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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Shuna-sama

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Author: Soy

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It was two days after His Highness came to my house.
The gift that I prepared for our guest from Beast country had finally been completed.
I put it inside the custom-made wooden box and rushed to the castle.

When I arrived at the castle, I was immediately guided to His Highness’ room.
As I knocked on the door, I could hear the slightly tired voice of His Highness.
I opened the door slowly, revealing the feature of His Highness who was working on his paper work. Upon seeing my entrance, Shuna-sama looked startled as he bounced and hugged His Highness’ shoulder.
His Highness looked irritated with the sudden situation, however, when he saw my face, he quickly stood up.

“Since the gift that I developed for our guest had finally completed, I decided to bring it over with me.”

The white cat beast man lifted her eyes and looked at me, but I decided to ignore that eyes as I presented the small wooden box to His Highness.
His Highness opened the box without any hesitation.
At that moment, Shuna who had been clinging onto his shoulder suddenly jumped and ran to the corner of the room.

“This is?”

Inside the box, there were several item resembling paper twist.
With a confident posture, I explained to him.

“Those are hand-held fireworks!”

Once the word left out my mouth, His Highness looked at me with a surprise face.

“I heard that the Beast people have sensitive ear so they do not like the sound of the firework, so I decided to develop a firework which was safe to handle and only producing small sound of crackle and pop.”
“…………. Yulias…….”
“What’s more, as for this box, it was coated with wax on the inside, so even on a long trip on sea, the moisture will not affect the gunpowder inside the fireworks.”
“No, Yulias, about this.”

His Highness closed the box as he continued.

“Did it take you a long time to develop this?”
“Oh, that’s why……”
“What’s wrong with this?”

His Highness let out a deep sigh before he continued.

“Well, Yulias. Did you know that the Beast man have sensitive ear?”
“Did you also know that they also have a sensitive nose?”
“And because of that……. They hate the smell of gun powder.”

At that time, I realised that I had made a terrible mistake.

“This is because, for them, the gun powder was considered as the origin of evil…… Now I understand. The reason why they attacked Yulias as soon as they descended from the ship is because they could smell the gun powder from you.”

It seemed that those evil thing was referring to this gunpowder.
I could feel my heart withering away.

“I- I am sorry. Even though I do not know about it, I still made them experienced such unpleasant thing. Please do forgive me.”

When I bowed my head deeply, I could hear shuffling sound and someone approaching me.
When I looked up, I saw that white cat beast man sniffing my body.

“Shuna-sama. I could smell the crispy cookies from this human.”
“I could not smell it before because it was overwhelmed with the gunpowder smell. But this is the smell of the crispy cookies.”

I could not help but laugh bitterly.

“It is because those hard cookies were also something that I developed previously. I also brought a batch today, so please enjoy yourself.”

Shuna-sama eyes were glittering upon hearing my words.

What is that! Isn’t that too cute?

With that, Shuna-sama quickly left the corner and approached me, arm spreading wide.

This, is this an invitation for a hug?

I spread my arm in order to welcome Shuna-sama into my embrace, but Shuna-sama did not even managed to come near me.
When I looked up, His Highness was grasping onto Shuna-sama’s neck.

“Rudo-Onii-sama, let me go.”
“Ha? What are you talking about? She is my fiancée.”
“So what?”
“You are not allowed to touch her freely.”

Shuna-sama’s cheeks were puffed in annoyance.

“Then, let’s me shake her hand at least.”
“……. Ma, if it is only that then its fine.”

When His Highness reluctantly released Shuna-sama, Shuna-sama quickly hugged me without any hesitation.

“Hey! Schneider! I told you that she is my fiancée! Get away from her!”

Schneider? That name sounds so masculine.

I stroked Shuna-sama’s head.
I could no longer suppressed my desire.

“Petting, petting happily!”

At that time, His Highness quickly grabbed Shuna-sama from my embrace.

“Yulias! I will not let you hold into any other man apart from me.”

Apart from His Highness……?

“Shuna-sama is a woman though?”
“He is obviously a man!”

Such a cute person was actually a man?
I’m shocked.

“I thought that His Highness will break up with me in order to be with Shuna-sama.”

After I uttered such word, His Highness and Shuna-sama made a bitter expression as if they had been deeply insulted.

“Yulias. I do not feel like falling in love with anyone else apart from you.”

Hearing His Highness’ words truly warmed my heart.

“Is that so. I thought I was about to experience my second annulment of engagement.”
“Please stop thinking about those thing, seriously.”
“But Shuna-sama is truly a cute person so……”

His Highness let out a sigh slowly.

“How could you not put your trust in me?”

When I saw the dejected His Highness, I was somehow surrounded by an unspeakable happiness.

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  1. Shuna-sama was a man. *facepalm* I really thought that something will happen between Shuna-sama and His Highness, not that I’m anticipating it.

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  2. Our MC and her prince, everyone. BOTH jealous of ten year old kids. More specifically – of the same ten year old kid (only one of them convinced that the kid’s a girl).

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