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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (8)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Lan Shuer hung her head and continued to cry as her eyes swept around the suite with envious gaze. 

The presidential suites of C hotel were both luxurious and comfortable. It has many large rooms and a big terrace with Nordic elements. Its design was further enhanced with precious furnishings and murals. 

The price for one night stay could reach up to five digits and Lan Shuer could never even imagine being able to stay here!

She believed that even now, well, even if she now was quite famous within the model’s circle, but whenever she went out for a shoot, she could only live in a standard hotel room arranged by the company. 

Even though the standard room in this hotel was also good but compared to the presidential suite, the differences were like day and night. 

Xi Tong Su was so rich and she was also her good friend, why didn’t she help her? If Xi Tong Su can live in the presidential suite, why not rent one for her too? [T/N Ah!! She is so brain-dead that I felt like killing her on the spot.] 

Anyway… those tens of thousands yuan were nothing to her. 

If Tong Su know what Lan Shuer had been thinking at this time, she was afraid that she will laugh directly at Lan Shuer’s face. 

Who gave her the cheeky air and courage to even think that kind of thing? It doesn’t matter whose money that was. Even if the condition of her family is good, she was not obliged to give it to anyone.

The reason the original was willing to help Lan Shuer was due to her sentiment. Even if she did not willing to, it doesn’t matter. Can you even ask others to spend money on you just to please yourself? 

Even if the original was a rich young lady but she had been living a simple life. Since she started high school, she had to live a hard life in order to become independent and has developed a habit of saving her money.

Whenever she stay at the hotel, she always booked an ordinary room. Even if she lived in the presidential suite now, it was not because she booked the room on her own. 

Most of Xi Tong Su’s saving was probably already been used up to fund Lan Shuer as well as paid the tuition and living expenses for their three years of high school and four years of university. 

If the original did not exist, Lan Shuer will most probably already become a drop out in high school. How could there be any opportunity for her to go to the college, enter the entertainment circle to make money, and mingling with the upper class? 

She could only say that her greed was insatiable like a snake who tried to swallow an elephant. You really did not have to give her any face.

“Tong Su, will you forgive me? I will never meet with Ah Yu again after this. I really didn’t want to dig your corner. Your family’s condition is so good, what’s more, you are also beautiful. How could I compare with you? I just treat Ah Yu as my good friend’s fiancé…

Tong Su really could not stomach her lies that she immediately interrupted her.

“How do you know that I was here?” 

Lan Shuer’s heart tightened but she kept a soft smile on her face.

“Didn’t you show it to me… anyway, I thought that I should explain it to you in person, so I came directly…” 

“I showed it to you?” 

Looking at Tong Su’s faint smile, Lan Shuer felt somewhat uncomfortable and nervous. Her heart was beating fast, but at this moment, the doorbell sounded once again. 

When Lan Shuer heard the bell, she jumped up as she quickly ran to the door:

“It’s Ah Yu, I will open the door for him!”

Tong Su looked at her coldly as she pressed on the phone’s screen, thoughtfully. 

“Tong Su, you listen to my explanation. I really didn’t do anything that day, I am innocent! You have to believe me!” 

Ji Yu came inside the room in a panic manner while completely ignoring Lan Shuer. 

As for Lan Shuer who had opened the door, she ended up being pushed away by him so roughly that her expression was not very good at this time. 

For Ji Yu to be able to become a first-line male star, naturally it meant that his appearance was not bad. Even considering her past life, Ji Yu could still be considered as a top crop. 

–Tong Su might have seen many kind of man. However, after being exposed to Xi Chen Zhou’s ethereal elegance, Tong Su could not help but evaluate Ji Yu as someone particularly ordinary. 

Tong Su held back her hand and stop Ji Yu from touching it.

“Why didn’t you come over and explain it to me immediately?” 

“I am afraid that you will be angry with me so I decided to wait for you to calm down first.” 


Tong Su could barely hide the sarcasm in her eyes. What with waiting for her to calm down. It was clear that he wanted to wait for a few days until the rumours died down before he dares to come to meet the original.

In the plot, he sent Lan Shuer back home with the taxi, but later, he drove his own car to Lan Shuer’s apartment. 

Three points came from the wine intoxication and another seven points came from the thrill of having an affair. This two quickly become one and without any hesitation started to have sexual intercourse that night.

Ji Yu’s face was filled with a spoiling smile.

“Tong Su, I want you to clarify this matter with the media. I want you to tell them that there is no such thing between me and Shuer. She is your good friend, how can I betray you with her? You should talk to the media quickly. If you speak on our behalf, it will become a good clarification to them.” The more anxious he was, the less she cared about it. 

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