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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 51

Chapter 51: My first love [The escort knight’s Bariga POV]

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Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

My name was Bariga.
I was a knight as well as the third son of a merchant family.
Since I looked feminine, I was normally mistaken as a woman by others and despite having trained my body tirelessly every day, those manly muscle was still out of sight.
Even so, I also have a favourite woman.
It was Yulias-sama from the Earl’s house.

When I first met her, she was 10 at that time, and it was a funny story where all my siblings and I felt in love with her beautiful visage and intelligent mind.
When I heard Yulias-sama got engaged, I serious felt that my world had come to an end and even recently my tears still stained my pillow every night.
It was said that all those merchants had been referring Yulias-sam fiance as a [Guest of honour].
Of course, the meaning of it was referring him as a bad customer.

Apart from me, many sons of the merchant families also shed their tears in despair when they heard about her engagement to the Marquis house who are not only crazy about suspicious ornament and home furnishing, but also someone who lack so much of intelligent that they are unable to made judgment when someone tried to force sale on them.
Therefore, when they heard that Yulias-sama had her engagement annulled, all the merchants’ son in town quickly sent gift to her house.
I was also one of them.
Later, a thank you note came from Yulias-sama.

[That you for giving me, who was in a grievance time, such a lovely present. My heart seemed to warm up upon your heartfelt consideration. I hope that you will continue to get along with the Nogger’s house in the future.]

It was a short letter, but it was my treasure.
In this way, I could start my plan to become intimate with Yulias-sama and maybe one day have her as my bride……

When I was mulling on such ideas, I heard that Yulias-sama had re-engaged herself and this time with the top person of this country, His Highness Rudnick.
What’s more, I was also appointed as the escort knight for this future queen of the country.
I was struggling with the feeling of happiness that came from the chance to protect my love one as well as the feeling of despair that came from the gap between our existence.
I have known later on that the reason that I was appointed as the escort knight of Yulias-sama was due to my feminine-appearance and therefore, I would not be considered as a man by Yulias-sama. I could not help but felt quite saddened by such reason.

Yulias-sama really loved His Highness.

Before…. In His Highness’ office…. Ki-Ki-… it seemed that they were kissing each other…. Hic…. My- my tears….

Anyway, I don’t care a bit about His Highness!
From now on, I will dedicate my lifetime protecting Yulias-sama.
Besides that, His Highness went to the country of Beast in order to aid the recent kidnapping incident that occurred in that country and he had not return home for the last 3 months.
This might be my chance after all.
As long as Yulias-sama wish not to be with His Highness, I will run away with her from this place.
However, if Yulias-sama loves His Highness….

“Yes, what is it? Yulias-sama.”
“Well, I have something that I wish to ask you…… is that okay with you?”
“Of course. What is it?”

Yulias-sama’s face stated to dye red as she sneaked a glance before averting away.

How cute!

Seeing such cute expression on Yulias-sama, I wish to hide her way from other.
The other knight, Rucharu was such an obstacle to this plan.

“For this thing, do you wish to only ask Bariga about it?”
“No- this things… it is also okay for Rucharu-san to hear about it. Well, I was told by Her Majesty to tell His Highness that I have been missing him when he come back home…. Will you dislike it if other confessed that they feel lonely without you?”

What with this cruel question?

“Of course I will be happy! Isn’t it Bariga?”
“Well, apart from that, Her Majesty also told me that His Highness will feel more pleased if I were to call him [Rudo-sama], is that really the truth?”

Richaru was grinning before he replied.

“Well, it seemed that Highness rarely had someone called him by his name, so I think that there will be some kind of special feeling when you addressed him as such.”

Yulias-sama was looking at me as she asked for a confirmation.

“…………. I feel like he will be pleased by it.”

With a red face, Yulias-sama held the hem of my knight outfit as she uttered.

“Since I need to practice, can I ask you to go out with me?”

So- So cute!!

With bright red face, she looked at me with upturned eyes while trembling a bit as she made that request of me.

Can I hug her a bit?
Should I bring her home now?

“Yulias-sama, I am willing to help you practice!”
“Thank you so much Rucharu-san! I feel that it was too embarrassing that I am unable to say those word properly.”

Yulias-sama grabbed both of Rucharu’s hand as she turned away from me.

That was bad of you, Rucharu.

Towards my glaring eyes, Rucharu replied with a grin.

Ho- how irritating.

“Bariga, just now you wished to kill me huh.”
“I never wish so.”
“So it was unconsciously?”

Yulias-sama eyes’ looked blank while she continued to squeeze into Rucharu’s hand without a care as she repeatedly muttered [When His Highness is not here, I feel so lonely].
Rather, I had a complicated feeling that Yulias-sama might have been doing a self-suggestion while uttering those words.

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