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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 48

Chapter 48: My Fiancée [Prince Rudnick POV]

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Author: Soy

A/N: It was His Highness POV

T/N: I know it has been a long time since I posted a new chapter… I have been quite busy finalizing my thesis as well as job hunting so I do not have time to actually sit down and work on it. So I am terribly sorry for the delay. There will be a mass release after and it will continue until tomorrow so do check it up.

As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

I am the Crown Prince of this country.
My name is Rudnick Reino Palacioda
My newly established fiancée, Yulias Nogger, had always been addressing me as [His Highness].
She had never once called me by my given name.
No…… sometimes she did address me as [Rudo-sama], but such nickname somehow nearly gave me a heart attack.
It felt so painful as if someone was squeezing my heart.
I believed this was the proof that I was really in love with her.

At the beginning, I never had any inkling or feeling of [like] towards her, but it seemed that I could never escape from her charm.
……………………. If she also harbor the same feeling as mine, then our story will start early and there will be no hardship on any part of it.

However, such thing was impossible.
She doesn’t know what love is nor she had any need for it.
For such girl, I thought that she finally had a feeling for me. After all, she agreed to become my fiancée despite of her reluctance over it previously.
However, that girl seemed to regard me as her best friend, and she felt that, such feeling is enough for her to proceed into child making with me.
When I understood that, I wished that she can experience this feeling of despair that had been plaguing me.
I wonder what should I do so that she will fall in love with me?

“I was wondering on how I should proceed in order to make Yulias fall for me. So, do you have any good idea?”

For the time being, I asked such question to Yulias’ older brother, Roland and my foster-brother, Michael, who had come to the office to help me with my work.
The two of them stared at me upon hearing my question.
The first one who opened his mouth was Michael.

“If I know how to do it, I will be the first one to implement it.”

Well, that was some truth in what Michael had said.
Because Michael was also one of the many admirers of Yulias.

“How about you pile up some money for her?”

Roland replied disinterestedly.

“Roland, don’t you think that it is important for your sister’s happiness if she was to fall in love with me?”
“If I were to say it clearly, it was cheeky of you to end up being Yulias’ fiance, it was even impudent of you as a man for having a thought of wanting to steal her heart.”

Since Roland was a sis-con, he said those words without even concealing his hostility towards me.
I hundred percent agreed to it though.

“I understand how impudent I am, but I wish to make Yulias happy.”

Hearing my heartfelt word, Michael opened his mouth.

“I also wish for Ojou’s happiness.”
“Michael, don’t be deceived by His Highness’ word. The one who will be happy at the end, is His Highness who had received Yulias’ love.”
“Uwa! What a cowardly mean you have, my sibling!”

My feeling was pure, however, if you thought about it carefully, that is also the truth.
It was all for the sake of my own happiness.
At that time, there was a knock on the door.
When I gave the permission for the person outside to enter, the door was opened and there was Yulias.

“I have come with some provision.”

Yulias was grinning as she handed the basket in her hand to me.
When I look inside, there were a lots of delicious-looking cookies in it.
I put one into my mouth. The cookies were so hard to chew off.

“It’s hard.”
“That’s correct. These cookies are exceptional due to the fact that it can be stored for a long time and make one full from eating it.”
“…………. Who should write a report on it?”
“It will be quick and helpful if we can get a feedback from the military expedition.”

The reason why I felt that the happily smiling Yulias looked so cute was probably because I am in love with her.

“Is it really good for it to be this hard?”
“That’s right. Because these hard cookies can give one a feeling of fullness just from eating it.”
“I see…… What are your recommendation for it?”

As I tried to finish off the cookies in my hand, Roland brewed a cup of tea for me.
I am saved.
What’s more, the cookies inside my mouth seemed to bulge from the moisture
These cookies might be pretty good after all.

“My recommendation are the chocolate one.”

Yulias took one of the chocolate cookies from the basket and feed it to my mouth.
It was because my hand was currently full from holding the cup of tea and also the previous half-finished one.

“Your Highness, An~n?”
“No, that…”

Yulias carried the cookies to my mouth while grinning.

Wh- what an awkward moment this is.

Although I opened my mouth to take a bite, but the cookie was so hard that I could not make a dent on it.

Wa~ so embarrassing.
This can’t be, I need to call out for someone to help me!

Thinking that, I turned towards Michael and Roland only to receive murderous stare from them.

For real! There is no one in this room who is reliable enough to help me out.

After I finally able to take a bite, what greeted my eyes after I raised my head was Yulias slightly blushed face as she watched over me.

“Wh- what is it?”
“Nothing, I never thought that you will open your mouth to bite it after all.”

Do you meant to say, it was better for me not to bite into it after all?
Take back all the disgrace that have befallen me!

When I was about to open my mouth to complain, Yulias smiled at me before saying.

“I will feed you more food next time.”
“It feel quite interesting to have the privilege as your fiancée to feed you with my own hand.”

Ho- How could you say those cute things with that cute face of yours!
Th- This is bad! My heart is in danger!!

As I stared at her, Michael knelt in front of her as he looked up.

“Ojou, I also want that, An~n.”

Towards that Michael, Yulias pushed her finger into his forehead as she said.

“There is nothing occupying both of your hands, right? Michael-san?
“A poke in the forehead! Thank you for the treat!”
“Ha~! I really miscalculated… These kind of act really pleased those kind of masochist.”

It was good that Yulias’ eyes were currently on Michael.
My face right now should be terribly red.
Roland handed me a glass of water and I could feel that I am starting to calm down a bit.

“What is it?”
“Do you think that Yulias likes me? That thing, can I presume it as it is? Or perhaps there is a hidden meaning behind it?”
“…, Assuming it as it is, huh. Probably, I could say you can take that as it is…. But would you like for me to test it out?”
“A~, I will leave it to you.”

Roland slowly approached Yulias who was talking to Michael.

“Yulias, can you also give me that, an~n?”

Yulias laughed out loud as she put the cookie inside Roland’s mouth.
I felt like I have been defeated somehow.
What with that cute face of her!
She did not even show me such cute smile before
How hard must I work until such smile was directed to me alone?
I do not know how to proceed as I felt like my destination seemed to be inside a deep fog!
I felt like holding my head in frustration.
Michael seemed to catch on my predicament as he let out a deep sigh as he continued staring at me.

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