April 25, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (14)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Thanks to Xi Tong Su, he can easily omit the ten years of struggle and currently mixed with the status of the next line of male stars. 

It just that, for Ji Yu, he was not satisfied with his current status. 

He felt that he could stand taller and get even better… 

Of course, before he found a better choice, he was very satisfied with this fiancée of his. 

In the flashing light of camera, Tong Su appeared to be indifferent though inwardly she was feeling a bit helpless that she could not help but laugh bitterly. 

She didn’t think that she will be so high-profile. 

She had bought a white tube top dress for this event, but before she could wear it, someone sent a gift box to her. 

When she opened the box to see, it was actually the latest designer dress by the D family of Gao Ding!

“I asked them to redesign it from the original tube top style. You are still so young, don’t wear that kind of style which exposed everything.” 

Tong Su never knew that people can actually ask Gao Ding to alter their own design arbitrarily. When she curiously inquired about it, Xi Chen Zhou only replied.

“I already bought this dress.”

This seven-digit priced dress, if you say that you wanted to buy it, then, you just bought it?!

 And when he said that, it was certain that he had not used the Zsun’s group public account, but instead with his own money. 

Tong Su was speechless. 

Even when she was the movie queen in her past life, the dress that she used when she attended this kind of event was also borrowed from the brand. 

If they don’t agree with you, then you just going to buy that Gao Ding? There is only one sentence to say.

Big shot wealth, big shot improper conduct. 

“Miss Xi! Look over here!” 

“Can we have a picture between Film Emperor Ji and Miss Xi?” 

“Ah ah ah my idol!! My Ji Yu is a prince charming!! Male god, you must treat Xi Tong Su well. She is so beautiful. Both of you are born to be a pair!”

Whether it was a cameraman, reporter or a fan, at this moment, all of them acted as if they had eaten chicken blood and rushed to the front of the red carpet. They were also firmly guarded by the security guards on both sides of the red carpet. People could only hear the screams coming and going. 

Lan Shuer hated this so much that her heart was about to bleed. 

Seeing that Xi Tong Su adorned beautiful dress and received such a warm welcome, Lan Shuer’s eyes unwillingly revealed her hatred and inferiority. 

However, while looking at Ji Yu and Xi Tong Su who seemed harmonious with each other, Lan Shuer still had another triumphant feeling in her heart. 

-What is the use of being a”match made in heaven”? Tong Su, even if you are beautiful and your family life is good, as for your fiancé, isn’t he still ended up occupying my bed? 

The host glanced at Lan Shuer around and stammered a bit.

“We have already finished the interview with Shuer. There must be something that Shuer need to do tonight, right?” 

She was obviously tried to rush her out 

With Lan Shuer status, how could she be compared to Ji Yu? Everyone is more concerned to know about Xi Tong Su and Ji Yu! 

What’s more, there was also a variety of “scandal” involving her before. Since Lan Shuer was suspected of being the third person, how could they let her continue to stay here? 

“My good friend is here, I am going to say hello to them, and then go inside together with them.” 

Lan Shuer decided to ignore the host implication. She continued to stand on the podium with a smiling face, refusing to move an inch from there. 

The host could not help but chocked. 

Listening to her words, how much more time did she want to hog for an interview? 

After all, these three people were those who had been deeply rumoured. If they were to be interviewed at the same time, there might be a huge explosion going to occur at any point in time. Since those three can help her to raise the ratings, she might as well use this opportunity to ask some question! 

The netizens who watched the live broadcast were even more excited that their whole body shaking up. They were busy taking out the melon seeds and sodas to accompany them. They stared at the two people on the screen who were walking down the red carpet, as the on-screen comments continued to be sent out in a flurried manner.

“I am just waiting for the catfight!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha we are all waiting for the queen to bump into that Xiao-san!! You all tell me, do you think that Ji Yu is going to protect his elegant fiancée or that sexy little honey?” 

“Back off, netizens! They are just good friends! My family Yu Yu will never derail!” 

The red carpet was not long and before long Tong Su and Ji Yu already reach the end. As both of them walked toward the host and Lan Shuer, the on-screen comments were instantly on high drive! 

“High energy in front, preparing for a catfight!” 

“Ready? Go!”

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