July 22, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (15)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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“Does girl nowadays like to dig their own friend’s corner? Were the rumours of their infidelity, true? Who will receive the favour of the popular film’s emperor? Was it the perfect Miss Fiancée or the sexy and tender model? Behind all this, was it caused due to the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality? Please pay attention to 8th annual dinner of “Xinghua·Fashion Night·Red Carpet Interview”. Let us follow the lens and walk into the inner world of these trios.”

“Ha ha ha ha upstairs, I give you [Like].”

“Quickly lift your feet, now I have to sweep all these orange peels.”

“This year’s netizens are all shows!”

All those viewers kept their glee inside their mind as they eagerly wait for the good show. In the eyes of the public, Ji Yu took Xi Tong Su’s hand as they walk down the red carpet. They moved step by step as they approached the interview podium.

Lan Shuer was standing there!

What will Xi Tong Su do?

In the face of the girlfriend who rumoured to have a relationship with her fiancé, will she get angry and directly slap the opponent’s face or will she act glamorous and noble, as if she couldn’t even put such small model in her eyes?

In any case, the rating of “Xinghua Fashion Night” was currently climbing at tremendous speed.

Countless pairs of eyes were staring at them. One step, two steps, three steps, they are soon going face to face!

Tong Su slowly walked and soon she came to face Lan Shuer

The director who was at the backstage was biting his clenched fist as his eyes shone brightly. He eagerly whispered some words.

“Fast, fast, tear up, fight!”

Whether this three-person relationship will fall off or whether they were going to curse at each other, the reporter only cared about ratings. They could already imagine the search ranking going hots on these issues.

Tong Su took off her hand from Jiang Yu’s arm as she reached out to Lan Shuer

The director continued to stare at those two people, unable to control the madness anymore.

“Quick and fight! Slap that face! Point at her nose!”

Their bright red lips opened! and –


“Tong Su

Two beautiful girls reached out as they hugged together.

Although Tong Su’s heart was sneering at the fake acting of the woman in front of her, outwardly she was full of smiles as she revealed a standard smile of eight teeth.

“Ha ha ha, Shuer, you are so beautiful tonight.”

Lan Shuer could not help but feel a bit weird, but she kept the smile on her face and kept acting as if they were a good sister.

“Ha ha ha, Tong Su, I will never be able to beat your beauty! When you over the red carpet with A Yu tonight, it’s really appeared like a match made in heaven!”

No matter how many times they tried to confirm it, what appeared in front of their eyes were the plastic sister kind of impression [T/N: Beautiful fake friendship]

What is this situation in front of them?

Clearly, these two people were about to start a catfight, how did they end up acting like a close-knit sister? What about their envisioned high rating, ah?!

The host was left isolated at the side as the two people who should be interviewed kept smiling and laughing while conversing with each other. She couldn’t bring the microphone to her mouth to ask them any question.

“It can be seen that our Shuer and Miss Xi Tong Su are really a good sister. You are already warming up with kisses as soon as you see each other. Both of you are even better than sister out there.”

The live broadcast’s bullet comments did not root for such statement a bit.


“What the hell?”

“All of us were anticipating a catfight, what are they doing kissing each other cheeks like a good old sister, ah?”

“Who wanted to see their plastic sister relationship. Host quickly asked them the reason for Ji Yu derailment. You have to smack that question directly on their face!”

Amidst the mocking comment, Tong Su and Lan Shuer finally separated.  The host started with a few pleasantries before she jumped to the question anticipated by all netizens.

“Miss Xi Tong Su, what do you think about the rumours that had been circulating since a few days ago, involving your fiancé, Ji Yu, who apparently had gone derailed with your best friend, Lan Shuer?”

Tong Su obviously could feel that Lan Shuer had stiffened up. Even Ji Yu, who had been smiling all this time, looked at her eyes nervously.

Tong Su could not help but laugh inwardly at their action. She continued to fix her eyes on both Ji Yu and Lan Shuer. All the camera lights flashed madly at their three faces. Even the host had to strongly resist from showing over the top curiosity from her expression as countless pairs of eyes outside the screen, staring at Tong Su.

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