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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Ethnic dress


Author: Soy

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That day, I invited Shuna-sama, Shuna-sama’s maid, Miya-san and the two chefs from the beast man’s country to visit my house.

Of course, it was all for the sake of teaching them the method to bake the crunchy cookies.

Since Shuna-sama was the Royal guest, His Highness also tagged along with the entourage.

It was awkward to say.

His highness who had never directly confessed or displayed his love to me finally revealed this unexpected side of him the last time I saw him.

Towards me who displayed my willfulness due to the feeling of loneliness, His Highness had struck me hard by returning it with his love confession or something….

Anyway, that was so embarrassing!

Nevertheless, my feeling of restlessness finally disappeared.

“Good afternoon! Now please take out your memo.”

The beast men’s chefs looked surprised to be greeted so friendly by the chef from our house.

Beast was usually frowned upon due to their scary appearances, however, many of the staff in our house acted as if it was a normal occurrence which was strange to others in a sense.

But, the employees in our house did not feel scared of the beast-man due to the fact that our house had employed people ranging from various races and genders.

Besides that, our house did not have such weak people who will be scared off just from the appearance of others.

While the beast men’s chefs seriously listened to our chef’s instruction, I guided the others to the salon.

The chef’s wife who was also the head maid came in bringing the tea.

By now, the guest was viewing our house most prideful garden which was visible from the salon.

“How is it? We have lots of crunchy cookies here, please do enjoy yourselves.”

“Un! Yulias ane-sama house is so cosy.”

Shuna-sama who was laughing unrestrainedly looked so cute.

Since he was this cute, I feel that it will be fun to play dress-up with him.

“Yulias, your face looked so evil.”

“Your Highness, can you stop peeking at my heart?”

I felt a little bit relieved yet my heart also felt a little bit disappointed upon hearing the usual response from His Highness,

“Now that we are speaking about it, will Shuna-sama attend the founding anniversary’s party wearing the Beast men’s ethnic dress?”

Towards my word, His Highness started to choke up loudly.

I wonder if I said something wrong.

“I planned to wear it, but Rudo ni-sama forbid me from doing so!”

Shuna-sama who was complaining with a pouty mouth was so cute.

When I turned to look at His Highness, he was wiping his mouth with the cuff of his clothes.

Where is your handkerchief anyway?

“Those clothes are no good!”

“Why is that? I am quite interested to see their ethnic dress honestly.”

When Shuna-sama and Miya-san heard my words, they looked at me with understanding shining brightly from their eyes.

“You see it! Rudo ni-sama is stupid! I will give the ethnic dress from our country as a present to Yulias ane-sama!”

“Shuna-sama, I left those dress in our carriage!”

“Un un! Go and bring it now!”

I was quite surprised with the high tension displayed by both Shuna-sama and Miya-san when His Highness suddenly stood up with blue expression.

“Miya, wait! Shuna, stop!”

Miya quickly ran to their carriage, His Highness’ voice completely unheard due to her fast movement.

When I saw the dress brought over by Miya-san, I could not help but gasp in surprise.

Although it was a beautiful, midnight-blue, mermaid line dress, the material used was a different matter. The dress used thick fabric to cover the area above the knee up to the upper chest’s part, however, the exposure area was quite large as it used sheer material for the rest of the dress. [T/N: Like this, but the below knees part has more sheer material I guess]

I am curious about how they come out with this transparent material.

If we could control where the fabric was used, we can sell the fabric as it is.

“This is underwear.”

I was speechless when I looked at the underwear shown by Miya-san.

“This underwear means that the beast women is on a deadly business!”

“….You would not be able to hide anything with this, right?”

“The point is to show it off not to keep it hidden.”

I pinched the sheer underwear as I tilted my head in contemplation on the prospect of selling it. [T/N I guess it is a babydoll]

Shuna-sama was grinning as he looked at it, but His Highness had been hiding his face with both his hand from the beginning.

His ears were bright red.

Somehow, I felt sorry His Highness. But I am really interested in these things right now.

“Won’t this be deadly?”

“It is means as a deadly invitation from the women anyway.”

“!….Terrific! But there might not be much demand for it?”

I wonder if this product will be an effective stimulation for the couple to spice their life. I could not help but felt that it might be a too radical move.

“Your Highness.”

“Don’t talk to me right now.”

“But, I want the import permit.”

“! Do you really want to import such things?!”

Even now, His Highness still showed no sign of letting his hand down from covering his face.”

“I feel that there might be a demand for this.”

“Do- Do you really think so?”

Won’t there be?

I might not really have a need for this, but I still believe that there might be some women who need this thing in this world.

“Rudo Ni-sama, don’t you wish for Yulias ane-sama to wear this for you?”

“Stop! What have you been imagining about?”

“Isn’t it bad if you never dream of it? She is your fiancée, right?”

Right now, His Highness was blocking his ears as he squatted and screeched.

Looking at the figure of His Highness who resiliently kept his eyes shut, it appeared to be charmingly stupid.

“Mo, this is because Rudo ni-sama is too weak-willed.”

“Shuna-sama, it is because His Highness is like this that he is so charming.”

Shuna-sama had a surprised expression on his face.

“Yulias ane-sama, do you have a blast right now?”

“…….I guess so. I might actually enjoy this.”

I see, is this the feeling of cherishing someone?

To view this kind miserable state as charming, or maybe it was because His Highness was the one who acted as such that I find it so lovely?

Then, isn’t it impossible for me to hold myself from teasing my beloved?

“…what a bad hobby.”

I walked towards His Highness with a bitter smile on my face.

“Your Highness.”

When I grabbed His Highness’ hand, he slowly removed his hand from his ears while being wary.

“You do not have to be so wary of me.”

“That was because you had always like to make fun of me.”

“That is not my intention”

I looked at him while grinning.

“Anyway, the things that I want to import was that sheer fabric. I think that it will be suitable to be made into corsage and etc.”

“……I- I see. I understand. I’ll prepare for it.”

Seeing the desperate His Highness who said it so reluctantly, I found him to be so charming that I could feel my face started to slacken.

“How regrettable~! That’s right! Yulias Ane-sama, why don’t you wear this dress and show it to me then.”

Hearing Shuna-sama’s word, His Highness quickly stood up as he put himself between me and Shuna-sama.

“No! Yulias, you can’t put that on.”


“Absolutely not allowed.”

I somehow enjoyed the feeling of being sheltered by someone at this time.

Without realizing it, His Highness looked really cool right now

I couldn’t contain my grin.

“I’m sorry Shuna-sama. In this country, apart from the man who is going to become my husband, I could not arbitrarily exposed my skin to another man as per the custom. So I still need to make some alteration to the dress in order for it to be presentable.”

“E~. Is that so?”

I explained it to the somewhat unhappy Shuna-sama.

“That’s why I will also prepare the outfit for Shuna-sama to wear to the Founding Anniversary’s party. Everyone who saw Shuna-sama will surely praise you as a wonderful gentleman.”

 “Really! Yay~”

While Shuna-sama was jumping happily, I turned to His Highness with a grin on my face.


“As for the clothes brought by Shuna-sama, I can only wear and show it to Your Highness only, right?”

At that moment, His Highness started to turn red starting from his fingertip. When I tried to talk to him, he started to crouch down as he blocked his ears.

I was chuckling happily while I was looking at High Highness’ action.

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