May 26, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Sigh


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

It was on the same evening after His Highness returned to the country.
His Highness came to visit me at the Nogger’s residence.

“I am sorry about the earlier thing.”

That was the first sentence came out from His Highness’ mouth.

“It’s okay, after that, were everything settled down with the guest?”
“A~, that red tiger beast people is the Royalty who recently got kidnapped. I helped them retrieving that person, but it seemed that the child had developed some kind of phobia towards other human being apart from me. Though this incident was due to external circumstances but won’t you please forgive me still?”

His Highness pleaded me with a troubled expression on his face.

Is he afraid that I might misunderstood him from seeing that person clinging onto his arm?

I felt like the gloominess in my heart started to subside a little bit.

“Since it was an unfortunate circumstance, there is no other choice but to forgive you, right?”
“But still, I am sorry for that.”
“Well, is it okay now?”
“Since Shuna was currently in the bathroom, I decided to use my magic to fly over here. I wanted to give this present to you, Yulias.”

His Highness was beaming while saying that.

“I found this beautiful feather while I was there.”

While saying that, His Highness took out a piece of rolled up paper from the pocket of his coat.

“I could not see the feather, though?”
“The shipment for the feather will arrive tomorrow. This is however, the contract that let you import those feather to this country. Tell me, aren’t you happier receiving this contract instead?”

I nodded as I received the contract from him.
Ah, this man really knows me well.

“Thank you very much. I also currently developing some kind of present for Shuna-sama and company and it should be completed within this few days. I will deliver it as soon as possible.”
“I see. Apart from that, your hard cookies were also popular among the beast people.”
“Ma! Thank you very much for such lovely information.”

It seemed that those beast-people really like that kind of hard cookies!
I should prepare a lot for them then!

While I was smiling thinking about it, His Highness also let out a happy laughter.

As I thought, being by His Highness’ side really feel comfortable.

Ah! I have yet to welcome His Highness home as well as saying that I missed him.

When I was about to make my move, at that time, His Highness suddenly stood up as he looked at his watch.

“This is bad. I need to return now.”
“Ah- Is that so?”
“I will come and see you some other time then.”

As soon as those words come out, His Highness hurriedly left my house.
I suddenly felt like that I had finally understood it.
I guess this is what [Loneliness] is all about.
Inside the room where I was being left alone, I let out a deep sigh.

A/N: Please don’t blame His Highness too much.

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  1. The misunderstanding has been solved but I’m still displeased by how His Highness acted after solving it, not even doing something(he gave her a gift but I don’t think it’s something for apology, more like a souvenir) about our mc’s loneliness.

    Thanks for the chapter
    Happy holidays [⌒o⌒]

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