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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (7)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

“Come and have breakfast.”

 Xi Chen Zhou turned to walk back to the dining room. He put the tray on the table. Light fragrance of the healthy breakfast could be smelt faintly through the unclosed door. Tong Su was tangled up for a moment before she decided to toss the quilt and jumped out of the bed. 

Anyway, even though she was wearing pyjamas, it was actually a very conservative style. 

She went to the bathroom to wash before putting on her clothes. Xi Chen Zhou was already sitting at the table and looking through the newspaper. Once he heard her steps approaching the dining table, he put the newspaper down. 

“That surname Ji called you. He said that he wanted to come over and explain it to you personally. I asked him to wait downstairs.” 

Tong Su quickly swallowed the porridge inside her mouth.

“Ji Yu had come to see me? When?”

In the original’s memory, this brother of her had always hated Ji Yu. He also never hide his opposition in regard to Tong Su and Ji Yu’s marriage. 

In conclusion, in regards to Ji Yu, he had never shown him a good face. 

“Last night.”

Xi Chen Zhou had a faint look.

“Forgot what time it was, it should early in the morning.” 

So you let Ji Yu wait for the whole night? 

Tong Su was working hard to hide her gloating.

Well, he deserved it! 

After breakfast, Xi Chen Zhou went to the balcony and made a phone call. 

A moment later he came back.

“I already told the related media that you will show up at the fashion dinner party. I already instructed them in advance to ask the questions that I have directly sent to their mailbox.” 

Tong Su was amazed. 

So fast? 

In her last life, even as a movie queen, she still had to find a way to build her relationship with the media. It also took a lot of effort on her part in order to get in touch with them. 

And he just needs to make a phone call. 

It was enough to show how those people were ready to go beck and call for him. 

“Thank you, brother.”

Xi Chen Zhou’s gaze turned softer. He reached out and touched Tong Su’s head as he replied faintly.

“You do not need to say thank to your own family member. We are not an outsider. Ok, I am going to the company. If anything arises, just call me.”

Tong Su bid goodbye as he watched her brother went to the company. It didn’t take long for her phone to ring. Tong Su picked up the call and it turned out to be Lan Shuer! 

“Tong Su, I am innocent. I have nothing to do with Ah Yu. This was all rumours made by the media! I want to explain it to you in detail… You open the elevator for me, I will go up and tell you about it personally.” 

Each of the presidential suite in C’s hotel was equipped with their own independent direct elevators. Only the owner of the room has permission to let others enter it.

Tong Su looked at the two buttons on the remote control interface. Her eyes flickered as she pressed those buttons.

As soon as she entered the door, Lan Shuer started to weep with tears like raindrops on a pear blossom.  (T/N – raindrops on a pear blossom: the tear-stained face of a beauty)

“I didn’t expect things would turn out to be like this. I only went out to a dinner party but ended up getting drunk that night. On my way home, I met with Ah Yu. So he took me home with the taxi and left afterwards. You can ask the driver!”

It really can’t be denied. Lan Shuer was indeed beautiful. She had the kind of pure and innocent fairy looks. 

With her elegant, light green chiffon dress, especially in her crying state, she really looked doleful which easily made man take their pity on her.

Tong Su was sneering in her heart. 

Lan Shuer’s words were arranged to be like an explanation, but she never denied her involvement in the rumours and only continued to make it sounded ambiguous.

She just mentioned that he rode the taxi with her and then left. Who knows where he went off to after he left? Later on, didn’t you met up with him? She didn’t even mention a word about it.

Tong Su kept quiet. Lan Shuer’s scheme was very deep. With the tears and her honestly distressed state, if this was seen by the original, it was estimated that she had long forgiven Lan Shuer and even began to comfort her. 

But why should she? 

Did Lan Shuer expect her to comfort her after doing such disgusting things?

Tong Su changed her position as she lazily laid on the chaise couch, playing with her mobile phone, before she replied to her.

“Oh, it turned out that he was a good person who likes taking care of other people, only to be misunderstood in the end.” 

Lan Shuer who originally had been working hard to deliberately squeeze out some tears to increase her pitiful state became stunned. She did not expect that her action had lost its favourable effect and instead making Xi Tong Su ignored her! 

What happened? Did she really get mad this time? 

No, Xi Tong Su didn’t know that she had gone to bed with Ji Yu. Furthermore, the paparazzi also didn’t manage to take any picture. 

It was just a little groundless accusation. This idiot Xi Tong Su, it could not be that she really believe it right?

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