July 22, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (12)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

“Your mother is stinky! What’s wrong with our Yu Yu? Who said that he derailed? Those paparazzi could not even produce a photo’s evidence. He was obviously framed by them!” 

“The brain-dead fan is already here. Upstairs, please take care of yourself. I will burn paper for you next year.” (T/N: Chinese people burn paper during death anniversary, supposedly those paper are money for the soul to use)

During that heated debate, suddenly one “on-screen” comment jumped out and flashed across the screen. 

“Attention! Lan Shuer is here!” 

“Look at the red carpet, who did she come with?” 

“How – could it be him?” 

Soon, the two figures walked onto the red carpet. The camera started to flash as the reporters hurried up with excited expression.

Lan Shuer did not only arrived first, but she still arrive with a man- this is big news! 

On the red carpet, a pair of men and women came together. 

The man was about forty years old. He looked unremarkable. He had a hairless patch in the middle of his head. His body was also short with potbelly jutting out of his suit. With his small eyes, he looked extra greasy. 

The woman on the other hand, looked good as she smiled brightly to the camera. She was tall and wore a black translucent tube top dress. The skirt was almost transparent, but it did cover all the key parts. It was obviously a big show. 

The comment section instantly heated up.

“Lan Shuer’s male companion turned out to be the Deputy Director Sun! Deputy Director Sun is working under Director Zhang who had won the Austria Award. Since she is climbing this high branch of Deputy Director Sun, is she going to enter the crew now?” 

“Lan Shuer was still pretty and her figure is also good! That skirt is so sexy!” 

“Who doesn’t know about Deputy Director Sun’s lasciviousness? She dressed up like that, isn’t that mean she wanted to please Deputy Director Sun, ah… …” 

“Is Lan Shuer being unreasonable here? This is a fashion dinner, not a fashion show where people sold their flesh! Could not she paid some attention to the time, place and occasion?” 

“Ai, there are only a few young models who has enough strength on its own. Lan Shuer is still OK, don’t be too harsh on her.”

“What kind of work does Lan Shuer have? What qualifications did she have to be able to attend this dinner? Obviously she was seeking to hold onto a man’s thigh in order to attend this event!” 

Lan Shuer who showed up in a full of style dress and still appeared with a hot-talking male partner definitely cause a heated discussion among the viewers. Looking at the heated discussion on her, the other models around her showed unhappy expression. 

In particular, when the search index of Lan Shuer began to rise, the other female stars expression started to show some grievance. 

It was unknown if others felt afraid that they will be compared to Lan Shuer, however after Lan Shuer and Deputy Director Sun went up, no one stepped on the red carpet. 

The host was feeling awkward and without any other option, she moved the mic as she welcomed the two people. After a few routine words, Deputy Director Sun continued inside. 

Lan Shuer, on the other hand, enjoyed the attention and wanted to spend more time on the red carpet and refused to leave. 

The host couldn’t help but curiously asked her. 

“Shuer’s style for today is definitely different from your usual style. We all know that Deputy Director Sun was working with Director Zhang and they will have a new drama to shoot in the near future. Is this style related to the new play?” 

The word doesn’t seem like a preface but more like of testing the water. It seemed to be a prelude to ascertain the fact whether Lan Shuer had entered the play by climbing on Deputy Director Sun. 

Lan Shuer totally basked under the flash of camera’s light. For a time, she had an illusion that she was the female lead and her heart was totally happy. 

But she quickly calms down as she took the microphone and smiled. She seemed to take a curve in answering the question.

“The female No. 2 of Director Zhang’s new play is a sexy singer. I like that character very much. But it doesn’t mean that I can play the character. Both of them are strict people, and each character has to undergo audition…”

“It seems that Shuer still feels very confident. According to the rumours, in Director Zhang’s new play, the male lead will be the male stars Ji Yu. Recently, there were some rumours in regards to you and Ji Yu on the Internet. What do you think about it?” 

Lan Shuer was about to answer when they were a burst of cheers and shouting resounded in her ears as the camera started to flash brightly under the night sky.

“Xi Tong Su! Ji Yu! Xi Tong Su and Ji Yu are coming together!

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