt itchy and soft, stirring tiny electric current that instantly numbed half of her body. 

Good, so sexy! 

In her past life, she had been rolling around the entertainment world for so long. Tong Su could even admit that she had been tired of meeting all kind of handsome uncle, prince charming and also fresh meat. She had once said, that those who rely on the face value will not be able to fluctuate her heart anymore.

However at this time. 

She felt like laughing out loud at her previous self-righteousness statement. When she looked at the man standing at her door, her heart could not help but jump out uncontrollably.

Unlike the late night last night, when the dim light only managed to highlight a fuzzy image of him, right now, in this midsummer morning, the sun that was shining through the curtains, scattered as it outlined his tall figure. 

She had yet to see his facial features, but his momentum equivalent to an imposing manner of dauntless mountain, and his strictness resembled the violent swelling river.

Under the thick sword eyebrows, there was a pair of cold black eyes. So much like a cold star, like a lonely moon. 

Tong Su could not see the half-hook smile on his lips, but his deep eyes make people feel inexplicable. 

He was in a good mood.

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