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Dare ga Tame Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Me from then on [ Part 1]

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #15

“Alright, I finally found you.”

Not far away from me, a beautiful person with golden hair that glittered strikingly under the sun, beautiful white teeth and eyes in the color of clear sky seemed to be staring at me.

–Gah!! Who is this, who are you?

It was supposed to be our first meeting…. What did this person mean by saying that he finally found me?

Why do I feel some kind of bad premonition? My spine turned stiff as I felt the sweat running down my back. What’s more, now that I looked at it closely, that person eye’s doesn’t look amused at all as opposed to that carefree smile.


I, Seira Kruger, was the former daughter of the Ducal House of Kruger. With my banishment, I finally found a small excuse to leave the country. Right now, I am living somewhat independently at the edge of the port town, in a certain country, while making my own living working at an inn.

Since I had been abandoned by my family and could no longer used my former’s name [typically like a personal flight kind of situation], right now I only go by the name of [Seira].

At first, I was not familiar with my work at the inn and had failed miserably for several times. Several months had passed since then, and right now, I was tremendously thankful to the owner and the guest, that finally I managed to get used to my role as the shop’s poster girl….Or what I hope so.

Even though this was me saying so, compared to those times when I was stuck inside that mansion, where no one seemed to care about me, the days that I spent here, were vastly different.

I was so overwhelmed with happiness that sometimes tears seemed to fall down due to this unfamiliar peaceful day.

Therefore, I vowed to myself that I will protect this peaceful life of mine by any means necessary.

—Even in some corner of my heart, I do realize that this happiness will not last forever. But still, as much as possible, I am going to protect these tranquil life that I had finally attained.

I will not let anyone get in my way. I will throw away whatever threat that come my way. ….. Although that was my intention, somehow, there seemed to be a blind spot in a most unexpected direction.

As usual, I was sitting at the counter after I finished serving the dinner to the guest of the inn. As for today, we had a few new customers.

The first guest was a tall, black-haired, lone person. He had a sword as tall as me with him, so I guess he must be a hunter or something. The second guest was a couple who had dressed lightly and since this was a port town slashed transportation hub for the trade, logistics and people, therefore, it was not uncommon for tourist to come here. The last guest probably a noble who was going incognito. Apart from his golden hair and his pompous outfit, his escort also looked impressive.

To be honest, I did not retain any good memories whenever it comes to those aristocratic people, therefore, as much as possible, I do not want to be involved with them. However, there was nothing that I can do since they were here as a guest of this inn. The guest is the god! That was the catch phrases from my previous life. I did slightly think that it was meaningless for me to demonstrate my former Japanese’s temperament in this kind of place.

“Seira, you can finish up everything for today.”

The inn’s landlady called up to me as soon as I finished recording the guestbook. This landlady and her husband ran the inn together and was the most gentle person who had let me work here with them. I am grateful to the both of them. For them to hire this kind of suspicious girl. I did not tell them my situation in detail, however, they do know that I am a former aristocrat who unable to return to her own country and since then, they had been treating me like their own beloved daughter.
I strongly thought that I never wanted to lose this kind of love that I got to know for the first time since I was born in this world. By all means, this was the only thing that I do not want to lose from this world, no matter what.

“Thank you very much. Then, I’ll take my rest for today, good night.”
“Good night, Seira.”

It was natural for commoner to say [Goodnight] before one retired for the night, similar to the way in my past life. However, since I was reborn again in this world, I finally experience it for the first time, here in this place. I was sure that the happiness that I felt from this small exchange could only be understood by myself….

The next day, I got up just a little bit before the sun came out. It was for the sake of preparing the breakfast for the guest. I quickly prepared the breakfast for those who asked in advance and served it to the other guest who gradually woke up. Roughly after that, I will make my round through the rooms as I collected the laundry, washed it and then cleaned the now vacant room before I finally took my own meal of the day. During those days when I was still not familiar with those tasks, it usually took me until lunch hour to finish everything up. Throughout the afternoon, I replaced the landlady as I sat behind the counter and when the evening come, I will settle the register book for the day. The innkeeper will then prepare the dinner while I served it to the guest.

The innkeeper was a former chef to an aristocrat family so he knew how to prepare delicious dishes. There were many guests who stay at this inn because of that, therefore, the reputation of this place was considered the best here.

Since people usually eat sporadically during breakfast, I just prepared something simple; as for lunch, usually I took it by myself, and lastly for dinner, I will eat the dishes make by a chef, that kind of feeling.

