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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 55

hapter 55: Feeling to convey

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Author: Soy

T/N: This is the end of Mass Release. As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

When I looked at His Highness, I finally remembered that I have yet to tell him something important.

“I have something important to talk to Your Highness.”
“Are we still going to continue from the previous flow? I don’t want to hear anything about it.”
“I am not going to oppose you or anything.”
“I do not want to hear anything about the annulment of our engagement.”
“Mo~ I won’t say that anymore.”

I approached His Highness as I caught into his shirt’s leeves.

“I would like to talk, just the two of us.”
“What are you planning to do?”

His Highness stared at me for a while before continuing.

“I understand. If you are okay with it, let’s go to my bedroom.”
“Shuna and everyone, please stay here and wait, okay.”

Shuna-sama looked at me worriedly as he said.

“When you are about to be attacked by Rudo Onii-sama, don’t forget to cry out, okay? I will come and save you.”
“I will never do that! Shuna, I will really blast you off if you continue to be like this.”

His Highness held my arm as he escorted me to his bedroom which was en-suite to his office.
His bedroom was furnished simply with little furniture and one King size bed dominating most of it.
His Highness closed the door as he stood in front of it and stared at me.

“The thing that you wanted to talk about is?”
“Hmm, that…”

Even though I was tongue-tied, His Highness patiently wait for me without hurrying me up.
I took a deep breath before I opened my mouth

“Welcome back, Rudo-sama. Though it did take me a while to realise that Rudo-sama was actually not in the country.”
“……A~, I know.”

His Highness’expression looked to be slightly complicated.

“But, when I know that Rudo-sama is not here, I had been constantly wondering if Rudo-sama will come back sooner.”
“Is- Is that so?”

I slightly looked down to my feet.

“When Rudo-sama finally came back, I saw that Shuna-sama was clinging onto your arm and I could not help thinking that this might be the time for our engagement to be annulled or something like that.”
“Wait, wait, wait. Shuna is a man you know.”
“I only know about it just now.”

His Highness face looked as if he was forced to swallow a bitter bug.
I looked down once again as I continued.

“That’s why, during the time Rudo-sama was not here…. From the time Rudo-sama finally come back…. I feel lonely….”

Even after I finished saying everything I wanted to say, His Highness continued to keep his silence.
Since I was anxious to know his reaction, I decided to take a peek only to see him placing his left hand over his mouth while his ears were in flame.

A~ His Highness is truly cute person.

I instinctively put my hand on His Highness’ waist.

“Yu- Yulias.”
“I was so sad.”

I could hear His Highness’ breath hitched.
And with that, His Highness hugged me so tightly that I felt suffocated.

“Don’t say such cute things.”

I somehow felt happy hearing him whispering that to me.
But this position was truly painful.

“Your- Your Highness.”
“You are my fiancée. I will never let you go to anyone else. I love you. I also want you to love me back.”

Even though it was supposed to be me who should be in pain, physically, somehow, from His Highness’ word, it seemed that he was the one  who was in pain instead.
I started to pat His Highness’ back
Feeling my touch, His Highness turned to gaze into my face.

“Can I kiss you?”

Those sudden words caught my breath away.
I felt my face turned hot, as if it was on fire!
His Highness slowly approaching my face without waiting for my reply.

Ah~ it touched.

The moment I thought that, I heard the door opened.
And Shuna-sama was peeking from the other side of the door.

“Rudo Onii-sama, you shouldn’t act that way.”
“Stop disturbing us and don’t eavesdrop on my business.”
“Beast people do have a good hearing, you know. Anyway…. after that kiss, what are you going to do in that bedroom of yours? Since when did Rudo Onii-sama had turned into such a wolf?”

His Highness was in silence before her let out a deep sigh.

“To think that the chance was finally here……”
“Rudo Onii-sama’s fiancee-san! Please tell me your name.”

A~ It seems that I did not properly introduce myself earlier.

“I am from the household of Earl Nogger, the youngest child and also known as Yulias.”
“Yulias Ane-sama?”
“Ah, yes.”

Shuna-sama was grinning as he entered the room and pried away His Highness’ arms which was around me before hugging me.

“Schneider, Yulias is mine!”
“I know, yeah! But, Beast people are those who fight for their mate.”
“Are you going to turn other’s kindness with such enmity?”
“I like Rudo Onii-sama, but, I like those crunchy cookies even more.”

I giggled as I patted Shuna-sama’s head.

“I will bake a lot for you tomorrow.”
“Really! I love you, Yulias Ane-sama! Come and be my mate!”

Shuna-sama declared such as he buried his face into my chest. [T/N: in case everyone forgotten, Yulias has a hmmm.. quite a generous chest..cough*]

“Schneider! Get away from Yulias, now!”
“I love Yulias Ane-sama, she is so fluffy.”

Shuna-sama continued to clung into me further.
His Highness mouth was twitching as he desperately tried to peel Shuna-sama off from my body, but Shuna-sama did not show any sign of letting me go.

“Your Highness, Shuna-sama likes me because I can bake those hard cookies for him. Shuna-sama, I will despatch the patisserie that I have trained before. So it’s okay for you not to clung onto me.”

As I said that, Shuna-sama shook his head.

“Wasn’t the process of making those cookies a secret to others?”
“Yes. Since it is a long story, let’s have a tea first.”

I laughed with Shuna-sama as I made my way to the door.
Shuna-sama was walking ahead of me, and as I was about to follow him, His Highness grabbed into my arm and brought me close to him before whispering to my ear.

“I will never love anyone else other than you. Just trust me on that.”

His Highness words and breath tickled my ear.
I could feel the heat returned and when I looked at him, I could only nodded back like a marionette.
His Highness lightly pressed his lips to my ear before he left the room, leaving me inside by myself.

Seeing his back, I could not help but covered my kissed ear with my hand.
I did not expect His Highness to act such way.
Towards this happiness yet vexing kind of emotion, I could not help but having a bitter smile on my face.

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