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Dare ga Tame Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Vile person ( Crown Prince POV)


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes… This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #11

For a queen to accomplish its role, she needed to be determined to follow her decision until the end.

Someone so ruthless that she can even kick her own family around.

I will make this kind of woman as my Crown Princess.

This was the party which had been organized by the Royal Family. It was the gathering meant for major aristocrat family and their offspring. It was a social place where one can exchange information about their territories and factions. It was also meant as a place for the noble’s heir to search for their future partner.

Since I was also the Crown Prince, I cannot run away from this.

Nonetheless, I was getting slightly fed-up with this big matchmaking event.

That was because all of these aristocrat ladies were looking at me just because I was a Royalty. And since they were from nobles’ family, I could not dismiss them just like that. And after all of this fuss, I still unable to find one that managed to attract my attention. I was also getting irritated and disgusted with the smell of perfumes that had been surrounding all over me. What’s more, why did all of them tried to plaster themselves to my body? So annoying!

As I get more and more irritated from the stench of those perfumes, finally a breath of a fresh air appeared before me.

“This is the first time that we have been introduced to each other, Crown Prince. I am the eldest daughter of the Kruger’s house, Rachel. I am pleased to make acquaintance with you.”

Like a ray of bright sunshine and a gentle sunny place, her hair was a dazzling platinum blonde. With a dress that goes gradient from pale blue to vivid blue, she looked like the sun’s fairy who supervised the sky.

“So you are the daughter of Duke Kruger, I am Alexie Aldington.”

—That was my first encounter with Rachel.

We met at the evening ball where both of us was attracted to each other instantly.

After meeting with each other repeatedly, the feeling that we had over each other began to accumulate. The presence of that girl’s younger sister started to appear intermittently. Initially, she had never come into my sight. Although I had met her before I was formally engaged to Rachel; at those time, there was only Rachel in my eyes. That girl’s parents also seemed to show any interest towards that girl’s younger sister barely. Even now, it still did not change.

Except, for one.

When Rachel was in front of Seira at that time, I seemed to remember it like it was a still picture. Rachel’s appearance also changed slightly whenever she was in front of Seira.

Starting from then, I began to become conscious of a person name Seira for a little bit. As a person who showed me the different side of Rachel that I had never realized off.

Even though it was not much, I had spent several times with Rachel and her younger sister, the three of us together. From that, I was able to observe the relationship between these two people. Of course, the one that I watched was Rachel. Seira was only an extra accessory, or in my word. A little spice.

It was fun to observe these sisters who tried to act natural but yet constrained and strangely uncomfortable with each other.

There were various types of relationship existed in this world. I think both of them had the kind of bind that kept them shunning each other. I do not know whether the reason was that they were girls, or due to their blood relationship or something else entirely.

It was said that these sisters did not resemble each other. However, the truth was, they were quite similar to each other. I could only make speculation since all I know about Seira was from Rachel, and I don’t intend to understand more than what was necessary.—oh well, even if I wanted to delve into it, that person itself was no longer here, so it was already impossible.

I knew what Rachel had been doing.

That was why I had no intention of letting her go. I had become more and more charmed by her ruthlessness and cruelty as well as her stubbornness and willingness to use any means to cut off her family members.

In normal day… No, aside from anything that involved her sister, she always acted impartial and fair like a saint.

Even though she possessed the heart full of compassion, she will eliminate whatever obstacles in front of her no matter who it was. And she had accomplished it.

I had never seen a woman with such a bold spirit like my own Queen.

It seemed that Rachel did not want others to know about it… It was not an exaggeration to say that these traits of her were the one that sealed the engagement between us. Therefore, there was nothing for her to be worried about.

Everyone has their ambitions and desires where they needed to think of what they should do, how to do it, and what they need to do to accomplish it. After all of that, they also need to execute the means to achieve it. Whether you were capable of obtaining it or not, all accounted against your plan. To put it in another word, it was all about your resolution.

In that sense, for now, Rachel understanding of her resolution might not be enough. For her to freeze due to this degree of intimidation—Well, I did think that this part of her was also lovely. Even if there was a part of her that was lacking; I can always compensate that for her. That was also good.

She had been called the ruthless princess for having her younger sister, the second daughter of the Duke, banished from the country— and unlike the typical outcome for that, Rachel had become the Crown Princess as well the only Heiress—not to mention, with me as the Crown Prince, anyone who had inflicted harm towards Rachel should pray for her benevolence. To begin with, whatever that person wishes to do, there was a clause for it. It was not an exaggeration when I said that it was legal for those people to undergo the punishment due to the nature of the offence that they had brought upon themselves. What’s more, I was not the only person who desired to grant Rachel’s wishes.

That’s why, my precious one, there is nothing for you to be afraid of.

No matter how you are, I swear that I will love you are.

Now, raise your head.

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    1. The presence of that girl’s younger sister started to become intermittently.
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      What’s more, I was not the only person who desire to grant Rachel’s wishes.
      That’s why, my precious one, there was nothing for you to be afraid of.
      there is
      No matter how you are, I swore that I will love you as it was.
      I swear that I will love you as you are

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    1. In a sense, a strong Queen really need to be someone like that.. Seira also had used her older sister for her mean of escaping the house, in those time when an aristocrat’s daughter is some kind of a commodity, I guess… So, it is a matter of choice in life IMHO..

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