June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (10)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Tong Su felt very ridiculous. 

For Ji Yu to be able to climb to this position today was all due to him being able to pretend to be a well-behaved person as well as his skill in bending himself according to the wind without abandoning his pure and fiery youth personality.

In front of his fans, he was an unusually handsome idol with gentle and soft temperament with no lack of heroic spirit, basically a Mr Perfect; while, in the presence of powerful people, Ji Yu can bend his back to a hundred and eighty degrees in order to flatter them. 

“You just manage yourself. If you make another scandal, you can solve it on your own.” 

“Okay, Tong Su, you can rest assured!”

The purpose of his coming had already been reached. Ji Yu also did not want to stay here any longer. After he got the answer, he still needs to go back to contact public relations in order to plan his white-washing. 

Lan Shuer smiled and added on.

“Tong Su, then I am also going to leave.” 

Since Ji Yu came around she has become a side arrangement and no one cares about her. 

It was also because Lan Shuer’s face was thick that she did not show any shred of embarrassment over it. 

Both of them left the suite and entered the elevator. 

Ji Yu wore a sunglasses and mask to disguise himself, and coldly said to Lan Shuer.

“We should stop meeting again in the future. I have already given you a chance to shoot a magazine cover. You should forget about that night.”

Just with a magazine cover and you wanted to get rid of her?

Lan Shuer sneered. 

All the things she spent on Ji Yu can be returned with a magazine’s cover? 

In your dream! 

“Ah Yu, I have a good ‘resource’ to show you this evening, are you not going to come to my house?” 

Lan Shuer looked at the person in front of her with a gaze full of charm and desire as she licked her lips. She looked intently at Ji Yu, as she inadvertently used her hand to pull the neckline of her dress down. 

“Look, this resource, do you want it?” 

A snow-white well-rounded peak was reflected in Ji Yu’s line of sight. 


Lan Shuer chuckled and leaned closer to him.

Her red lips were slightly opened. 

“Ah Yu, between me and Xi Tong Su, who is better?” 

Dark red brilliant lips and that soft and supple lily-white hands… Ji Yu’s mind started to reminiscence to a couple of days before.  Those secret days behind the close door, the day and night filled with sex and love, the beauty of that hand and mouth working together with him.

His Adam’s apple rolled uncontrollably as he stretched his hand and pulled Lan Shuer into his arms. 

“Naturally you are better! You are really unrestrainable…” 

“Hey, Ah Yu, you see if there is any -” 

Ji Yu bowed his head to kiss that woman’s lips, and their voice started to become ambiguous. 

“No! I have look around for it for a long time. There is no monitoring devices in this elevator! If that wood Xi Tong Su had half initiative like you, will I still fall into your bed? How many men had you slept with before, your experience is so rich…”

“Heng, what are you talking about? I am not happy at all. Unless…. Since you are already familiar with the crew, can’t you try talking to them and give me some minor character to act? I can’t bear to be separated from you. The cast and crew will be confined once the filming start, you might end up sleeping with another woman.”

Ji Yu’s thought was already focused on what he wanted to do with the woman in his arms that his mouth flatly wanted to agree with any of her requests just to appease her.

“If you could not handle the character well, it will not be easy for me to put you in! Tonight, wait for me and let’s strive for self-improvement, n?”

While these two were stroking each other fire regardless of the heaven and earth, Tong Su who estimated that the two have already left turned off her mobile phones and sealed it in a bag. 

She called the front desk using the inline phone inside the room and asked the manager to bring the housekeeping up to clean. 

The things that Ji Yu and Lan Shuer used before, she didn’t want to see it anymore. 

It was better to go home directly. 

Taking advantage of the housekeeping to pack her things, Tong Su whispered a few words to the manager. 

The manager was obviously a little surprised. After calling the higher up, he handed the matter to the staff and went downstairs to get what she wanted. 

While waiting, Tong Su dialled Xi Chen Zhou’s number using the manager’s mobile phone.

The first sentence that she said was.

Gege, I suspected that there is a problem with my mobile phone. Can you ask the technicians in the company to check it if anyone has implanted the positioning and monitoring software in mine?”

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