“We have quite a nice weather today, so, the laundry should be able to dry fast.”
“A~ there she is. Seira!”

I saw the landlady as she came out from the back door. I was slightly embarrassed that she found me escaping to this place.

“Landlady-san. Is there something wrong?”
“I am sorry, but it seemed that we did not have enough ingredients for dinner, so I want you to go out on an errand for me.”

She looked apologetic, however, I was happy. Even for a little bit, I wanted to return the favor that I have been receiving from them.

“I do not mind it a bit. What should I get for you?”
“I already write it down in a memo, so please take this with you.”
“I understand.”
“I’ll be counting on you, okay.”

I took off my apron, then stowed it away at the back of the counter and with a shopping bag in my hand, I set off to the shopping district.

This crowded shopping district was developed together with the trade business in this port town. I love how vibrant and bright this city was. I am glad that I managed to make it here.

In my previous life, I grew up in a town by the sea, that’s why, once I managed to free myself from that gilded cage, I decided on one thing that I wanted to see the most.

And that was the sea.

On one side, you could see the blue surface towards the horizon. If you were to climb the hill, located near the city, you will be able to catch the sight of the sea and the sky mirroring each other. And because of that, I decided to come here. There were no traces of the town in my past life could be found here; however, even if this world was different, these salty smell, bird calls and waves’ sound remained the same.

Even though it somewhat gave me a melancholic and sorrowful feeling, it was by no mean a negative thing as I wished to start anew in this town near the sea like in my previous life.

And that choice was correct.

It was because, right now, I am totally happy with my life.

……Still. How did it come to this?

At the moment when I arrived at the shopping district, the blond guy who came to stay in our inn yesterday, suddenly grabbed my arm. And now we were back to the beginning.

I was so shaken that I started to reminisce over the recent event like a revolving lantern, nevertheless, I quickly returned to reality due to that person’s sharp gaze.

“What are you thinking about? Seira Kruger, the former daughter of a Ducal house?”

This person…..He knew about me?

This place was far away from that country…I felt annoyed with him that I decided to put on my noh mask like expression. It will be okay, I already did this kind of things so many times before I came here. I will not fall for his trick so that he could read my expression.

From behind the eyes of that good looking guy, there seemed to be a smile, however, there was a strange aura surrounding his body that made all of that seemed meaningless.

I wonder what his aims in coming all the way here looking for me.

I somehow wanted to throw away this mask of a lady and soothed my curiosity just by asking them the question.

“What I have been thinking about? Don’t you think that it was rude of you for not introducing yourself first?”

When he heard my word, somehow, a happy expression appeared in his face. The ominous aura just now disappeared instantly. Really, this guy.

“I have been so rude. I am Elliot Rabi Oldington. I am please to make an acquaintance–”
“I’m not going to.”

By reflex, I somehow blocked his word.

I mean [Oldington] was referring to that country’s Prince right?

Somehow there was a Prince that I did not know of…. He should not have been one of the capture-able target.

The memory that I have, in regards to that country, was no longer something that I could act as if it had never happened, was what my gut has been telling me. I have not forgotten that I had been acting recklessly with the motive of leaving that country.

I who had been born and raised in a peaceful country, but decided to leave that that gilded cage so fervently that I gladly throw off a lot of things, in order to move all the way here. I never wanted to meet anyone who knows about me of that time; and I had always I thought I will never get to see them ever again!

For this guy to come all the way here looking for me, what were his purpose for all of this!?

I do not think that it will equal to anything good.

For the time being, I should listen to his condition, first. If it got out of hand, as a last resort, I should quickly return to the inn.

“Why does the Prince of my former country want to meet me for? Though I could hardly believe this, it cannot be that you came all the way here to exert the revenge on behalf of my older sister?”

As I glared at him intently, that Prince’s cheek turned red. So confusing. Why were you smiling over there? There was nowhere to laugh around this matter.

“Ha…ha…ha…I am not that free to do that. I have come to pick you up, Seira.”

—for the sake of marrying me?

I do not quite understand the meaning of that sentence. It has been a long time since the last time I heard the language of my mother tongue that I found some difficulties in comprehending it. I wonder if it was because I have been adapting my life in this town.

Because I was too shock by it, I tried to escape from the reality, and despite all of that, I still could hear the sound of my peaceful life being destroyed by it.

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