June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (9)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Ji Yu could no longer hide his pressing manner but Tong Su was acting exasperatingly slow.

“Since there is nothing, there is no need to go about it so urgently. After all, there is no photo taken anyway. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, the rumours will die down naturally.” 

Ji Yu in the other hand wanted to immediately get out of the fire. Therefore, he forced down his irritability as he squeezed out a smile with the intention to curry favour with Xi Tong Su.

“Tong Su, you don’t know. Although I am now a first-line male star, but the competition is very stressful. At the moment, Director Zhang was about to start a new drama [Chaotianzi], I wanted to audition for the male lead! Director Zhang who took the Austrian award is a loving husband and he valued their relationship so much. Therefore, he also put a lot of stress on the actor’s character and moral standing. But due to this rumours of me having an affair, my chance for the audition was no longer guaranteed. If I am able to take the male lead position, even though it will only put a step in my career but it will be a great help!” 

Lan Shuer who was watching Ji Yu’s fervent pleading from the side could not help but clenched her fist under her sleeves. Her long nails scratched her skin and made it bleed a bit. She looks expressionless but her heart was full of hate that she could not wait but to burn that person in front of her eyes. 

How long did she plan to suppress her of everything? 

Her life was better than her. Her look was also better than her. Though she could easily hook up her man and bring him to her bed, thinking that she had finally won their match, but in the end, Ji Yu turned his head, pushed her away, and went back to court Xi Tong Su!

Lan Shuer did not know that in the original plot, the reason why Ji Yu immediately get rid of Xi Tong Su was because he was already sure to win the male lead’s position. Since he already got what he wants, there is no need for him to put any significant care on Xi Tong Su.

But now, Tong Su was not softened due to the Lan Shuer’s tears. Therefore, she also did not immediately take action to post on her Weibo to clarify the scandal. She also did not spend any money to suppress the hot news which had cause the Zhang’s couple to hear about the rumours which led to their dissatisfaction with Ji Yu and thus demanded a re-audition.

Ji Yu was scared. 

“Tong Su, you must help me. I am your fiancé, I love you, and I can give everything to you!” 

Ji Yu’s good sounding word did not worth a shit. 

In fact, in his heart, no matter whether it was Tong Su or Lan Shuer, no one can compare to his career. 

He pursued Tong Su for her family’s name and resources.

He slept with Lan Shuer for her beauty and the stimulation that came from having an affair.

For him, woman, although they were like an icing on the cake if Xi Tong Su was gone, can he still add more flower in the future? 

Ji Yu took a cup of water and carefully sat next to Tong Su. 

“Tong Su, I swear, I will definitely clean myself in the future. I will not let myself being embroiled in this kind of rumours ever again! I love you so much, so will you help me again?” 

Tong Su looked at his hand which was holding the cup, thinking that just a few days ago, this hand had done so many unspeakable things to Lan Shuer. She could felt sudden nausea rushing to her throat!

She dodged as she put a distance between herself and Ji Yu. 

Tong Su had seen enough of these two people’s fine acting.
She looked at Ji Yu and said coldly.

“There will be a fashion dinner party in a few days. There will be media coming there, so I will talk to them at that time. OK, I still have stuff to do, both of you can go back now.” 

Being a big miss has this kind of an advantage. 

If you don’t want to see anyone, just ask them to go straight away. You can do whatever you want, and you don’t have to worry about the consequences. 


Ji Yu’s heart could not stop his surprise. 

What is wrong with Tong Su? Didn’t she love him so much, that she can give everything to him? 

When he talks about the difficulties of the male lead audition, shouldn’t Tong Su immediately agree to help him to find the back door in order to help him win the role? 

How could she decide to only make the clarification with the media later on! 

She should instead take a close up photo of herself with them and then send a microblog to Weibo. This is the best way for them to clarify rumours! 

Ji Yu was puzzled and dissatisfied, but he did not dare to say it. He could only felt the wrongness in his heart as he nodded in agreement. 

“Oh, well, you should rest first. When we go to the charity dinner, let’s walk together on the red carpet. I will help you do the styling.”

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