June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (11)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

After she hangs the phone, the manager finally came back. He handed the hard drive in his hand to Tong Su.

“This is a copy of the elevator monitoring today. In order to ensure the safety of our hotel diamond VIP user, inside the direct elevator to the presidential suite, we implanted pinhole monitoring devices, only after you press the button for the elevator will it start to shoot.” 

Tong Su weighed the hard drive in her hand, her face was full of meaningful smile. 

It was because she knew this rule of C hotel that she was happy to put Lan Shuer and Ji Yu together inside the elevator. 

When Lan Shuer called her and asked her to open the elevator, Tong Su had also pressed the button for monitoring alongside with the button to open the elevator.

The manager continued.

“We do not play the content of your shot privately. This is the only hard copy of the surveillance video. Please take it away before you leave. If you need anything else, you can call the internal line.” 

After she arrived home from the hotel, Tong Su finally played the video on the computer. 

In the video, a pair of man and woman who were in the middle of kissing each other quickly appeared. They also appeared to examine the elevator carefully and after not finding any trace of pinholes’ camera, they were practically inseparable. 

Just before the elevator reached the underground garage, the two reluctantly part from each other, but they continued to entangle once they reached inside the car. 

“If this desire, in the end, let them to ruin, they will surely go crazy after knowing it. If I don’t give them the illusion of [I have forgiven you] first, how can they relax their vigilance and give me [The way of treating others with their own way] opportunity?” 

Tong Su’s fingertip was tapping on the glass table as the smooth glass surface reflected her cool smile. 

Lan Shuer, Ji Yu. 

My revenge plan has started step by step. 

How about you guys? 

Are you ready? 

A few days later, on the eve of the fashion dinner. 

The media had long already prepared the draft for the event, but the time has yet to come. At one side of the venue, various media and studios were already waiting as they fight for the front row seat.

“We are the scene of the annual ‘Xinghua·Fashion Night’ dinner. It was reported that there will be a large number of famous people coming to participate tonight…”

The reporters were holding their mics and reporting in their live broadcast. Many stars had arrived at the scene one after another. From time to time, the reporters will show some kind of surprise expression and started to make a dash for an interview.

But everyone understands. 

The few people who will receive the most attention tonight had not yet arrived. 

Almost all media personnel had prepared a number of draft templates that they will use for the news as they stared at the stars coming from the entrance. There were even few net red media anchors who openly made their broadcast live. 

“Our studio’s informant got a piece of exclusive information. It seemed that the hero of the latest sex scandal, Ji Yu, will attend this event. As for the storm that might occur between these few individuals, our informant will surely be paying close attention to it ……” 

The on-screen comments started to fill up the screen.

“He is absolutely derailed, no need to deny it! I even believe that he had a good tendency for it and I already know how the news going to be, in the middle of the night, the couple practice the script for the play, it must be luminous indeed.” 

“I feel sorry for Xi Tong Su. Those people should be locked up in the pigpen. Such a good and authentic Miss Perfect. It was even said that they had been a couple since they were studying in college. They already engaged, yet, the man started to derail now, ai.” 

“Lan Shuer is still Xi Tong Su’s best friend. Zezeze, it is a trend for a girl to seduce her own friend’s man, a! To even need for someone to guard against their own besties, that Lan Shuer who pretend to be like a lotus flower was truly a green tea bitch. What is the need to adorn herself like a fresh and pure person when she was actually a ghost who loves to deceive others?” (T/N: Zezeze – The sound of clicking one’s tongue)

“Ji Yu obviously the one at fault. Right now, the entertainment circle is popular with this kind of fresh meat, shrewd mouth monkeys, and crafty-looking persons! You can even see the restlessness in his face, it is just a matter of time anyway!” 

“Hey, pay attention, upstairs poster. Ji Yu’s brain dead fan is strong ah. Be careful or else they might be eyeing you.”

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