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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Return to the port

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Author: Soy

T/N: A bit late. Oh well….As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

That day, I was planning on buying new products for the store, so I went to the port with Michael-san.

“Ojou, this fabric is cute.”
“The texture of this fabric is also good.”

The two of us were looking at this and that while walking from one ship to another.
The two escort knights stood a bit far off but it was still within hearing distance.

“Ojou, when my sibling came back, are you going to start being kind to him?”

I was shocked hearing Michael-san’s word that I could not help but stare at him before grinning.

“It was the Queen who asked me to tell him that I missed him.”
“If that is so, then it’s all good. I feel like that guy is going to be excessively happy about it.”

Towards Michael-san who was smiling, I could not help but do the same.

“The truth is, when I know that His Highness is not in the country…. I could not help but feel that my life is getting kind of lacklustre indeed.”
“Did you perhaps fall for him?”
“No, I actually do not understand why it is so.”
“For you to give such fast answer to that, I could not help but pity him.”

Michael-san laughed out loud.

“I hope that when I am not beside you, Ojou will also miss me.”
“I will feel trouble if you are not here, Michael-san. Who are going to earn money for me then?”

Michael-san once again laughed happily.

“That is the highest compliment I could get. Even though the love point is zero, still.”
“You do not really need those love point right?”
“Lady, you are so cold-hearted.”

Indeed, even me, until now, I still do not understand what those love points are.
Even if Michael-san asked me for it, it was not something that I can give out to other.
It was at that time.
The port suddenly became boisterous.

“It seemed that my sibling has come back.”

When I looked at the direction that Michael-san pointed off, I could see a big ship approaching the port.

“Ojou, let’s go and welcome him.”

Michael-san and I made our way to where the ship was docked.
The ship looked big from distance, but when I approached it do I realised how humongous it was.

“Ah, he is coming do-….”

As I looked towards the direction pointed by Michael-san, I could see His Highness descended down from the ship.
The reason why Michael-san stopped half way was because, he saw a person with fluffy long red hair adorning the animal-like ear clinging into His Highness’ arm.
As for that person outfit, even though the jacket was long sleeve, but it was short enough to show off the belly. The short also came to a stop at the thigh while being paired off with a knee length socks.
A thin long tail came out from the short pant.
With ears and tails that looked fluffy and eyes that filled with speck of gold, it was truly a child that made one screamed [cute].

That child should be around 10 years old right?
Won’t this child grow up into a bewitching beauty in a few years’ times?

Correct, hanging on His Highness arm was a girl who looked like a person from the Beast country.

This, could it be…… that thing again?

The word engagement abandonment crossed my mind.
Michael-san looked at my face anxiously when I started to freeze up.
I decided to show him my usual smiling face.

“Ojou! I am going to beat him up for you.”
“I could not forgive him for letting Ojou showing such expression on your face.”
“What kind of face……”

What kind of face did I make just now?

While thinking about such things, His Highness seemed to finally aware of my existence that I could see him waving his hand towards me.

What should I do?
Should I return the same gesture to him?

While I was contemplating on my next move, something suddenly appeared in front of my eyes and it was a girl with a white, cat like ears.
At the same time, my escort knight, Bariga-san came to shield me while Rucharu-san drawn his sword off.
When I looked around in confusion, I could see that Michael-san had already subdued the girl and pinned her to the ground.

“Let me go! Do the man in this country acting this violence towards woman?”
“Towards anyone who bring harm to Ojou, whether it was woman or child, I will never show them any mercy.”

From his cold voice, I know that this was not a mere incident.

“Michael-san, why did you act this way?”
“It was because I saw this woman tried to claw you with her sharp finger that she deemed to be punished.”

Hearing my question, Michael-san replied to me with his usual tone.
When I looked at her hand, it was full of sharp and pointed nails.

Was she aiming that at me?

“Miya, what are you doing? I’m sorry Michael, can you let her go.”

Michael-san was glaring at His Highness as he released the beast girl who quickly scurried off from that spot.

“Rudo onii-sama, I don’t mean to! That person is scary!”

As His Highness let out a sigh of relief, that girl started to clung into His Highness while pointed at me with a frightened expression.

“Even if you tell me that you are scared of her…. Shuna, that person is my fiancée.”

The girl looked at His Highness with desperation on her face.

“…… Then why did she smell of evil?”

I don’t understand what she meant by it, but I know that she seemed to be frightened of me.
I turned my head towards His Highness and said.

“His Highness, welcome home. It seemed that the current situation is not favourable for a long discussion. Let set for another day and I will come to the castle to meet you later.”
“I’m sorry.”

His Highness said that with a troubled expression on his face.
His word somehow made heart covered with gloominess.
It was the first time I felt like this.
I pasted on the usual business smile on my face as I saluted him once again before I walked off from that place.

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  1. Yulias: “Love? What’s this? Can you sell this?”
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