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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Loneliness is….


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

It was on a beautiful day of early summer when I was invited to a tea party by Her Majesty Queen.

“Did you feel lonely recently, Yulias? I wonder, did you receive any letter from Rudnick?”

I only knew just now that His Highness had gone off somewhere from the words spoken by the Queen.

“What kind of letter……”
“Since he was already away for nearly 3 months, of course he need to send a letter or else he really deserved to be beaten! Right~”

This was the first time I knew that His Highness has been away for the last 3 months.

Your Highness, please forgive me for not noticing that.

“But if I am not wrong, he brought a large amount of cookies that was developed by Yulias-chan, so he should not have any trouble in regard to food supplies, right? Yulias-chan, what kind of thing have you been developing recently?”

Now that I think about it, three months ago, His Highness had ordered a large amount of emergency cookies’ can [the super hard type] that was developed specifically for the military.
Once His Highness come back, I am going to ask him to compile a report about it.

“Right now, we are experimenting on the firework that will be launched on the founding day of our nation.”
“Ma, this is hard to say, but….”

The Queen was furrowing her eyebrow as if she was troubled over something.

“Well. During this founding country celebration, we are supposed to invite the key figure from the country of beast. You see, this beast people have a highly sensitive ears so they will be easily agitated over the sound of fireworks. That’s why, it will be quite impossible for us to launch the fireworks on that day.”

Won’t this mess up with my initial plan?
I see, I had never met those beast people, so I do not know that their ears were quite sensitive.
It seemed that there were still many things that I do not know off.
In particular, I do not know anything about those beast people.

“Rudnick was actually on a journey to the Beast country.”

Then, when His Highness come back, it might be good for me to meet him and listen to his adventure there.
I wonder what kind of special product does the beast people produce?

I was so deep in my planning when Her Majesty suddenly giggled.

“Are you having fun, Yulias-chan?”
“You did not even notice that Rudnick was not around, right?”

I could help but become silent at such bull’s-eye remark.

“Rudnick for sure do not want Yulias-chan to worry about him unnecessarily.”
“It was because the country of Beast actually does not have a good security. It was because, that country favour power over anything else…. Therefore, he was worried that Yulias-chan will feel anxious if he were to tell you that he is going to such place.”

There were a high probability that was not the case.
His Highness probably know that I wanted to grab the right to import souvenir and special product from there that he wished not to tell me about his trip.
I wonder the reason why I felt quite restless recently because it had been quite a long time since I heard His Highness’ retort?
Thinking that His Highness was not here, make me feel a bit lonely that it somehow felt so weird.

“Do you feel lonely, Yulias-chan?”
“………Ma~ I guess so.”
“If Yulias-chan were to told Rudnick that you missed him, he will surely feel pleased about it.”
“I wonder?”

Her Majesty giggled as I tilted my head.

“Yulias-chan, when Rudnick come back, you should say [ When Rudo-sama is not here, I feel so lonely], I guaranteed that all his exhaustions that came from the trip will disappear! Come on, let’s practice. Try saying it for me.”

Will such thing really get rid of one exhaustion from a long voyage trip?

“……Without His Highness.”
“That won’t do! The point here is to use [Rudo-sama].”
“Is- Is that so?”

I cleared my throat a bit before I attempted once again.

“When Ru- Rudo-sama is not here…. I feel so- so lonely….”

I somehow felt ashamed for uttering such words.

“Cute! With that, Rudnick will surely melt into a puddle, Yulias-chan.”

It was the kind of tea party where I felt that my emotional strength was slowly being drained away by the Queen somehow.

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