May 25, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Couple?


Author: Soy

T/N: I just go through it but I believed that there must be lots of places that I missed out. Please don’t hesitate to comment, I will immediately fix it.

A/N Sorry for the slow updates.

After I got permission to be in charge of preparing the outfit for our guest for the party, I decided to invite Shuna-sama and everyone to visit my store [Ariad].

As soon as I got down from the carriage, Michael-san immediately jumped out from the store to greet me.

“Ojo! Are you okay?”

Michael-san must have been worried about my previous condition because he thought that Shuna-sama was a woman for sure.

“Yes. I’m okay. By the way, this is our customer.”

“I see……”

When Michael-san saw Shuna-sama and others coming down from the carriage he immediately froze up.

“Michael-san, please guide our customer in.”


I decided to head into the workshop that was located behind the store.

After looking at my retreating back, Michael-san turned around as he took a deep breath and pasted a business smile on his face.

“Welcome to Ariad. Please follow me.”

After giving a sidelong glance to Michael-san, Shuna-sama immediately ran and hugged me from the back.

This person is really cute.

I intentionally started to pat Shuna-sama’s head.

“Shuna! I already told you not to be so sticky with Yulias!”

“Rudo ni-sama is so stingy!”

At that moment, Michael-san who was down the line immediately unleashed a kick to His Highness’ back.

That person is the crown prince of the country you know.

I thought that Michael-san and His Highness was a close sibling.

Can I ignore the things that happened in front of me? All right, let’s close our eyes to it.

“Now, Shuna-sama, welcome to my shop.”

When I took Shuna-sama inside the store, his eyes’ sparkled as he looked around the store.

“Do you like it?”

“Un! This is really pretty.”

“Please let us coordinate a nice gentleman outfit for Shuna-sama, then.”


Really cute.

At that moment, I noticed that the people who should have been following me from behind did not actually enter the shop with us.

When I looked outside in wonder, I could see for some reason that Shuna-sama’s maid, Miya-san, was clinging on Michael-san by putting her arm around his neck.

While I was out of my mind of what had transpired in my short absence, Michael-san who was hugged my Miya-san quickly grabbed His Highness’ clothes, asking for help.

“Save me, brother!”

“You solve it yourself!

“Don’t say that!”

What is this? Can I ignore this also?

“Ah! Ojo~~ Save me~~”

I was noticed by him.

I decided to head out and see.

“Etto~ I wonder why Miya-san hang on Michael-san?”

When I tilted my head and looked at her, Miya-san was grinning before replying to my question.

“Since I was defeated by this person, I decided to become a couple with him.”

I could not help but become stunned at that unexpected declaration.

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