July 22, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (13)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

In the blink of an eye, the flashes of camera that was originally shot towards Lan Shuer turned to the red carpet. 

The lights illuminated the two figures on the red carpet. At the same time, Lan Shuer also heard the host’s small gasp. 

“Too beautiful!” 

Whether it was the female staff member or the female reporter, their eyes could not help but looked forward as they stared at the two people who slowly walked down the red carpet. 

Ji Yu wore a dark blue suit, looking at his usual handsome self. However, at this time, everyone’s attention was not on his body but on the person next to him.

In regard to the exquisiteness and daintiness of their five senses, Xi Tong Su was obviously just a little bit higher compared to Lan Shuer. However, when it came to the elegance and full bearing of their momentum, Lan Shuer was completely crushed by Xi Tong Su by a mile!

The young girl that came with Ji Yu wore a gradient dark blue fishtail gauze dress which flashed like a little starlight under the light. From the shoulder that was concealed away with the dark blue fabric to the pale blue skirt, she seemed to be adorned with numerous stars on her body. As she walked around, the dress makes her looked like as if she adorned a gorgeous river of star.

Usually, on the red carpet, many people opted for a deep-V dress. Some even wore a skirt with a high slit. So it was rare to find a girl who wrapped herself tightly without showing any skin at all. 

Even so, the fishtail skirt had a close-fitting design which clearly hugged the wearer’s figure. 

If you are a little thin or a little fat, your flaws will definitely going to be magnified and become a joke to others.

In contrast, if the wearer had a perfect figure, this dress will infinitely magnify every advantage of the wearer’s body, and win people’s attention in the blink of an eye. 

That light and elegant gauze covered that girl ivory white skin. The dress also cinched her slim waist tightly. Instead of looking weak it makes the wearer appeared to be youthful and lively. The fishtail design was simply exquisite as it outlined the curve, making it attractive and gorgeous to the eyes. 

If the sexy Lan Shuer in that black dress was considered as enchanting, Xi Tong Su in the other hand was the moon goddess who descended upon the mortal world!

One of the popular net anchors could not help but exclaim.

“This dress! This is the latest starlight dress designed by D house of Gao Ding! God, Miss Xi Tong Su is even more beautiful than the original model!”

Right at that moment, Xi Tong Su’s face appeared on the screen. At the time, many viewers were shocked into silence, but immediately after the exclamation from the anchor, as if they had suddenly pressed the play button, the comment section exploded in an instant. 

“Mom asked me why I was down on my knees!” 

“I knelt down to my young lady! How could she be this beautiful? I have no other choice but to call me crazy!” 

“I solemnly announce that I am now Xi Tong Su’s fan!” 

“She was obviously the best-dressed!” 

“But the starlight dress that I remembered was a tube top style … How did it end up covering her from shoulder to shoulder?” 

“Hahaha, when I think of Lan Shuer, the reason she wore that sexy black dress, was obviously because she wanted to grab the hot search, right? Hahahaha she was simply shot down by Xi Tong Su!”

“Deputy Director Sun has some talent… but, compared with Ji Yu, his figure is far worse! Not to mention the dress, merely from the aspect of male companion, she was already being crushed, ah!”

“I want to know about those people who had been slandering Ji Yu for cheating, Ji Yu obviously already have a perfect fiancée like Xi Tong Su. Do you think he still needs to derail with someone like Lan Shuer? Do you think he is moronic?” 

Even Ji Yu eyes looked shocked at the stunning Tong Su 

Usually, on ordinary days, even when she went out with him, Xi Tong Su rarely wear any big-name branded item. She always wears ordinary dress that sometimes people will never be able to guess that she was actually a miss from a giant family! 

If it was not due to the incidental chance that he managed to learn about Xi Tong Su’s real identity during his university years, he will never take any initiative to pursue someone who dressed so ordinarily.

But now the facts proved that he did the right thing that year.

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