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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The smooching sound (Knight Rucharu POV)


Author: Soy

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My name was Rucharu
I initially lived at the orphanage before I was adopted as the second son of a Viscount.
My older brother and the Viscount who came to claim me were truly a gentle people, and to boil it all down, I have grown up being pampered by the people in that house.
My blond hair was styled in short bob cut and the colour of my eyes was blue.
I felt a little bit complex over my baby-face appearance as people often called me cute despite me being a man.

As a Knight, my current task was to escort our Crown Prince’s fiancee, Yulias-sama.
Apart from me, there was also another guy who possessed long braided blue hair. His name was Bariga and he was the third son of a merchant family.
When we first met, I thought that he was a beautiful lady, but his voice was so low that it ended scared me off.

“ “From now on, we will take over the job of escorting my lady.” ”

When we first met Yulias sama, at that time, Yulias-sama who possessed an even more beautiful face than Bariga looked at us before she let out a lovely and gentle laugh.

“To be escorted by such wonderful gentlemen, it seemed that I have made enemies with all women in this world”

Both of us had always been mistaken as a woman.
Even so, Yulias-sama had immediately realised our identity.
I was truly happy at that time.
It seemed that Bariga also felt the same.

“I am happy to be able to become that person’s knight.”

I think that Bariga had somehow fallen in love with Yulias-sama.
It was because, whenever Bariga looked at Yulias-sama, his eyes always seemed to be sparkling.

“Bariga seemed to has fallen in love with Yulias-sama.”
“………The merchant…… No, as a person who had been doing business with Yulias-sama, it can’t be help for us to fall for her.”

Even though Bariga said that as if it was a matter of fact, I felt that it should not be that common.

“When Yulias-sama got engaged, do you know how many man had shed off their tears?”
“I see …… even you, Bariga?”

Even though Bariga only smiled bitterly at my question, I think that he really cried at that time.

Yulias-sama really moved a lot.
There was a time when she wanted to visit the commoner market, that I couldn’t help but wanted to made her give up on such ideas.
I could not think of a reason for noble lady, who know nothing of the world, to actually visit the commoner’s market just to wander around with her escort knight.
Bariga’s face also seemed to be off.
Still, Yulias-sama went off on her own.
I was desperate when I imagining my future self, abusing my power as a knight.

But I was wrong.
Whenever the commoner saw Yulias-sama, all of them smiled brightly as they fight each other to greet her.
Even those bad people of Gara will bow their head vigorously whenever they passed Yulias-sama.

“Yulias-sama, we have a good meat today, would you like to have some?”
“Eh, I want. How much will that be?”
“I could never possibly take your money, Yulias-sama!”
“Ma! But this is such a good quality thing. Let me pay for it anyway.”
“Then, half-price is fine with me!”

With that, Yulias-sama brought us the share of freshly baked meat on a skewer.
She was truly a nice person.

“Yulias-sama, we are only your dog, so you did not have to take care of us.”

With a troubled expression, Bariga uttered those words.
I stared at him while my mouth was stuffed full of meat.

“Bariga-san is not a dog. Even in a million chance that you become a dog, I am not a fallen noble that I could not even feed my own pet.”

Yulias-sama handed over the meat skewer to Bariga with a grin on her face.

“Thank you so much. I will enshrine this meat.”
“………Quickly eat it away.”
“……………Ah, yes.”

At that time, I realised that Bariga was actually such a funny guy.
The next place that Yulias went to was actually a nostalgic place to me.
Unlike the past, the orphanage building had been rebuilt and the young children were playing around wearing normal clothes.

“It’s Hime-sama!”

The children quickly rushed to meet Yulias-sama.
While stroking their head, Yulias-sama was grinning as the children around her excitedly talked about various things that had happened to them.
I felt that this person was actually the Virgin Mary.

“Zyrus had deliberately made a hole on that ball!”
“Stupid! I told you not to talk about it!”

Once that voice come out, all the kids quickly separated themselves from Yulias-sama.
I could see that one person was desperately trying to made a dash.

“Capture Zyrus now.”

Once the order came from Yulias-sama’s mouth, the children quickly moved in a cooperative play kind of strategy as they quickly surrounded the kid who tried to run away and subdued him.

“Zyrus, what would you like to say?”
“I- I’m sorry!”
“Apart from that?”

It seemed that Yulias-sama was truly angry.
The surrounding children started to turn pale.

“The broken ball is not going to be okay just by you apologizing to me.”

The child who had been caught started to cry.
The children around us also started to cry upon seeing that.

“Even though it was only a ball, it was also something that people had been working hard to make it. What will you feel Zyrus, if someone were to destroy something that you have been working hard to make?”
“I will never do it again. I am sorry~!”

Yulias-sama hugged that child as she continued.

“I will not forgive you the next time you act in such way.”
“Yes. I am sorry.”

An adult who will properly scold me had never existed long time ago.
No, do we even had any ball to play before?
Somehow, this orphanage seemed to have change from what it was in the past.
Seeing such person as Yulias-sama, I felt like I should put my full effort on my task as her escort.



Yulias-sama finally headed off to the castle.
It seemed that she wanted to meet with His Highness Rudnick.
Even though they already engaged with each other, it was still considered bad to left them alone in the room, so Bariga had been guarding outside the door while I waited behind the screen inside the room.

“Did you went to the orphanage?”
“As usual…. I got angry and scolded one of the children for puncturing one of the ball there.”
“Was everyone trembling in fear when you got angry at them Yulias?”

I could hear His Highness Rudnick’s voice who seemed to be enjoying himself when suddenly there was a smooching sound.

Are they kissing right now?
Soon after, the sound continued to reverberate inside the room.

His Highness Rudnick!! What are you doing in there?

When I decided to take a peek, the distance between these two people was so far away that it was impossible for them to participate in any kind of intimate activity.
They were about three metre apart from each other.
But there was still the sound of smooching.
At that time, when the smooching sound finally stopped, His Highness finally let out a sigh.

“Do you feel bad about it?”

A~ those was not the smooching sound.
It was the sound of tongue-clicking.
It seemed that Yulias-sama was tongue-clicking, and the target was His Highness Rudnick.

“I will donate new balls, so calm down a bit.”
“You said that it was okay for me to act this way when there are only the two of us here, right?”
“Ma, I did say that…… But aren’t you being overboard with it?”
“Just accept it.”

Yulias-sama seemed to be laughing happily.
At a glimpse, you could see how much trust they put into each other.
I felt that it was inevitable for one to be angry when he was constantly given tongue- clicking by others.
Yulias-sama who did not hesitate to click her tongue and His Highness Rudnick who forgive her for doing so.
Aren’t both of them quite suit each other?

With grin on my face, I returned back to my position behind the screen so that they won’t discover my peeking.
When the two of them finished with their conversation, I followed Yulias-sama out to the corridor only to be greeted by Bariga who had tears floated in his eyes.
I guess he also had similar misunderstanding as I had previously.
But, in order not to get in the way of those two, I decided to bury the truth inside my heart.

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